Tuesday, September 29, 2009

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Selamat Hari Raya, arent we all happy everytime the festive season revisits us? *smilllleee*

Raya was fun for a few days, then everything restores to normal comfy city life then holidays came to an end and now i'm in the office again. Oh and today's Aidil's birthday!!! :D Aidil turns 27! Amazing. The first time I got to know Aidil was when he was 23. Giler muda la dia masa tu. :p

Speaking of muda, I'm not too young anymore too. boohooooooo... But u know what happened today? I always come to the office with this kerek look on my face, like I wont look at anyone- jalan straight je, cam bagus. So this morning was not an exception. Was walking like I own the whole damn building then my pumps got stuck at some old curled up grey (ugly!) carpet, my feet came out of the pump and onto the cold marble and do i dare to look behind?? No. But I had to since I had to take my shoe backkkkkk.

One guy (old!) chuckled. The rest of them was too sleepy to be bothered with that blooper but will probably tell the story to them friends at breakfast. Nice.

Time chases you when you've got so many things to do and thats great because as a woman u always need to be chased. Na mean?? hehehe... huhuhu...

I'm into this thing this project this thing thats taking quite a lot of my time but if i get to pull it off, it will be a story to tell. Think Oprah Winfrey. Ok think Wanita Hari Ini la. Giler. I want to be on tv! I want! :P

Keeping my day job is the hardest thing to do right now because i'm so distracted with other things. There must be a way out for people like me who gets a bundle of nerves when being confined in a place for too long. Or perhaps i just need to have a friend in here.

Ok gotta run to do some more thinking for the future.

How much of a future do I have if the world is really expiring in 2011/2012? Seriously now.