Thursday, May 31, 2007

goodnight uni. sorry i didnt make history.

Do u have one of those perut melayus whereby u Have to eat nasi otherwise u're pretty sure u'll be prone to gastric attacks?

Not me.

But then again, if i dont eat nasi for 3 days (and i mean, i havent eaten it for 3 days now), i start calculating calories and cash that has entered my body and fled out my wallet. Mcdonalds kill (not just ur body, but ur shopping funds too!)

Note to vertigo: fast food kills.

I was at the law cafe this morning, and yikes! it hit me, that i've been eating the same ol food for the past 4 years and although my melayu stomach was hysterically shrieking for nasi, i didnt feel like eating Anything.

So. My perut melayu rebels.

Thats new.

Finally, i settled for the traditional terengganu keropok lekor. pagi2 makan keropok lekor. buang tebiat sungguh.

okay, so i hate the food here. but heck, i'm gonna miss this place.

the asap smell, the super cheap food (yes, i bet the lecturers here are frikin rich, they live on studentprice food!) but most of all, the manymanyManyMany great intellectual, crappy, crazy, ketawa sampai pengsan conversations we had in this cafe.

Not forgetting tearful, and silent cat fights we had over the years.

And right now, i'm in the law general lab, writing my entry. could this be the last entry composed by me from this lab?

All those moments we had in this lab... screaming to one another from one end to the other in an attempt to complete contract, torts, criminal, equity, trusts, professional practice, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and public international law assignments.

and as i'm writing this, my classmates are busy finishing iqbal's jurisprudence essay. hah. suckerrrsss. =p.

i bet they're peeping over me shoulders thinking: she's blogging? while we're doing our jurisprudence?? hahaha.

U know what, this place isnt bad at all. Best 4 years of my life.

Next place to bitch about: My future work place.

Argh. Another chapter of life begins.

I cant wait..........................................................

Friday, May 25, 2007

happy blurday to me...

I've been blogging for many many years. The truth is, if u dont get better in this blogging thing, u should just quit.

Another truth is, adalah sungguh tak cool when u are overly chatty in ur entries.

But i lose calories, talking. I dont starve myself like u suckers.

So let me tell u what happened on my blurday. This isnt the first, trust me.

But its one of the most memorable ones... =p.

1730 hrs, GSC One Utama. 1730. isnt that like the blurrest time of the day for some people? Yea, for a morning person like me.

Wani and I lined up at the popcorn counter, TalkLoudTalkLoudTalkLoud we did.

Come our turn to order: One regular Coke, One regular Milo.

what we got was one regular popcorn, one regular Milo.

So i corrected the popcorn man slash cashier. Wani gave me cash, and i returned her change.

*without realizing the whole money transaction happened between wani and i, and Not the cashier and i*

So the whole time i thought i had already paid. As soon as we got our coke and milo, i grabbed both cups and walked away.

Then a voice called after me "miss, u havent paid..."

"i havent paid??"

I'm pretty sure i looked mad and had this u-better-watch-ur-mouth-kid expression on my face.

Went back, stared at him for a lil bit, and realized immediately that it was my negligence.

From a Grrrr-oar expression, i fake laughed.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

No more borat stuff. i talk serious now.

Man oh man oh boy.

Been busy capturing my own emotions these past few days. Well, there was AF; so that should make me set aside whatever witticism i've had in mind about blogging some mother's day stuff, cyberjaya padi stuff and of course my whole neverending instabilities during pms.

Many will not understand my great attachment with this reality tv programme. For those who cant seem to understand, i wish u'll get ur own thing very soon. because i just lost my AF. huhu. I miss milaaaa... =(

...And Ikon isnt one tad bit exciting. Ngh.

Believe it or not, i even hurt some feelings along the way. Me and my obsession for reality tv shows (blame should point to other bloopers as well...).

But as i was busy capturing my own emotions every now and then, i figured... it is true, i have to consider people's feelings and all, but dont they kinda should do the same for me?

I'm not asking much. Its justa reality tv show anyway. And its over.

So, for hearts that i've hurt, for promises i've unintentionally break, i offer you my white flag, and beg you to pull me back to earth.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

goAF! goAF! goAF!