Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first business trip bah..

Apparently my unpredictable life has become even more unpredictable. It is for this reason that I never attempt to plan anything in life any more than for the next 3 hours. =p.

The unpredictability of life has installed sabah for me next week, believe it or not. I will be going to Kota Kinabalu for 3 days next week, and I expect it to be not so much fun when I do business but so much fun when I get to eat cheap seafood, try the hotel spa and hopefully buy the entire land below the wind. Will bring entire bank to execute this plan. hehe.

Will probably meet up with Shireen Leandra Sikayun if i have the time! (Shireen, u live in KK right? I cant remember. *pukul self*)

I just hope the hotel I'll be staying at has water heater. Please God.. Please take care of me by giving me water heater!

Sabah, here I come to steal ur pearls! (I really dont like pearls) =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BO's inauguration

Dear world, I frikin missed being part of history! (of course to Really be part of history I shouldve travelled to Washington and freeze myself out in the winter cold as early as 3am to witness only the world's greatest history being carved right before my eyes).

I watched part of it. Particularly the opening ceremony where the pope (ke?) recited a prayer which had everyone closing their eyes as the prayer was being heard by the entire world. Even with eyes shut, those history-makers had on their faces, expressions of hope from the abundance of their hearts.

Hope- that they have made the right decision; for restoration of world peace; and most importantly for God to bless America. hehe.

After "God bless America" being said, I was gone. Tertido like its nobodys business. And hence I missed Obama's great speech (my dad said his speech was so good). I'm sure I'll catch it on youtube or something later today. =))

I am not all over Obama or anything at the moment (oh but i'm all over my 3rd year aidil-ing annie! woohoo! Note: we should totally celebrate american style =p) simply because this whole african-american being president is more appealing to a country like America, and being Malaysian we dont have that kind of "issue" *cough*

Or do we?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Petrosains, you are awesome

[It is ironic, on the days and weeks that you're Most busy, you try to squeeze time for blogging, simply because blogging suddenly IS the relaxing thing to do when ur on the computer as opposed to sending and replying emails]

I find myself in my most busy days and weeks. And I find myself blogging. I find myself the need to be in touch with myself for a moment. I find myself returning to my blog. Seriously, everyone should have a blog to create sense of self, and most importantly to be able to treat self without having to go to a therapist. As Dinie once said, (and I believe he got this fact from a website or sthg) "...expressive writing shows significant benefit in providing psychological relief...". I HOPE THIS IS NOT ANOTHER ONE OF HIS SHENANIGANS. haha. Even if it is, takpe, i think there are some truth in it.

OK. Enuff. Yesterday I went to Petrosains!!!!!!!!! =D

I should be embarrassed for trying to hog all the toys (machines to demonstrate scientific stuff) and for trying to compete with the kids who tried to hog all the toys, but I'M NOT. We had soooo much fun that we actually spent 5 hours kot in there. =))

It was yesterday that I repented from making fun of Petrosains years ago.. And every subsequent years after that. Sorry la Petrosains they never made you sound That interesting in the pamphlets or tv adverts. I mean tivos make Mawi and Ekin sound so much more interesting than Petrosains ok. C'mmmonn!!! =p

I cant sum up 5 hours of fun in here so you'll have to go experience Petrosains for yourself ok? I'll insert some pics in here later for you to envy though.. =p

Must trys:
  • The swirling dark slide! Its so scary I was screaming the whole way down the slide but there is a minimum and maximum height restriction so not everyone can get on it.

  • the delayed vision camera thing.

  • the heat thermal camera vision thing? (I discovered the tip of my nose is cold while the rest of my face is hot. Normal human beings dont have cold nose tip. Haaaaa... Menarik tak I?)

  • the "how-low-can-u-go" platform. its a moving platform that will make u scream!

  • the electron running thru ur body to make a bulb light.

  • the mind wave game (which i never got to play)

  • the helicopter ride!

  • the hurricane booth!

  • the earthquake bench!

  • the go-kart (nampak best but I didnt try it)

  • the superdig!

  • THE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

    But if ur a buta science and a penakut like me, bring an Aidil to explain everything and to teman u ok?

    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Happy New Year!

    With the coming of 2009, I am now entering my very own bronze jubilee (right? 25 years is bronze or silver? bronze right..?) and still very very much the same ol crap.

    I forgot my blogger password and had just renewed it a second ago.

    Does it always feel like crap when u first come to the office after a looooong holiday? It sure feels like crap in here right now.

    Most 7 year olds are probably feeling less crappy and are all excited about entering the new chapters of their lives. I find myself secretly wishing I have a kid aged 7 so that I have an excuse to not come to work today like most mothers in my office. =p.

    Being a mother is such an advantage in my office, believe me! Being single and living with ur parents sucks as you'd be perceived as someone who is happy and has no problems all the time and hence the zero need for taking leave.

    But i gotta sayyyy...I had an awesome! long holiday. You mothers kinda wish ur in my shoes now ey..?? hehehhe...

    Btw, this entry is my 2009 effort to start things off for this lovely blog i've submitted myself to for years now. I love this blog so much. I read my old entries all the time especially when I feel down and it certainly gives me a reason to stop wishing I'm someone else- especially a mother who has a kid aged 7. =p.

    whats a new year entry without a reso ey?

    So my reso this year... to get punk'd less. grow up and get a less expensive hobby.

    Will save money for the future. *shields eyes from super bright vision* heheh.. oh my future looks super bright! yay!!!!