Thursday, December 27, 2007

what's another word for soulmate?

It is about time people know that i have been sulking about this whole nobody ever invites me to their weddings! Who do you frikin think you are? who do i frikin think I am? I am someone who appreciates invitations and will make rsvps when told to do so and will cancel my rsvp at the last minute.

okay, maybe that is why people dont invite me.

But people must know that today, as I was having my maghrib slumber (tak elok tido time maghrib), I got a message from a dear friend telling me she has found her soulmate.

At least someone acknowledges my interest. huh.

But then again, could you really meet your soulmate in a week?

Greek mythology has tried explaining how this whole soulmate came about. I disagree with it and as usual have my own theory, which I will now impose on you.

Soulmate is someone who makes drops of saliva waterfalls down your mouth.

And of course I have extended versions of every general principle i create. Soulmates are people who can bring you taffy apples.

of saliva waterfalling down my mouth. =p.

So another word for soulmate is taffy apple.

This entry is dedicated to taffy apples all around the world. i want you, i need you, oh baby, oh baby.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My 23rd year

Another birthday has passed, I am proud to say that I am now 23 years old. Although to some people I may be 51, but no matter... I'm always 6 at heart. =)

Those who grew up with me would probably have heard about my dreams and fantasies of how i'd like to turn out when i'm 23. Now that i'm Actually tuwenti teree, I'm not even close to what I thought I'd be.

I always thought I'd be a married kick-ass lawyer by the age of 23.

I'm not married.

I'm not a lawyer.

I kick nobody's ass.

I am happy nonetheless, because I just watched Enchanted, and maaaaannnn, robert's life as a lawyer suck big time. How can he advise his clients to get a divorce? If I were to be a family law lawyer, I'd draft an agreement that states the following:
  1. If you (husband) ever decide to leave me, I am coming with you.
  2. You (husband) may fall in love a gazillion times, but only with one person i.e. Me.
  3. Marriage is an assignment for courageous people. Cowards back off.
  4. If you (husband) plan to live a 100 years, I want to live one day shorter than that period, so that I never have to live without you (husband).
  5. It has to be clearly understood that you (husband) and i (wife) are forever on the same side.
  6. You (husband) may service your car at any time, and if necessary your romantic side too.
  7. You (husband) are the president of my fan club.
  8. Be just to yourself, if you (husband) do not love me, do not sign this contract.

Hmmmmm. Now I sound like a kick-ass lawyer.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jejak Kasih

Who'd have known, that I will one day become the subject of a situation often referred to as jejak kasih.

After court today, I made a lunch appointment with my dad. The most awaited event of every other day that I get to have lunch with him simply because I love the company of a quiet man.

What are the odds I can have a company parallel to that at work? ZERO. I hate lawyers' gabbiness. They are just mere unstimulating series of repeated facts. I repeat: repeated facts.


My dad was at my old tuition centre- The cekal tuition centre, registering my brothers for The revision course that i used to rock back when I was 15 and 17.

So I went to meet my dad there and paid a visit to my Mrs. Amarjit and Ms. (Now Mrs.) Monny!

The minute Mrs Amarjit saw me, she got up from her chair, and ran, yes ran to hug meeeee! AAAaaaaa!!! So so sweeeeet my teacher!! I was so happy FULL STOP.

Then I met Mrs. Monny who said I'm still as small as ever and they were both just so proud of the fact that I'm now a well, gabby lawyer. =p.

Then I was brought to the notice board where they showed me the Thank You card I gave them 8 years ago. I was so terharu......... *sob* *sob*

Then we remembered my dad was there and started controlling ourselves. =p.
The best part was: we were acting like screaming bimbo girls that the entire form 3 class who had witnessed the whole incident clapped their hands! hahaha.

HaaaaaaaaaaaaH. Lunch-ing with Ayah is always so rewarding.

For teaching me so much, I owe them a legal advice:


Thursday, November 15, 2007

one hand down the pants

No, its not what you think.

The title of the entry is to be read literally though. This chronicle is intended to gag you, not sicken you.

As many of you do not know (and I am actually not here to tell), my house is being renovated. Thus, the temporary dwellers of my garden are the Indonesian workers.

This morning, as i was ironing my pants in my parents' bedroom, which by the way gives me a perfect view of the Indonesian workers (I stress, that is not the reason Why I do my ironing there), I saw one of them SUDDENLY-

Took off his belt;
Unzipped his pants;
Inserted one hand down his pants; and

took out some cash from his underwear.

I then peeped some more to see what he was doing with the money. Rupanya, he was paying the ice-cream man who had parked his motorcycle in my house.

Oh my God ke tak Oh my God tu...???

Although I stopped being judgmental the minute I saw the ice-cream man, I just cant help thinking WHAT ON EARTH WOULD THAT ICE-CREAM MAN THINK OF HIM??

I wanna say I think it is kinda cute that there are still people who keep their cash in their undies, but that'd just make people think I'm quite d.o.t.t.y.

But i can easily say: You wish my story's about something else, don't you..........? =p.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lemonade is not Coke

When it comes to things that are edible, it is kind of a big deal to me. My tongue chatters perpetually, and as such, it only deserves the best food and drinks (and man) in town.

Meet my bad hat tongue, ladies and gentlemen.

I was having a lovely birthday dinner in the absence of the birthday girl last saturday night; and by lovely i mean nasi briyani kambing with scrumptious ayam goreng berempah and this vegetably dish, with my friends and a couple of persona non gratas who later became part of 'the group' because well, they had good effort. It is not always easy, to penetrate into the Mosantos' colloquies Eheh eheh... *pats self on the back*

By good effort, i mean quite smooth. That was probably the 1st time I did not label a stranger as poyo. =p.

Stranger: I'm going to get a drink. Would you girls like anything to drink? coke?

Me: Yes, coke.

Stranger later comes back with 2 glasses of lemonade.

Stranger: I heard people saying the lemonade tastes good. So I took lemonade. Would u like to try it?

Me: No! I want Coke! [i didnt mean to be rude, i was just really really blur].

Stranger: Coke tinggal sikit.

Me: But i asked for Coke. Not lemonade.

At this super blur remark, my friends came to my rescue.

Friends: It's okay, we'll have the lemonade.

Stranger: So u still want the Coke?

Me: Yes.

3 minutes later, stranger came back with a glass of Coke.

My friends stared at me, and started making mean coke jokes. By this time, stranger had warmed up to all my friends and started calling me authoritative.

Truth be told, I honestly did not hear Stranger's suggestion to Try the lemonade. I thought Stranger made a mistake and wanted to correct him.

Friend: Moon, u didnt even say sorry...

Me: I said Thanks...

Meet my bad hat tongue, ladies and gentlemen.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Primary School Musical 1

I gave up the 14th law conference today and its utmost tasteful food for my all time favourite Sekolah Sri Petaling.

As I waited for Ryzal in the car, i heard Sean Kingston's "beautiful girls" in the air. Accompanying that loud music, were voices of children singing along to:

"Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do you dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say its over"

Okay, first of all, kids should Not say Damn. They cannot know what suicidal means. And they should not be taught that there are such things as beautiful girls and not so beautiful girls, i.e to be judging girls physically.

But then maybe, just positively thinking...they can improve their memorizing skills that way.

So if songs can Really perk up a kid's mind, which i do believe it would, what happened to those songs like:

"Ada seorang kawan
Namanya Ah Meng
Dia juga berkawan
Namanya Muthu
Kami berkawan baik
sama sedarjah
belajar bersama
main bersama..."


"Merah, putih, kuning dan biru
warna bunga di halamanku
segar, mekar sepanjang hari
bau sungguh harum
memikat hati..."

I used to LOVE music classes back in school and i thought the black recorder was way cooler than the white ones. Today, both black & white are my favourite colours. hehe.

So as much as I would love to know that my brother is being taught to sing and is being exposed to really recent songs, I still think that teachers should stick to the syllibus. Regardless of whether these kids were the ones who probably requested for the Sean Kingston song.

And just a couple of days ago, my brother asked me what F*** means.

And i replied, "i didnt know what it means when i was ur age, u shouldnt too."

Not a very motherly answer. But, good enough to shut him up.

And then today, came another question: What is the difference between S*** and Shiznit?
I honestly dont know.

Now i live in fear thinking what other words he might learn from school. I fear having my own kid for that matter.

So I'm gonna stick to my original plan then. To have a robot maid so that it will not seduce my husband.

I am so screwed. DAMN.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

shoes off, please.

Not only dont I have luck with toilets, I also create tragedies at the mosque.

Prior to the joyous hari raya celebration, I travelled 10 hours to Kelantan, and so, public toilets and mosques were too often visited by me.

Different mosques have different beautiful architectural designs, which can easily confuse my mind.

At which point should i take off my shoes, when there are millions of stairs heading to the prayer section? At what point should i start to think rationally when I cannot hold it in any longer?

So came into the mosque i did, with my shoes on. Be reminded that I was walking along the corridor when a guy shouted "Bukak kasut! Ini masjid!"

I felt so embarrassed and wanted to cry, but i wanted to pee more. So i decided to hold my tears back and not hold my bladder activity any longer.

* * * * * * *

On my way back to KL, I made a stop at another mosque. This time, i got it all right. I even placed my shoe on the shoe rack. Hehe.

In the toilet, I bumped into 3 young ladies with their shoes on. When they saw me bare footed, they quickly ran out to take off their shoes.

While other people looked at them in disgust, I smiled at them.

It is easy for others to be mad at ignorant people like us, because they dont have flaws that are visible to the naked eye.

But that doesnt mean they are flawless, right?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walk For Justice

"When lawyers walk, something is wrong... Lawyers dont walk everyday, not even every month, but when they walk, then something must be very wrong. " -Ambiga Sreenevasan.

Indeed, Ambiga, indeed.

For lawyers do not walk, be it in heels or boots or flats or flip-flops unless and until a circumstance demands us to do so.

Which made me realize how terribly lucky i was to be part of the walk for justice from the beginning til the end; which made me feel sorry for those who came but never got to finish the whole journey due to a lil drizzle; which made me regret not recruiting more people to come to the historic event with me for the unutterable, priceless and simply out of this world experience.

I was reborn on September 26th 2007.

And here's my response to e-mails i have received, which in my opinion intended to harm me personally:

I was there because i do believe that changes need to be done. Pursuant to the publication of the video on YouTube, if we were to sit around in our offices, and continue to work for a corrupted legal system, that'll just be absurd. At least when we go out there and voice out our dissatisfaction(s), That by itself is already a step towards achieving justice. It is completely wrong to say we did not achieve anything or that the walk was not worth it.

But if one really does think its "stupid" or being unprofessional or not civilised, tell that to the other 1000++ experienced senior lawyers who were there standing in the rain, to fight for justice. Who are we, as chambering students with hardly any experience in this line, and had just started doing pupilage to say that it was "stupid" and not worth it.

Btw, how hard is it to tell that the video we saw on YouTube is a genuine one? Who would want to superimpose VK Lingam? Do we really need the royal commission to tell us that IT IS GENUINE? We are not that stupid, are we? I believe that to be a good legal practitioner, common sense is more important than anything else.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I just gave mine. Fair and square.

Ps: The "broohaha" could've been worth it if one came, saw and conquered. Not came, saw, and ran (when the rain started coming down).


And to my surprise, i received NO reply. So much for the previous 5 emails on "Why walk.."

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The one with the graduation

Its been a month since I graduated. 2 months since I've chambered. And no sign of me growing up yet. I am becoming skeletony and lighter by the day. Mute too. The amount of work pending has grown and I recently realized that I am in no one's wedding invitation list. I should start preparing My wedding invitation list and remember to slash them out. But sudden realization also tells me that i should have been more aware of my friends back then rather than sticking to my 'click' only. Right now, I am informed of their engagements and weddings by 'click'ing on the little thumbnail pictures they upload on friendster...

...Or facebook [I dont get facebook and will not waste my time checking it. So if anyone has been licking or spanking or taking money away from me, you are playing with yourself. Eww...]

You seek my graphical elaboration on the following issues:
    Beautiful roses from Aidil! i love it sooo much! Thank you Aidil!!!! Keep the flowers coming!!! =p. xoxo. Blooming sunflowers from my sunshines aka Aienn and Ainsafian. What great taste you girls have! thanks! =D . Red rose given by my family. Actually the bouquet dah tercampur dengan Aidil's bouquet. So i cant remember what else is there besides the red rose. hehe. Isnt it pretty?? the redness of the rose? =). Graduation teddy on a stick from sakina and hanis. Its so so cute. Thank you for acknowledging my request to have a teddy bear for my graduation, although the size has been reduced. =p. Btw, the teddy's name is Iqbal. hahahaha. Limited Edition "Absolutely Givenchy" perfume given by my parents. They bought this somewhere in US i guess. I love the smell! Its so sweet and if i were to be a perfume i'd smell exactly like this! Thank you Ayah & Mama!

  • GRADUATION PICTURES WITH LOVED ONES! My beloved and incomplete family. My parents were in the US and thus explains the absence. Dinie has returned to UK and Zul was in college, and Afiq kene tinggal kat rumah by Hilmi. So as you can see, only Ilya, Hilmi, Kak Eton and Ryzal were present. I hope Ilya is motivated to graduate after having to witness me on stage taking the scroll and almost tripped. I thank my family for being there with me because I have to admit I was not really looking forward to attend the graduation ceremony when i first found out my parents couldnt make it. I still have regrets and wonders what it would've been like if my parents were there. But its okay, because i feel their love all the way from abroad when i received the graduation present from them. hehe. This is my gift to them in return for their continuous love and support to me, and for working so hard to provide us with luxuries. To my cousin and siblings, thanks for allocating some time to attend my graduation. i love you guys!!! =) Aidil allllways has this pose. The one with the hands covering the front. Whaaatever makes him happy. =p. His white shirt is oh-so-perfectly-gorgeous, but the camera kinda should be concealed a lil bit. But i thank the camera, for if it isnt strapped there across his chest, we wont be able to capture any of my happy graduation moments. hehe. For those who have been ignorant or in denial (haha), aidil is my boyfriend and ryzal's bestfriend. maybe i dont say this enough but i really appreciate him because he is the reason i glow these days. *Pshiiiinnggg*=D. Oh, and thanks for dropping by my place after the graduation to listen to my craps. haha. Hanis & Sakina, my bestest highschool friends! =D. Hanis, the doctor-to-be and sakina the business woman-to-be were so sweet to come all the way from damansara to be with me and celebrate my big day. I cant believe we each got to be what we've always wanted to be. I never thought our ambitions would one day become a reality. I am so lucky to have met friends like u girls in highschool, because we always motivate each other to study kan? Kalau tak study hard, we probably wont be where we are today. We shall stay friends forever till marriage do us part. Kidding. haha. AinSafian looked sweet in pink. She looks so happy to be there, which made me happy! hehe. Who'd have known my 2 bestfriends in UIA are engineering students. I'm so weird, i know. Ainsafian is my mother in uni because she's so great at cleaning up messes and she always brings food from home and jellybeans and candies and yummies to feed my sweet tooth. I miss all those tear-dropping gossip sessions with Ainsafian! i wanna have sleepovers in your room again! huhuhu... Aienn, pakai contact lens nampak...hehehe. So pretty, warna grey pulak tu. I wanted to buy contacts for my graduation tau. But i had spent so much already on baju and kasut. Tak jadi la beli contacts. Kalau tak, i'll look as pretty as you kan? Aienn is also Aidil's lifesaver when he was all alone in uia and nak cari gang. haha. Thanks Aienn for taking care of Aidil when he was lost on the bridge and tak tau nak buat ape. =p. Aidil wore my robe and Shahir's songkok for this particular photoshoot. hehe. I'm really glad we took this pic, because otherwise, all pics would look the same je. I should've betulkan the robe, because as you can see, the robe is kinda senget. and the songkok is too small for aidil's head. I also personally like the words "bless you" on top of our heads because I do hope we'll get all the blessings we need to be with each other together forever. =p. This is the Graduation mascot. He's really a girl. I also like this pic because I think not many people have a picture with the mascot. Also, the mascot gave ryzal chocolates earlier, so "he" deserves "his" picture taken with ryzal and i. hehe. kayak-ing with the kayak master, sakina! if it wanst for my kebaya, i'd join hanis and sakina in the kayak. Ruginya! the hot weather did not stop us from having some "wet" fun and looks like Hanis is getting more sportier than i am. damn. =p.

To sum up everrrrrything in one word: YaaaaaaaHoooo-ooooooooo!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

8's a lucky number, aint it?

i owe myself a graduation entry. yes, i will post one soon! janji!

tapi photobucket is snail-ing on me. i need to find time to upload every pic! should i not use baldi gambar as photo generator? is there any better photo generator available..? *sigh*


today's my 8th month annie with aidil! =D.

i just wanna blog that, and although i'm so talented in writing jiwang stuff (chewahh..) i shall not let the public experience it. heheh.

Daily survivals have pushed us apart, and once again we are forced to celebrate our annie via sms. =p.

But you're always in my heart...

(And you thought u're more jiwang than me ey?) =p.

Okay, i'm beginning to feel uncomfortable. haha.


Friday, August 17, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Dear mollscandelookino,

I missed youuuuu....

Ama fyne chick, how u doin..? i regret not having the time to feed u..


It has come to your knowledge that i am now undergoing my pupillage, hasnt it? well, today's my tenth day. *monotonous woohoo*

Actually, to my surprise, i'm enjoying myself. Except for the body aching syndrome i'm suffering from right now. Okay bony bones, i'll feed u some calcium.

In the spirit of composing a resume, i shall Not make fun of the national anthem, but make fun of myself and my workplace. =p

Amirah Wan Muna (as it appears on every email i send to LAs)

Sex: Female donning masculine shirts to work. (Must get more girly office wear)

Age: let my eyebags do the talking. *sob*

Obsession(s): Mas' engagement ring, Mama's Kitchen's ayam goreng, See Teik Suan, Mr. B's emails.

Fear(s): white collar harrassments, phone calls from Master, phone calls from Mr.B when Azlan's around, IT people, (still) banks.

Will: be more hardworking, take possession of the attachees, get every partner's signature by next Friday.

Will not: cry again. =p, get a car until time for short call. =p. Go to Gwen Stefani's concert. =(

Discovery: Air badak works when i get the rasa nak demam feeling from the cold aircond.

Strength: Dislikes metrosexual guys and not say a word to their pretty faces although sometimes i just feel like saying, "oi gay!"

Weakness: not able to stay back after work due to having a LIFE. =p.

Disease(s): keep losing pens, messy table, nail biting when stressed, BLUR but genius.

Most valuable possession(s): Mr. A (because he wants to be called that), The birthday necklace.

Most likely to keep me sane & smiling: Mr. A's messages, Rubiks Revolution, Rubiks cube.


I will most likely be a whole different person ten (10) years from now.

Hopes to be: A housewife.

But my blog entries will still be funny.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a taste of my commonsensibility

Listening to 97.6 FM every morning is hazardous; i think i want to be Fara Fauzana now.

Snap out of it. Lawyer! Lawyer!

If you happen to be switching on your radio this morning, *ahem, in fara's tone* topic hot chat kita pada hari ini ialah pasangan saiko.

It certainly made me realize i have to start spreading my sanity to a lot of girls, because apparently, they are insane.

Killing yourself, or slashing your veins with the pisau 10sen will not do any good. Please put Your act together, instead of trying to put his act together. So he messed up. Why punish yourself?

Plus, u cant own someone.

U cant make a voodoo doll out of your man.

I'm not gonna tell you what you should do, because i'm not your psychologist. But heck, if you pay me i'd tell you what to do.

Curiosity killed the cat, people. That is exactly why you should stay calm and drop those knives and pills from your hand.

Because lady, with that amount of curiosity in yourself, you will single-handedly leave the world catless.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The nitty gritty of my homerific day

I revisit this blog as an escapism from laying in bed.

Ironic, isnt it? When I had killer exams lingering around i'd sleep for 25 hours a day, and now that i'm as free as the murderer of Altantuya, i refuse to sleep.

The bed and my warm red blanket used to be the safest place and now i have to run away from it.

Yes, there's a monster under my bed, mom.

Monsters and demons aside, today is a homerific day for me. For those who wish to go watch Simpsons the movie, take it from me, there is absolutely no way u wont get a seat for it. heheh.

What is happening to our sense of humor? We've got enough shallow Hals. Be shallow Homers for once.

My homerific day began when i saw an abandoned red note on the cold beige tile. RM10.

I picked it up thinking: Homer would do the same thing. He'd probably say, "Mmm...Money."

Naturally, i instantly thought of giving myself a treat with that cash, but instinctively i had a hint of guilt rrrrright here... *pointing to stomach*

So in the end, i gave it away to a stranger child, hoping my little gesture would make a difference in somebody's life tonight.

Y'know what Homer would say to that..?


Sorry Homie, for one's religious disposition is sometimes larger than his sense of humor (or life, for that matter)

Aw, crap. Now i sound like Flanders! =p.

Friday, July 6, 2007

banking phobe

Believe me, i have $uffered from thi$ di$ea$e $ince time immemorial.

Maybe mama did Not make any money tran$action throughout her day$ carrying me in her womb. Becau$e i remember going to Germany, that$ all. =p.

The bank i$ the place u'll never catch me in.

...until i di$covered i have not touched a $ingle cent of my $cholar$hip money for the pa$t 4 year$.

I'M A BILLIONAIRE! Chuh-Chinggg!!

Check out my iri$e$, theyre $haped like dollar $ign$.

Thing$ to buy:

1. Rubik'$ revolution!!!
2. Anya Hindmarch'$ i'm not a pla$tic bag.
3. Gap'$ long & lean jean$.
4. Bicycle helmet (dont a$k!) =p.
5. $uper cool $exy black pump$ for everyday office u$e.
6. Get a haircut$ (every $entence must have an $)
7. $hopping for baju raya (argh. mu$t ganti pua$a)

One thing'$ fer $ure, No ralph perfume for me. I am ju$t $o irritated by that guy who tried to $ell me the 100 ml ralph for 50 ringgit. takde pak$aan my a$$$$$$$$$$$$....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

christian carter would agree with me.


We're born with sugar and spice, and all things nice. So lets try our best to stay that way.

I should belittle those who have crossed the line, but thats what people of normal standards would do. I'm beyond that standard.

So i shall teach these ladies how to not cross the line.

So i sound like your mother. That means i'm right.


that's just not cool and degrading.

And your boyfriend would definitely belittle you for that.

Have some respect for another girl's feelings, because if u dont, u will be like any other typical girl clinging on the normalcy of a standard and will not achieve the standard that is beyond normal.

Normal girls would bitch about me after reading this, but a cool girl who has reached the standard that is higher than average, would say: She should write more entries like this.

Ladies, welcome to the realm of the polished Manolo Blahniks.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


i am in lala land~

readers of mine, turn on ur green-eyed modes, please.

because i'm story-telling a story entitled: my gift week.

Now, of course i already have great gifts to begin with: the giver of these gifts. they are no santa clause alright, but they sure do have the Hohoho effect on me.

difference between the two givers; one surprised me, the other was coerced to get me presents. haha. because one is my boyfriend and the other is my brother.

although great descriptions have the ability to transport u to my lala land, lets let the pictures speak for themselves this time...

Image Hosting at ImageHosting.comGIFT #1: these pink roses from cameron highlands had me going AaaaAAaaaaaaa (=O) the moment i saw them. you know how the color pink is always really pretty on roses and apple cheeks and Paris Hilton, but never flattering on kancils and satrias? i swear to god if i see that pink satria on the road again, i'm gonna senselessly ram on it.

Image Hosting at ImageHosting.comGIFT #2: As u can see and envy, these are called the oh-so-romantic red roses and the oh-so-fragranced polianthes tuberosas aka the harum sundal malams. this is my first time ever seeing the sundal malams and i am now undeniably in love with it because of the smell. why it is related to dead women with long hair remains a curious question. shuhaimi baba is one deep woman. the perfume of roses is just orgasmic!

Free Image Hosting at GIFT #3: this is a cactus. due to lack of knowledge on how to take care of a cactus (okay zero knowledge, buta cactus), i had to do some reading on it. of course after coming across words like cacti, stomata, peyote and hallucinogen, i got a lil scared. but those are really just terms. i love the word cacti though. its plural for cactus.

okay so. to do list: get a new pot for cactus, because when cacti are purchased from the shop, the soil in the pot had prolly been there for a while which means the cacti have used up all its nutrients, so it is best that the moment u get it, get a new pot and new soil.

Like me, cacti get sunburns too if they're directly exposed to the sunlight. so u wanna give it some light, but make sure not too much sun. so the best spot to place a cactus is inside the house, by the window.

and of course, cacti need water. so the three things i should remember: Food, Light, Water.
I need a name for me cactus. whats a suitable name for a green thorny waterproof plant?

Image Hosting at ImageHosting.comGIFTS #4: these are from Zara and Victoria's Secret. hehe. Brought home from UK. i so love the sexy tote bag and the t-shirts!! =D i will now pow dinie for jeans to go with these t-shirts. and possibly super cool pumps as well. Lalalala...

Thank you Aidil and Dinie!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

I'm so happy i'm so high i'm so hyperactive i'm so tak tau nak cakap ape already....

Thursday, May 31, 2007

goodnight uni. sorry i didnt make history.

Do u have one of those perut melayus whereby u Have to eat nasi otherwise u're pretty sure u'll be prone to gastric attacks?

Not me.

But then again, if i dont eat nasi for 3 days (and i mean, i havent eaten it for 3 days now), i start calculating calories and cash that has entered my body and fled out my wallet. Mcdonalds kill (not just ur body, but ur shopping funds too!)

Note to vertigo: fast food kills.

I was at the law cafe this morning, and yikes! it hit me, that i've been eating the same ol food for the past 4 years and although my melayu stomach was hysterically shrieking for nasi, i didnt feel like eating Anything.

So. My perut melayu rebels.

Thats new.

Finally, i settled for the traditional terengganu keropok lekor. pagi2 makan keropok lekor. buang tebiat sungguh.

okay, so i hate the food here. but heck, i'm gonna miss this place.

the asap smell, the super cheap food (yes, i bet the lecturers here are frikin rich, they live on studentprice food!) but most of all, the manymanyManyMany great intellectual, crappy, crazy, ketawa sampai pengsan conversations we had in this cafe.

Not forgetting tearful, and silent cat fights we had over the years.

And right now, i'm in the law general lab, writing my entry. could this be the last entry composed by me from this lab?

All those moments we had in this lab... screaming to one another from one end to the other in an attempt to complete contract, torts, criminal, equity, trusts, professional practice, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and public international law assignments.

and as i'm writing this, my classmates are busy finishing iqbal's jurisprudence essay. hah. suckerrrsss. =p.

i bet they're peeping over me shoulders thinking: she's blogging? while we're doing our jurisprudence?? hahaha.

U know what, this place isnt bad at all. Best 4 years of my life.

Next place to bitch about: My future work place.

Argh. Another chapter of life begins.

I cant wait..........................................................

Friday, May 25, 2007

happy blurday to me...

I've been blogging for many many years. The truth is, if u dont get better in this blogging thing, u should just quit.

Another truth is, adalah sungguh tak cool when u are overly chatty in ur entries.

But i lose calories, talking. I dont starve myself like u suckers.

So let me tell u what happened on my blurday. This isnt the first, trust me.

But its one of the most memorable ones... =p.

1730 hrs, GSC One Utama. 1730. isnt that like the blurrest time of the day for some people? Yea, for a morning person like me.

Wani and I lined up at the popcorn counter, TalkLoudTalkLoudTalkLoud we did.

Come our turn to order: One regular Coke, One regular Milo.

what we got was one regular popcorn, one regular Milo.

So i corrected the popcorn man slash cashier. Wani gave me cash, and i returned her change.

*without realizing the whole money transaction happened between wani and i, and Not the cashier and i*

So the whole time i thought i had already paid. As soon as we got our coke and milo, i grabbed both cups and walked away.

Then a voice called after me "miss, u havent paid..."

"i havent paid??"

I'm pretty sure i looked mad and had this u-better-watch-ur-mouth-kid expression on my face.

Went back, stared at him for a lil bit, and realized immediately that it was my negligence.

From a Grrrr-oar expression, i fake laughed.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

No more borat stuff. i talk serious now.

Man oh man oh boy.

Been busy capturing my own emotions these past few days. Well, there was AF; so that should make me set aside whatever witticism i've had in mind about blogging some mother's day stuff, cyberjaya padi stuff and of course my whole neverending instabilities during pms.

Many will not understand my great attachment with this reality tv programme. For those who cant seem to understand, i wish u'll get ur own thing very soon. because i just lost my AF. huhu. I miss milaaaa... =(

...And Ikon isnt one tad bit exciting. Ngh.

Believe it or not, i even hurt some feelings along the way. Me and my obsession for reality tv shows (blame should point to other bloopers as well...).

But as i was busy capturing my own emotions every now and then, i figured... it is true, i have to consider people's feelings and all, but dont they kinda should do the same for me?

I'm not asking much. Its justa reality tv show anyway. And its over.

So, for hearts that i've hurt, for promises i've unintentionally break, i offer you my white flag, and beg you to pull me back to earth.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

goAF! goAF! goAF!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Making Of... Making a bridesmaid out of Muna (the one with the preparation)

(to be read in the light of Borat's English) My name Muna. This the making of Me becoming bridesmaid. This look a little like self-indulgence but dont care. I want to tell my story. so I will. Enjoy.

Suddenly I not sure where to begin.

As soon as arrive, we eat. no shame in the face anymore. too hungry.

Met the MC and usherer and tangkap2 gambar (because later mereka dijadikan mangsa jadi photographer kita)

kan dah cakap. dah mula dah. posing di bilik VIP before rehearsal starts.


red carpet-ing & pelamin-ing...

MAKE UP SESSION starts. putting on foundation. Yg tebal. senyum sikit, muka crack. stressful activity this one.

muka siap di-foundation. ambik gambar while waiting 4 the foundation to set. =p.

make up artist applying eye shadow while telling me secrets of siti nurhaliza...

eyelining. liquid eyeliners rule!

eyebrow-ing. oh i just love the perfectness of the arch of me eyebrows..

not sure what she's doing to me here... =p.

dangerous! do not try this at home. hehe. curling the eye-lashes. perasaan paling takut dalam dunia.

applying fake eyelashes. my first time. its kinda fun..rasa sejuk when the eyelashes were attached to my real lashes.

fake eyelashes. close-up.

marscara lascara lashes mashes...


anddd finally, lip colouring. i hate lipsticks. ewwk. but i'd always wear it anyways.

Hair styling begins... making a bun out of my ciput layered hair.

inserting millions of baby pins into my hair..

bun done. (suddenly i rasa i can make this bun on my own. =p)

bun with lil white flowers...

and i'm all set to walk down the aisle. *shivers*

self-indulgence please.. =p.

2 done. 2 more to go..

all done. =D.

All 4 of us.. (and a waiter, apparently).

More pictures of my journey as bridesmaid come soon okay? Must say that bridesmaid-ing tiring so much but I had fun fun fun! will not do it again unless the reward is verrry good i.e. a complementary honeymoon suite with spa treatment. =p.

before I navigate away, I want to say Udang Galah taste delicious. At my wedding Udang Galah must be present.

Must also mention that i caught the flower bouquet the bride tossed behind. does that mean i will be next? I dont know but I dont want bun on my wedding. And i dont want baju fabrik gatal.

Will be updating soon. Thank you for your time. Much Appreciate. =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


7 entries in ONE month. get a clue people.

i am: miserable, elendig, depresso, misero, desdichado, miserabel.

okay, not exactly for this whole entire month. just specifically a few days back.

why, u ask? (God, i ask myself the same question sometimes.)
  1. ALL, i repeat, ALL... my fishies are dead.
  2. i screwed up my friend's fyp. (and now i'm afraid of karma)
  3. short sem's back. oh oh oh i hate short semester. (although iqbal would probably keep my fantasies occupied for the next 8 weeks. =p.)

Yup. Not exactly a flood of fun for me these few days.

Except... of course beating ain's and aienn's a$$es in bowling. haha. U girls suck. =p. But i love korang neverthelesssssss... =D.

Please come visit me during short sem. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

One miserable kid, out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

its about time i say something on AF5

Lets start with the negatives.


I mean, he's the only one who ever makes sense when delivering his critics. To **** with people who cant accept it. Here's someone who wants to hear the truth..

FAUZIAH AHMAD DAUD. Fine and dandy...

...until she starts obsessing on the two words, "gali" and "comfort zone".


Gali-ing is good okay. But i kinda feel that the students are starting to be so fanatically influenced by the word, and were trying so hard to translate every single word into a particular body language.


....And enuff with the comfort zone crap. And i quote, "thank you for stepping out of ur comfort zone, sekurang2nya awak menyahut cabaran saya, blabla..."

What's the point of stepping out of the comfort zone, if it only makes the performances worse?


I like Ebi and Dafi. Need i elaborate more? =p

HATTAN makes sense.

FAUZIAH LATIFF is just forgettable.

Kezutans this time around mcm tak best sangat kan? I dont know why! haha.

To add to this very negative entry, i'd like to own up that i have not afundi-ed anyone, not once.
I just refuse to acknowledge their talents just yet, with my prepaid credit.

I want Rizal to leave this week. Who's with me?

Monday, April 16, 2007

the one with the chick and ninjas and fishies

I have a virtual pet now. And for that, I declare myself a copy-cat. haha.

My virtual pet's name is Ama Fyne chick, simply because ama daymn fyne chick. =p. I got this name after considering names such as: Ama Hardtoget chick, Ama Bootifool chick and Ayam Kampung. Finally, i settled for Ama Fyne chick. hehe.

Oh, guess what? My father has also developed an interest in this virtual pet thing, and he is planning to adopt one too. I have no idea which animal he'll pick, but i bet it wont be a frog. My father is terrrrrrified of frogs. Big Time. that is why we have a rubber frog lying around the house and will be planted at places where it'll freak the hell outta him.

It has been quite a while since we planted the frog in his paths. hmmm. where oh where can the rubber froggy be..? =p.

My tortoises: Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello grew so big, that we decided to return them to the pet store. Goodbye Ninja turtles! hope u had fun staying with us.. =)

And Now.... we have fishes. Their names are: Bob, Mike, April and Paris.

An unwanted stray cat has been lepaking around the house too. It is our fault, really, since we kept feeding him. hehe. But see, u'll never know when ur good deeds will be rewarded. I was glad i fed that cat because as i was all alone at home this evening, it rained heavily, the sky grew so dark and the power went off.

I was scc aaa rrreee d. I opened the front door for a source of light, when i found the cat looking up to me, his eyes like Puss in Shrek2. Awwww. So there i was in the dark, all alone with the cat as my companion. hey, at least i was less scc aaa rrreee d.

So, my crib now, is just really full of people and pets. wheeeee. hehe. please, do feed my chick if u happen to drop by my blog to read it, or leave comments, or simply swinging by to judge me.

Thank You!!! =D

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mall Parenting: A lesson for all

I have a confession to make.

I played Bingo with Maryam and Huda throughout my Parenting class in uni. Which was why, last friday, i failed in my so-called Ryzal (hereinafter will be referred to as B-jal) parenting.

B-jal and i were in OU last friday for some lust releasing sessions. hehe.

I nearly went bankrupt after that session. *sigh* But bankruptcy is SO MUCH BETTER than failure in parenting.

I was deemed to be a failure at it because B-jal and i were separated in OU. Yes. B-jal telah hilang dalam shopping mall and i suffered from the mother of all panics.

B-jal ran into the lift while i was busy searching through my more-like-office-drawer handbag. I was looking for the parking ticket. He went inside the lift, and the door closed; leaving poor little brat inside the lift all alone, and my freaking idiot self on the other side of the door. stupid lift. stupid button not working pulak when i quickly tried to press it open. Stupidness.

My heart fell right to my stomach. or lower. whatever.

I watched in horror as the digits on top of the lift door changes.

C'mon..C'mon..C'mon.. Move it you big fat kid-eater.

Cheeks hot, feet restless.

Then the lift goes up.

Tingggg... Door opened. B-jal-less.

My heart dropped to my feet now. or lower. whatever.

Knees weak, mouth cant speak.

Definitely a near death experience.

Nevertheless, i stepped into the empty lift, holding my tears back.

Hold it in, or you'll never be able to focus and find him.
Al-Haq, Al-Haq, Al-Haq.

Lift went down. I checked every single floor. No sign of B-jal.

Al-Haq, Al-Haq, Al-Haq.

Lift: Going up.

2nd floor. Door opened. B-jal stood outside the door, smiled at me, walked in casually.

***** standing there i didnt know what to say ****

I got a taste of parenting, at least. The bitter-sweetness of it.

You'll never realize how much you care for another human being until you lose that person. Even for a split second. For self-indulgence is only temporary. There's always one other person that you care about more than anything else in this world. In my case, 10 other persons.

Best lesson ever learnt. I am now a step closer to being a good parent. =p.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Selamat Hari Jadi..~

Today's my birthday according to the Islamic calendar. Thank you aidil for finding that out for me.. hehe.. =D

So. Here goes...

Happy Birthday to Me..
Happy Birthday to Me..
Happy Birthday to Me-eeee...

Subject matter: Dress

F O U N D !

Note to those who have been very patient throughout my hunt: this is definitely an aggravating factor to consider putting up with me in the future. *batting eyelashes* =)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mr. Bean's holiday vs. My holiday

So here are some tips for those who are planning to go to the movies to fill up their hols:

Mr. Bean's holiday is not too bad la, but tgk dvd pun boleh. Reasons:

  1. the "clam joke" is rather similar to the one on tv. thus, lack originality.
  2. half of the movie is not in english.
  3. Mr. Bean looks older. Much older.
  4. there is this character; a film making person who is obsessed with himself. A LOT of people can relate to that.
  5. The ending made the movie look cheap.

My favourite scene: Mr. Bean was hitch-hiking when he came across a super slow bike. jalan kaki pun boleh potong bike tu. =p.

My holiday is not too bad la. Its just that i'm annoyingly obsessed with finding baju for the dinner.

Mama used the word "hedonisme" to describe my 'i-need-to-get-a-dress' whines.

She uses big words like that just to rub it in my face that she's a BM teacher. haha.

Brother and boyfriend's reaction were strikingly similar, "pakai baju kurung je la.."

Alah. I wear baju kurung everyday to class. Bagi la can nak pakai dress pulak.

There's only one other person left to go to. Daddy.

First reaction, "Nak beli baju lagi..?"

Remind self: Buat muka kesian. Buat muka kesian.

Second reaction, "Okay.."


My hols is definitely gonnabe better than Bean's. Altho, Cannes' beach looks so darn gorgeous.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

incredible melodies

I wanted to start this entry with a date and day, but i forgot the date when a bunch of us went to Redbox for Norleen's birthday bash. Was it Friday the 9th..?

Norleen's getting old, and i'm the one being forgetful here. =p.

The party. Rating: ******
6 stars.
Even the shyest of the shys rose to the occasion, i.e. ME. hehe.

Especially after i had two juicy pieces of lamb.

The party definitely lifted a month of pressure off of me shoulders. and a week of fund. hahaha. But it was worth it. And i'm saying this straight from the shoulder.

Now that the finals is approaching, i can no more dilly-dally with friends and family and loved one. *sob*


Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend project

At paws, i met some cats, radiant, terrific and humble ones. (If u're 2 years and above, please do not watch Charlotte's Web. In that kiddy movie which i felt lasted forever, the spider, yes, Charlotte, spelled out the above-mentioned words made out of its silken thread which is produced by Charlotte's spinneret glands, to describe her friend, Wilbur, the pig.)

Nine Ringgit gone. TGV pulak tu. Argh.


I feel a lot like a divorced widow coming to visit these cats once every week. I need to bring them home. Its tiring and frustrating not having custody over my kids, err, cats. =p.

As a kid, i was raised in a rather strict environment, with restrictions and all. Most of them restrictions are gone, now that i'm 23. Restrictions being lifted off my back include:
  1. dating
  2. handphone
  3. independent shopping
  4. curfews


Although I object to this restriction whole-heartedly, i suppose i'm old enough to push it aside and channel my frustrations elsewhere. But i pity my lil brother who is now going through that phase where he feels like he cant get Anything he wants in life, and that parents are just meanie creatures perpetually sabotaging his social life and that they'll never understand him.

C'mon. We all have been through that stage, havent we?

So where does ryzal channels his frustrations to..? Modelling. =p

Yup, the lil brat is now the face for Yakult's advert. Sadly, the advert will only be published in Japan, not in Malaysia.

I have new nicknames for lil brat.

  • Male Paris hilton
  • Japan's Next Top Model

Project Manager: Me, is so Tyra Banks for making him do this. Speaking of Tyra, am i the only one who is bothered by her i-think-i'm-still-young-so-i-can-jump-arnd-and-scream-around-with-the-girls acts..??

...And dont get me started on Linda Onn.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

privacy, please.

U know what i feel like pooh-poohing at right now? These people standing behind me, pretending they're not looking at what i'm doing.

I hate this about general labs. There's always someone peeping at what u're doing and somehow forces u to get off ur chair and yay, they get to use the computer.

Not this time u're not. Go ahead and peep over me shoulders, i'm talking about u, so buzz off.

Gloomy day today. Its 2 weeks before finals and already, there were at least 20 vacant seats in Civil Procedure class. Even Mdm Juriah was not wearing make up. Where's everybody..?

My guess would be that, they're isolating themselves trying to complete Professional Practice's bills of cost and forms of charge. Gorgeous' assignment. Lagi lagi dia.

*there's even more people behind me now, and looks like the guy next to me has also develop an interest in what i'm doing*

Okay, okay, i'll get off my chair. I gotta do my bill of cost and form of charge anyway.

i gotta isolate myself too, anyway.

Friendster dah kene block pun nak guna computer lagi ke? Oh you guys are obsessing over self in MySpace pulak. Okay, okay, i'm leaving.

*catwalks in heels*

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The gloom of an eternal mourning

Last Friday the 2nd, was more like Friday the 13th.
(Actually, everyday is like Friday the 13th in Gorgeous' class)

Enter Gorgeous. In Yellow.

She must be happy today. I hate yellow.
Note: I was in black.

On her left shoulder, a red paper-like bag clinging and swinging back and forth as she walked to the front of the class.

Files. Our firm files. My File.

Gorgeous sat down, after asking us if she could. She let a few heavy breaths out before saying, "Today's class is going to be short. I'm returning back your files.."


Not me. Not me. Not me.

"Wan Muna Amirah!"


Dragged myself close enuff to Gorgeous' table. Grabbed file. Avoiding Gorgeous' eyes. Of course she was glaring at me. You would too, if you're 10 times bigger and consider me a glitch.

Needless to say, in a world where sucking up prevails, nobody favours an i-dont-give-a-damn me.

Dear God, have mercy on Gorgeous' soul.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quickie, anyone?

My routine at law school:
  • Rrrusssshes to class. Head cloudy.
  • Breakfast at law cafe. Ahhh.

The hardest thing about breakfast, is finding the right spot. i cant afford to bau asap for the next class. So unattractive.

A spot right in the asap zone, jugak, i got. Gotta find Zaza, Wyda or SI for perfume later. These are the well-knowns for carrying perfumes with them in their almost-tukar-everyday bag.

At breakfast, the initially peaceful one to one with huda turned chaotic with hadi's, sofia's, and reduan talib's presence. By chaotic i mean, heated up discussions.

About a wheelchair. Mostly. Heated up sebab Somebody made fun of Somebody.


Somebody wanted to "pimp-my-ride"-kan Somebody's wheelchair. So mean. =p.

Thats not my point. My point issss... I bumped into That wheelchair, justa couple of hours ago.

QUICKIE is written on the back of the chair. I stared in disbelief.

In my world, baby, Quickie means something else. =p.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

"pee yam ass"..."present!"

A buncha girls suddenly tepis tepis the air in class.

Annoying nye. What was wrong with the air? Oh, got some habuk coming out from the aircond. Small matter.


A classmate said something about me but wasnt talking to my face. I wanted to tepis tepis the air in fronta his face. No habuk coming out from his mouth but, i can hear every single word u said la.


Sorry, pee yam ass.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Monk @ Mcdonalds

My third Mcdonalds for this week (Gulp..). Guilty like hell is my feeling currently. So fat, i know, is my body becoming.

Note to self: No fast food for the next 2 weeks. Okay, 1 week. Dont be too hard on self.

I had Ayam Goreng Mcd in mind, but at the counter, i ficklefully asked for a Double cheese. Enuff about my cravings. Lets talk Monk.

There was this weird dude sitting at one of the tables, who didnt have to do much to grab my attention. His sunny yellow kimono-like robe was loud enuff to call out for me. A monk. At Mcdonalds. This is gonnabe interesting.

As i watched him, he had an empty bowl in fronta him. With a turquoise colored soup spoon. *flash back* masa tadika i participated in that lari bawak telur penyu event. yea, that kinda spoon. He had his hands together, chin down, eyes shut, lips mumbled. Must be praying.

Soon after, a guy with his kid approached him, gave him a 7eleven plastic bag with 3 Gardenia buns in it. (yes, i stared in silence while my friends were busy talking about, erm..banking slash building contract..yada yada..). Monky said sthg to them. "oh he talks.." hehe. =p.

I knew about monks mixing or appearing themselves in public to get food all along, as i have read it somewhere before, but i never actually thought it is true. Now, i believe you, miss journalist.

He then unwrapped the 3 buns, quite impatiently, and put them in his bowl. prayed some more and started eating them. Initially, i freaked out when i saw him, bare footed, all alone and staring at his bowl..But now i pity him. He looked, hungry.

Starved, actually.
(i had a lotta fries left, should i give it to him..?)

I mean, the reason he parked himself at Mcdonalds in the first place, was to get some Mcdonalds, right..? Instead he got Gardenia buns. Poor Monky..

*Still staring* (i had taken a video of him earlier, sorry, cant help it) He finished his bun, put his hands together, chin down, eyes shut, lips mumbled. He's praying again.

I wonder.

If i could pray for sthg, right now.. I'd pray for Monky to find my God. So that he wont suffer like that. Btw, Michael Jackson is rumored to be embracing Islam soon. Rumored.

...then i'll pray for myself to realize how lucky i am to have found my God.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lucid Intervalness...

'm simply giving the benefit of the doubt to legal people here. "temporary madness" is a direct translation of "lucid interval." For my point isssss... i am allowed to be screwed loose in here.

Some say *Love* is temporary madness. Agreed, only if u intend to stay in that state temporarily. I wanna say i wannabe there permanently. Anyone with me..? =p.


Changes are necessary in life. Otherwise u harden. I'm changing my blogging activities in here now. And hope to rot in here. Because i cant keep changing blogs. that'd just confirm my fickleness. i'm minimizing fickleness, starting... Now!

Speaking of change, i never used the word "poyo" before. But now i have. Because the need to use it has finally arise. There's just so many people out there who deserve that word labelled on their foreheads.

It is worth mentioning that i learned a new word too, recently. From my not-so-secret-"secretary".

CHAL. ever heard of that word before? it is pronounced as "cha" though. usage context- very very flexible. i guess. i've been trying to use it, but had received comments saying i sound funny when using it. takpe. can keep using it until i get it right.

Thats change #1.

Change #2. I picked up the fork and spoon this morning to have my nasi lemak. Settled on the chair, and ready to dig in. Then i felt moodless to be orang putih all of a sudden. put down the fork & spoon and started using my hands. My melayu-ness is finally making a come back.

Change #3. Now that i can make my own nasi lemak (yesss, i can!), the nasi lemak i bought doesnt taste so good anymore. hehehe..

Change #4. Duduk rumah on weekend, trying to finish my CPC assignment. *sob* Oh my dear flea market, i'm gonna misss yoouuu..~

In conclusion, my friendster blog is closed full stop. I crap here now. Thank you. =)