Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"pee yam ass"..."present!"

A buncha girls suddenly tepis tepis the air in class.

Annoying nye. What was wrong with the air? Oh, got some habuk coming out from the aircond. Small matter.


A classmate said something about me but wasnt talking to my face. I wanted to tepis tepis the air in fronta his face. No habuk coming out from his mouth but, i can hear every single word u said la.


Sorry, pee yam ass.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monk @ Mcdonalds

My third Mcdonalds for this week (Gulp..). Guilty like hell is my feeling currently. So fat, i know, is my body becoming.

Note to self: No fast food for the next 2 weeks. Okay, 1 week. Dont be too hard on self.

I had Ayam Goreng Mcd in mind, but at the counter, i ficklefully asked for a Double cheese. Enuff about my cravings. Lets talk Monk.

There was this weird dude sitting at one of the tables, who didnt have to do much to grab my attention. His sunny yellow kimono-like robe was loud enuff to call out for me. A monk. At Mcdonalds. This is gonnabe interesting.

As i watched him, he had an empty bowl in fronta him. With a turquoise colored soup spoon. *flash back* masa tadika i participated in that lari bawak telur penyu event. yea, that kinda spoon. He had his hands together, chin down, eyes shut, lips mumbled. Must be praying.

Soon after, a guy with his kid approached him, gave him a 7eleven plastic bag with 3 Gardenia buns in it. (yes, i stared in silence while my friends were busy talking about, erm..banking slash building contract..yada yada..). Monky said sthg to them. "oh he talks.." hehe. =p.

I knew about monks mixing or appearing themselves in public to get food all along, as i have read it somewhere before, but i never actually thought it is true. Now, i believe you, miss journalist.

He then unwrapped the 3 buns, quite impatiently, and put them in his bowl. prayed some more and started eating them. Initially, i freaked out when i saw him, bare footed, all alone and staring at his bowl..But now i pity him. He looked, hungry.

Starved, actually.
(i had a lotta fries left, should i give it to him..?)

I mean, the reason he parked himself at Mcdonalds in the first place, was to get some Mcdonalds, right..? Instead he got Gardenia buns. Poor Monky..

*Still staring* (i had taken a video of him earlier, sorry, cant help it) He finished his bun, put his hands together, chin down, eyes shut, lips mumbled. He's praying again.

I wonder.

If i could pray for sthg, right now.. I'd pray for Monky to find my God. So that he wont suffer like that. Btw, Michael Jackson is rumored to be embracing Islam soon. Rumored.

...then i'll pray for myself to realize how lucky i am to have found my God.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lucid Intervalness...

'm simply giving the benefit of the doubt to legal people here. "temporary madness" is a direct translation of "lucid interval." For my point isssss... i am allowed to be screwed loose in here.

Some say *Love* is temporary madness. Agreed, only if u intend to stay in that state temporarily. I wanna say i wannabe there permanently. Anyone with me..? =p.


Changes are necessary in life. Otherwise u harden. I'm changing my blogging activities in here now. And hope to rot in here. Because i cant keep changing blogs. that'd just confirm my fickleness. i'm minimizing fickleness, starting... Now!

Speaking of change, i never used the word "poyo" before. But now i have. Because the need to use it has finally arise. There's just so many people out there who deserve that word labelled on their foreheads.

It is worth mentioning that i learned a new word too, recently. From my not-so-secret-"secretary".

CHAL. ever heard of that word before? it is pronounced as "cha" though. usage context- very very flexible. i guess. i've been trying to use it, but had received comments saying i sound funny when using it. takpe. can keep using it until i get it right.

Thats change #1.

Change #2. I picked up the fork and spoon this morning to have my nasi lemak. Settled on the chair, and ready to dig in. Then i felt moodless to be orang putih all of a sudden. put down the fork & spoon and started using my hands. My melayu-ness is finally making a come back.

Change #3. Now that i can make my own nasi lemak (yesss, i can!), the nasi lemak i bought doesnt taste so good anymore. hehehe..

Change #4. Duduk rumah on weekend, trying to finish my CPC assignment. *sob* Oh my dear flea market, i'm gonna misss yoouuu..~

In conclusion, my friendster blog is closed full stop. I crap here now. Thank you. =)