Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walk For Justice

"When lawyers walk, something is wrong... Lawyers dont walk everyday, not even every month, but when they walk, then something must be very wrong. " -Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Indeed, Ambiga, indeed.

For lawyers do not walk, be it in heels or boots or flats or flip-flops unless and until a circumstance demands us to do so.

Which made me realize how terribly lucky i was to be part of the walk for justice from the beginning til the end; which made me feel sorry for those who came but never got to finish the whole journey due to a lil drizzle; which made me regret not recruiting more people to come to the historic event with me for the unutterable, priceless and simply out of this world experience.

I was reborn on September 26th 2007.

And here's my response to e-mails i have received, which in my opinion intended to harm me personally:

I was there because i do believe that changes need to be done. Pursuant to the publication of the video on YouTube, if we were to sit around in our offices, and continue to work for a corrupted legal system, that'll just be absurd. At least when we go out there and voice out our dissatisfaction(s), That by itself is already a step towards achieving justice. It is completely wrong to say we did not achieve anything or that the walk was not worth it.

But if one really does think its "stupid" or being unprofessional or not civilised, tell that to the other 1000++ experienced senior lawyers who were there standing in the rain, to fight for justice. Who are we, as chambering students with hardly any experience in this line, and had just started doing pupilage to say that it was "stupid" and not worth it.

Btw, how hard is it to tell that the video we saw on YouTube is a genuine one? Who would want to superimpose VK Lingam? Do we really need the royal commission to tell us that IT IS GENUINE? We are not that stupid, are we? I believe that to be a good legal practitioner, common sense is more important than anything else.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I just gave mine. Fair and square.

Ps: The "broohaha" could've been worth it if one came, saw and conquered. Not came, saw, and ran (when the rain started coming down).


And to my surprise, i received NO reply. So much for the previous 5 emails on "Why walk.."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The one with the graduation

Its been a month since I graduated. 2 months since I've chambered. And no sign of me growing up yet. I am becoming skeletony and lighter by the day. Mute too. The amount of work pending has grown and I recently realized that I am in no one's wedding invitation list. I should start preparing My wedding invitation list and remember to slash them out. But sudden realization also tells me that i should have been more aware of my friends back then rather than sticking to my 'click' only. Right now, I am informed of their engagements and weddings by 'click'ing on the little thumbnail pictures they upload on friendster...

...Or facebook [I dont get facebook and will not waste my time checking it. So if anyone has been licking or spanking or taking money away from me, you are playing with yourself. Eww...]

You seek my graphical elaboration on the following issues:
    Beautiful roses from Aidil! i love it sooo much! Thank you Aidil!!!! Keep the flowers coming!!! =p. xoxo. Blooming sunflowers from my sunshines aka Aienn and Ainsafian. What great taste you girls have! thanks! =D . Red rose given by my family. Actually the bouquet dah tercampur dengan Aidil's bouquet. So i cant remember what else is there besides the red rose. hehe. Isnt it pretty?? the redness of the rose? =). Graduation teddy on a stick from sakina and hanis. Its so so cute. Thank you for acknowledging my request to have a teddy bear for my graduation, although the size has been reduced. =p. Btw, the teddy's name is Iqbal. hahahaha. Limited Edition "Absolutely Givenchy" perfume given by my parents. They bought this somewhere in US i guess. I love the smell! Its so sweet and if i were to be a perfume i'd smell exactly like this! Thank you Ayah & Mama!

  • GRADUATION PICTURES WITH LOVED ONES! My beloved and incomplete family. My parents were in the US and thus explains the absence. Dinie has returned to UK and Zul was in college, and Afiq kene tinggal kat rumah by Hilmi. So as you can see, only Ilya, Hilmi, Kak Eton and Ryzal were present. I hope Ilya is motivated to graduate after having to witness me on stage taking the scroll and almost tripped. I thank my family for being there with me because I have to admit I was not really looking forward to attend the graduation ceremony when i first found out my parents couldnt make it. I still have regrets and wonders what it would've been like if my parents were there. But its okay, because i feel their love all the way from abroad when i received the graduation present from them. hehe. This is my gift to them in return for their continuous love and support to me, and for working so hard to provide us with luxuries. To my cousin and siblings, thanks for allocating some time to attend my graduation. i love you guys!!! =) Aidil allllways has this pose. The one with the hands covering the front. Whaaatever makes him happy. =p. His white shirt is oh-so-perfectly-gorgeous, but the camera kinda should be concealed a lil bit. But i thank the camera, for if it isnt strapped there across his chest, we wont be able to capture any of my happy graduation moments. hehe. For those who have been ignorant or in denial (haha), aidil is my boyfriend and ryzal's bestfriend. maybe i dont say this enough but i really appreciate him because he is the reason i glow these days. *Pshiiiinnggg*=D. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my place after the graduation to listen to my craps. haha. Hanis & Sakina, my bestest highschool friends! =D. Hanis, the doctor-to-be and sakina the business woman-to-be were so sweet to come all the way from damansara to be with me and celebrate my big day. I cant believe we each got to be what we've always wanted to be. I never thought our ambitions would one day become a reality. I am so lucky to have met friends like u girls in highschool, because we always motivate each other to study kan? Kalau tak study hard, we probably wont be where we are today. We shall stay friends forever till marriage do us part. Kidding. haha. AinSafian looked sweet in pink. She looks so happy to be there, which made me happy! hehe. Who'd have known my 2 bestfriends in UIA are engineering students. I'm so weird, i know. Ainsafian is my mother in uni because she's so great at cleaning up messes and she always brings food from home and jellybeans and candies and yummies to feed my sweet tooth. I miss all those tear-dropping gossip sessions with Ainsafian! i wanna have sleepovers in your room again! huhuhu... Aienn, pakai contact lens nampak...hehehe. So pretty, warna grey pulak tu. I wanted to buy contacts for my graduation tau. But i had spent so much already on baju and kasut. Tak jadi la beli contacts. Kalau tak, i'll look as pretty as you kan? Aienn is also Aidil's lifesaver when he was all alone in uia and nak cari gang. haha. Thanks Aienn for taking care of Aidil when he was lost on the bridge and tak tau nak buat ape. =p. Aidil wore my robe and Shahir's songkok for this particular photoshoot. hehe. I'm really glad we took this pic, because otherwise, all pics would look the same je. I should've betulkan the robe, because as you can see, the robe is kinda senget. and the songkok is too small for aidil's head. I also personally like the words "bless you" on top of our heads because I do hope we'll get all the blessings we need to be with each other together forever. =p. This is the Graduation mascot. He's really a girl. I also like this pic because I think not many people have a picture with the mascot. Also, the mascot gave ryzal chocolates earlier, so "he" deserves "his" picture taken with ryzal and i. hehe. kayak-ing with the kayak master, sakina! if it wanst for my kebaya, i'd join hanis and sakina in the kayak. Ruginya! the hot weather did not stop us from having some "wet" fun and looks like Hanis is getting more sportier than i am. damn. =p.

To sum up everrrrrything in one word: YaaaaaaaHoooo-ooooooooo!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

8's a lucky number, aint it?

i owe myself a graduation entry. yes, i will post one soon! janji!

tapi photobucket is snail-ing on me. i need to find time to upload every pic! should i not use baldi gambar as photo generator? is there any better photo generator available..? *sigh*


today's my 8th month annie with aidil! =D.

i just wanna blog that, and although i'm so talented in writing jiwang stuff (chewahh..) i shall not let the public experience it. heheh.

Daily survivals have pushed us apart, and once again we are forced to celebrate our annie via sms. =p.

But you're always in my heart...

(And you thought u're more jiwang than me ey?) =p.

Okay, i'm beginning to feel uncomfortable. haha.