Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday notes

Many people prefer to tweet these days -- for the simple reason that they basically can express themselves using 140 characters or less. Also, because people are so lazy to read lengthy posts.

Nowadays, people dont have time for anything. Hence the short & sweet tweets. But many still have time to judge, hate, and spend time doing useless things. I'm one of them.

From my previous posts, I've lost everything from my wedding ring to my job (I resigned really-- and never really updated this blog eversince).

I'm glad though that in the midst of letting go many important things in life recently I still hang on to the fundamentals -- faith in God Almighty and being happy for the things I still have.

I am now 6-ish months pregnant and have lost a lil bit of my curvy figure but gained pregnancy glow due to new hormones in my body?

Things like that.

Never thought I'd say this but my pregnancy is the best thing that has ever happened in my life thus far. It is the most humbling and magical experience and we shall talk about that soon as I reckon many people's attention span is not capable of reading beyond this paragraph.