Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dood.. Chillax!

I am obsessed with the word chillax [chill + relax] so feel free to use it because i'm contagious, i know.

I am stressing on the word chillax, because believe you me, if you can master the art of chillaxing, it will add value to your personality and attractiveness.

Now i am not just an ordinary dr. love. But i have not been paid accordingly, so I keep a low profile, because hey, my expertise should not be free. but its okay, today, i'm going to demonstrate yet another extraordinary series of advise for young people who cannot chillax in the course of enjoying their youths, in hope for someone to recognize my talent and make me BIG like my guru, John Gray.

Chillax formula #1
the spider web anology: observe the spider when it constructs its web. the more time the spider spends on constructing the web, the better the quality of the construction is. correct?

when the web is done, the spider chillaxes at the corner of the somewhat invisible web it had constructed, until its victim is trapped in the web.

so chillaxing is a reward by itself, after u've done a hard work that you dont even need to make known to people. it is easier to succeed, when u chillax and keep a low profile because then not many people will get in your way.

I'm sorry, because i'm not getting paid for this, I will stop here, although I have a gazillion more chillax formulas.

Remember, we all can be as desirable as the forbidden apple in the garden of eden if we just CHILLAX!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

motivation #1

The silentness of this chambering room is eerie. I realized they need my noise pollution more than anything now. Unfortunately, I will be gone, forever.

I do not appreciate this silence as I am freaking out like crazy before I enter my Master's room. This is the woman who will make me feel very very small everytime I see her. This is the woman who almost made me a quitter. This is the woman who demotivated me for the past 9 months.

I was literally dehydrated before I came to this place. The thought of meeting this woman has made me restless and suicidal.




Friday, May 2, 2008

born, finally!

9 months of pupilage can be simply illustrated with the concept of pregnancy.

You get stirred by the thought of being pregnant, and then when ur actually going through the morning sicknesses, the storm which brings about hurricane to ur hormones and directly affect ur mood and the physical change to ur belly, u cant help but start to regret: why oh why did I get myself into this snafu.

U then get through the days with the support of ur loved ones, reminding urself every single second of the day that once this baby is born, it'll all be worth it, u'll be the happiest person in this world, and while waiting for that magical day to come, ur imagination lingers around what that day would be like, how the baby would look like, and worry to a certain degree as to whether or not u will survive.

Once the baby is born, everything seems so perfect, everyone seems to be delighted, proud, happy, and u have just achieved one of the proudest and biggest moment of ur life. But seconds or hours before that baby was born, was the most crucial time for u. All the 'pushing' effort seemed endless and u could have sworn that ur life will end any moment at that time.

I have never been pregnant or gave birth to anyone, but i have now the scars with that baby in my hands.

To my fellow chambees, we did it!