Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the year entry

The year 2010 is going to be busiest for me.

We have not set foot in 10 yet and already i am booked for half the year. And i'm so thrilled to be sharing my friends' BIG days!! I just dont quite get when people dont like wedding seasons cos I LOVE EM!!!!

I can wear my best clothes.... do my hair.... wear matching shoes and clutches... matching jewelleries (when i can afford it).... meet friends i have not met for so long.... shopping for presents.... cards.... talk about anything and tell each other each other's updates... man.... i have so many nice things to say about weddings that I cannot begin to imagine how one can hate weddings.

I hate people who hate weddings.

I wish all my friends who are getting marrid next year all the best and may your party be more fabulous and glamorous with my presence. :p

Okay, so 2009 has been amazing and so damn awesome I mean i think the word awesome in my life is not overrated at all! The best part about this year is of course my trips to Jakarta, Kuantan, Cherating, etc and my gile banyak birthday celebrations!!! I think there were altogether 4 celebrations! Thanks everyone for forming the awesome part of my life and for rocking my parties!!! But the bestest party yet is the awesome awesome HALLOWEEN PARTAY!! Rrrrreeeaawwww!!

2010 will be more awesome and as much as I have better resos for 10, i hope my life upgrades to having better quality (i mean i started running and i hope i wont stop) and my 4 year relationship should start moving to a whole new level already :p. its not really 4 but if you calculate everything its 4. I dont really care thats just a number, but I'm just concerned with me getting older and i mean look at the tiny wrinkles on my face ????? *cryyyyyyy* (Time to steal mama's night and day creams).

Career wise i'm hoping for a job that will allow me to show my real personality and that is a super damn hard worker but only if i'm paid good and allowed to have fun at the same time. I am hoping that kind of job exists. I have to be honest I feel pretentious doing what i do now simply because I am losing myself as a lawyer and becoming more like an engineer and becoming an engineer was never my ambition.

My ambition was always to become Boss.

Hey so this is a happy entry! hehe which means I had a great year this year and have forgotten about every little unpleasant-ness for this year so you should too!

Lets start 2010 with a positive spirit as we're Really just closer to death as the new year comes.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

boy crazy!

The last time I spoke of this expression was probably when I was 12 or 13 when my teenage friends were all going through that phase of hormone changing, and developing desire for men.. I mean boys.

As we grow older, everyone grew out of their boy craziness and liking boys moderately made more sense somehow.

But today, boy craziness staged itself to my face not by a teenage lady but by a makcik. I mean seriously makcik, dont be so bias towards your own gender, what are you, like a widow? :p :p

So I was having breakfast this morning at my usual place and everyday I will literally check my wallet to make sure I have small change. I hate shops that bugs me about giving them exact change but I have come to peace with this whole issue and have decided to deal with it by giving in.

Unfortunately today, I had ran out of small change and had RM10. The next best thing was an RM50. And its not even mine. Its my boss' rm50 note and its in my keeps because he told me to buy some stuff but when I went to buy them someone else offered to pay. I know. Whats up with people nowadays? :p I only have God to thank! :D

Anywayyyy, my breakfast was RM1.80, so I handed my last rm10. So makcik made a bigggg deal out of it, and told me to pay later.

*Me annoyed*

After I had my breakfast (and after carefully observing how many people had come in to have their breakfast hence all the small changes makcik would have made), I went back to her to pay.


So I was positive that she would do the same to me. But since we're recording this in this blog, u can certainly imagine what happened to me! She said, "bayar nanti lah, takde duit kecik lah.. tunggu lagi ramai2 orang datang. Takde duit kecik ke?"


At least she was smiling. To the man who she just gave small change to.


Monday, November 23, 2009

i know exactly what to write in my book :)

I will never forget the day paper pompoms spoke to me.

I realized my destiny was to become a professional party planner when I folded my boss' note into a paper pompom.

Buy my book to read more......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

another new post

No matter how careful you are with the hot cuppa coffee to make sure it doesnt spill, at the end of that journey from pantry to your place, it spills.

bloody hell.

Just before your big day, function, party, that zit conveniently pops out to say hi to the world, and the list goes on.

No, I'm not talking about unexpected events.

I'm talking about being too cautious or too careful in the course of living your life. that bloody hot coffee will spill sooner or later no matter how steady your hands are and you know it.

So what we should really prepare for is not for the coffee to get to the table safely, but for the coffee to spill seconds before it reaches the table.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

new post

Selamat Hari Raya, arent we all happy everytime the festive season revisits us? *smilllleee*

Raya was fun for a few days, then everything restores to normal comfy city life then holidays came to an end and now i'm in the office again. Oh and today's Aidil's birthday!!! :D Aidil turns 27! Amazing. The first time I got to know Aidil was when he was 23. Giler muda la dia masa tu. :p

Speaking of muda, I'm not too young anymore too. boohooooooo... But u know what happened today? I always come to the office with this kerek look on my face, like I wont look at anyone- jalan straight je, cam bagus. So this morning was not an exception. Was walking like I own the whole damn building then my pumps got stuck at some old curled up grey (ugly!) carpet, my feet came out of the pump and onto the cold marble and do i dare to look behind?? No. But I had to since I had to take my shoe backkkkkk.

One guy (old!) chuckled. The rest of them was too sleepy to be bothered with that blooper but will probably tell the story to them friends at breakfast. Nice.

Time chases you when you've got so many things to do and thats great because as a woman u always need to be chased. Na mean?? hehehe... huhuhu...

I'm into this thing this project this thing thats taking quite a lot of my time but if i get to pull it off, it will be a story to tell. Think Oprah Winfrey. Ok think Wanita Hari Ini la. Giler. I want to be on tv! I want! :P

Keeping my day job is the hardest thing to do right now because i'm so distracted with other things. There must be a way out for people like me who gets a bundle of nerves when being confined in a place for too long. Or perhaps i just need to have a friend in here.

Ok gotta run to do some more thinking for the future.

How much of a future do I have if the world is really expiring in 2011/2012? Seriously now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

advice column

Honestly, how do you offer your 2 cents to someone... say ur friend... whom you know will not listen?

You dont.

Hey, after all, nobody likes to be told what to do.

But they expect you to be around when things do not go as planned.

So do just that.

Setting examples are the best way to impose teachings on someone anyway.

Makes me wonder, how will generation Z take advices? The eight ball, perhaps?

Friday, August 14, 2009

old man's sayings are still relevant

We; the much younger generation always attempt to prove the elderly wrong, to some extent. One thing fo sho, I always try to prove my parents wrong. For no reason at all (and dont try to relate it to me having a legal background) but simply to have the taste and thrill of having independence in producing my own opinion, which is good i must say. But at the end of the day, we have to face it. THEY ARE RIGHT. ALWAYS.

For one thing many of us can relate to is that saying Opposites Attract. This expression is frikinly flawless that Hollywood should make a movie by this title already! Starring Johnny Depp and Reese Witherspoon of course.

Last night I attended a gathering of Toastmasters. Pretty awesome given that the bunch consists of people who are brought together by their passion to talk publicly and be good at it. I thought hey, finally a bunch of mes.

I enjoyed every minute of it, and went home feeling pleasantly exhausted with a crystal clear realization that I will just die if I marry someone who talks more than I do.

I might as well make a list here:

1. Racing to tell a story or to beat the volume of someone else's voice is the hardest thing to do and I do not have the will to compromise with that.
2. If you see me turning quiet, I have been turned off by ur story or ur attitude.
3. When girls gather and talk, and the only thorn among the roses talks as much or more, will be voted out.

But one good point made by one of the Toastmasters yesterday was; if the marriage goes completely silent, you might wanna start getting help.

Silence is bliss as long as it is not within the marriage. Quote me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So what if I'm a female driver?

Female drivers have been incessantly accused for their bad driving. So we drive like sheet yah? Shut up......

And by shut up I mean dont la stand there and STARE at me when i'm trying to get out of my parking, pakcik! That car parked behind me is not even your car! So clearly you were soooo concerned because I'm a female driver kan?

Anyway, this pakcik (garang looking somemore) with janggut and kopiah and cekak-ed pinggang, stared at me while i was trying to get my car out of the parking yesterday. FYI pakcik, my car has that censor beep to tell me if i am too close to the car behind k.. Dont look at me like that ok.. I have been driving for 9 years now ok..

Female or no female, I dont deserve to be babysitted while driving. ish!

When I succeeded in getting myself out of that misery, I vroom-ed pass the pakcik trying to avoid looking at him, when what I really wanted to do was exactly like what deer did to Diego when Diego failed to catch it, "uh tip toe tip toe!"

Sorry I didnt make your day, pakcik.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is pronounced gam-bat-tey, really. A new word everyone in the department is supposed to submit selves to. meaning-- to do your best at all times, in any situation. okay great. nice. thanks for choosing a simple word I can remember. Love.

My very own ganbatte will start from ceasing all kinds of complaining activities. Complaining will get me nowhere but slowing my pace in life. So yeah just fret like a second and move baby. When we save time from complaining, we can actually achieve so much more. And hey if you want to really complain about something, save those words and put em into actions-- write letters, emails, whatever. Dont rattle like a snake and just sit on that a** and wait for other people to make your life the way you want it to be. We care about ourselves, and so should you.

Like right now, I just came out out preparing an opinion and have to start on a new issue, and I feel like screaming, but when i look at the clock, its 11.50 am so that means its lunch time soon! Yay!! I am going to eat a cow! Oh just for the record, while eating lambchop a couple of days ago, i almost choked to death. Calmness is the key to survival in this world. that is another thing you must learn from me today. If i had panicked, i would have not had the time to think of what to do to get out of that near out-of-breath situation.

I'm so hungry I'm gonna ramble around the pantry for food now.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Are you a giver or a taker?

Yesterday I watched Faith and Hope (or is it Hope and Faith?) on Star World, and I'm not at all a fan of this sitcom, I just came across it while flippin thru channels. I have literally watched it about once or twice this year, and perhaps once or twice last year.

Anyway... something Hope (or was it faith?) said carried massive amount of truth i thought.

"It is not about what you get, it is about what you give.."

This morning, while rushing to go to office after my daily quick breakfast stop, an angel demonstrated those words quoted above.

there was a bloddy car semi-blocking my car and i couldnt get out of it. seeing me in distress, she patiently stood by my car and helped navigate my way through the impossible space and wallah! i managed to get out and reached the office in time!

She didnt get anything besides my thankful wave to her before i drove off, but had she cared about "giving" she wouldnt have demonstrated the act of a true samaritan to me.

I am very guilty of the same feeling sometimes, thinking what will i get out of this and that. but no, hope (or faith) was right. It is about what u give and have given that truly counts.

PS: but when someone gives u something, do appreciate it and say thanks dammit! =p

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm sure you will agree with me that "hope" is such a strong word.

No doubt everyone has a million things they hope for in this life.

I am seriously hoping for what you know? For H1N1 to disappear right now because it restricts me from travelling to places I want to go to.

I was at the airport twice in the last couple of weeks and people seem to be travelling around normally (some with masks on, bravo!) despite the threat of the disease. I am not mad at them. Because some people have to travel kan. They cannot avoid it. In a way, I am kinda glad my job isnt really the type that requires me to frequently travel all over the world. I love travelling nevertheless. But not for work. REMEMBER.

Anyhow, I hope by December travelling will be safe again because we're going to ******!

Who can guess this one correctly, will win a souvenir from me from that place that I'm going to.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lookky what i found!

I found the bags that are exactly like my wallet!

Would it be totally insane to get any of these bags now and totally match it with my wallet? hehehehe.

Okay this imagination aside, this weekend i'm off to a make up sale to get hold of some great colors to paint my face with. haha!

make ups definitely can make me really really happy and so I will look forever young! Speaking of forever young, I need also to store hand cream at the office because my hands are getting so dry from the full blast aircond in this office.

With this kind of coldness, i should just hibernate and not work. not condusive for working, people!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuff I think about when I have nothing better to do

It is ironic that many people hate it when you spoil a movie ending for them, when in reality, they will never take chances unless they know the ending, i.e. what exactly will happen if they do a certain thing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

online banking

Thank God for online banking !!!

As you all must know by now, I suffer from bankophobia since time immemorial and eversince the God-sent online banking exist, I am now cured :) hehe.

A few days ago I forgot my online bank password and so I panicked like crazy but due to my fear for the bank, I just kept quiet and did not tell a soul. I was afraid if I told anyone then I'll have to call someone or go to the bank or something.

Somehow today I remembered my password again and yabadabadoooooo my refund cheque is in!!! I got refunded because the KOOP has deducted my salary for 4 months for KOOP fee u know, and turns out, it was actually for someone else's account but they deducted My salary! They made a mistake with the staff number so instead of deducting that member's salary, they deducted mine!

Luckily one fine day I sebok2 went to the KOOP to see the new flat screen tv and asked this brader whyyy la i never registered to be a KOOP member but they deducted my salary. So he checked and found out the error KOOP had made!

Syukurnya dapat balik all my money. Will not spend it. Yeah right. haha.

While the rest of the world thanks online banking for making their lives easier, I thank it for making me a more courageous person. BRAVO ONLINE BANKING!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

july trip :)

Hello, readers. U know what? Eversince I cut my hair, the first thing I realized is that there are so many people who care about me in the office. I think I should start paying attention to them. =p.

Even the driver whom i never really spoken to tegur my hair. Ala so sweet la everyone in my office. I just wish my office is more like a boutique and not some manly industry. i'm not a man! "i'm a pony i'm a pony!" (hehe saje)

u know what else? my trip to cherating was just ultra awesome!! i found the best otak2 in the world and also the sos for the keropok lekor was just super tasty. i visited the kemaman zoo and saw animals i have not seen before. scapegoat's bulu is really nice and the sound of a goat IS REALLY "mmmbeeekkkk". like really! i've always thought thats just a sound human make tapi tak jadi when they want to imitate animals.

kemaman zoo was just cool man. oh but you know what's uncool though? the HAZE. spoil ler. we woke up as early as 6.30 am to see the sunrise but because the haze was so thick we didnt see anything! just haze and dusty far far away trees :(

will upload pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Housekeeping announcement:
ler... =p

Friday, July 17, 2009

road trip

Ayah just confirmed that the Legend Hotel in Cherating has been booked! So I will be off to Cherating this afternoon hopefully by 6.30pm! :D I haven't packed as I thought I will be leaving tomorrow... But I already have all the things that I want to bring in mind, so its just a matter of putting those things in the bag (if I can find all those things in the first place).

At 5 sharp I have to leave the office. I really hope I can leave at 5 sharp. Please. Please. Today's lucky number is 5.

Pegi beli nombor.


Ok see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya...!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

self quote

"You cant shred sh*t"

said in its literal context when the fox pooped on my Bakun PPA draft and as much as it is confidential, I cant shred a shitty document now, can I?

I am so not over this whole fox pooping thing. We all can be annoying sometimes ;p

significant updates

Can you imagine how many things have happened to me since I last updated..? Plenty:

  • A fox who has been living on the roof of my office pooped all over my cuby last Friday- making today the 1 week anniversary of me having grudge over it and fyi, it is still alive.
  • My segamat grandmother passed away on Monday 6.7.2009- the date she gave birth to her last child, 40-ish years ago.
  • sorry sorry I just realized that my 100th post is Really my 101st post! I CANNOT count. Period.

So the damn fox is still alive thanks to our proscrastinating maintenance team and its most recent victim is Shabbir, who came back from Kerteh with 6 mini packets of keropok and cleverly placed it on his table on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning he came running to my place to tell me that the fox had opened all 6 packets but did not really eat the keropoks. Berok gile la fox ni!!!

And then i thought for a second: why is it that suddenly when anyone has a fox story they will come to me??? Just because the fox pooped at my place suddenly everyone can relate to me? sad!

Oh and it is worth mentioning that at least foxy made me popular in a different way as opposed to being the topic for 'the girl whose marriage is coming'. Super!

On Monday 6.7.09 at 1530 hrs our beloved grandmother, Mak Tok passed away. cry cry cry. She was a really nice person and the thing we all remember about her most is her famous tagline: "Kuasa Allah....". This term is so universally used that even when we were talking about something So unrelated to God or religion or fate, she will have the last say because she will regard everything as "kuasa Allah". hehe. funny.

The best thing about letting her go was that she literally *glow* as a corpse even more than when she was alive. Amazing how God communicates to us isn't it?

I hope she rests in peace and will finally be reunited with my late grandad whom I never met as he passed away 27 years ago in his sleep.

and to sum everything up- this is my 102nd post because my 100th post is really my 101st post.

Monday, June 29, 2009

100th post!!

this is my 100th post!!! celebrationnnn c'monnn~

although i have been haunted by a very unfortunate tyre incident a couple of days ago, which i am dying to share the details herein, i feel that my 100th post should be positive and no more whining and complaining about how unlucky i am because i think i'm not that unfortunate to begin with...

i started this blog wayyyy back in 2007, but i actually started blogging in 2002-ish. i cant believe i'll last this long! and i wanna thank every reader of mine for lending me your eyes and spending your time commenting on my entries. =D

when i started this blog i didnt really have any specific concept in mind. like some people have themes and concepts for their blogs such as food, love, etc. but over the years i begin to realize that my blog may have a concept after all i.e. selected scenes in my life i wish to share with everyone because I want people to laugh at me or to learn something from my experiences?

but really, blogging most of the time is just something very natural to me since i'm very expressive and i have improved in story-telling eversince i started blogging.

anyhow, today I learn that there is no shortcut to happiness. it has to be earned. And if you're not happy with something you really shuld not put up with it. Sure God created an imperfect world for us, not because He is Stingy, but because we need to be reminded of who we are.

at the end of the day, after writing every piece of entry, the real satisfaction is when you know you have said something from your heart.

so be yourself and write sincere entries. Plagiarists are not real bloggers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Office talk

I have in the past two weeks actively participated in my office's activities. (Something I vowed to myself never to do when I first started working). I am very anti social when it comes to office happenings because I always regard people in the office as old and well, being a Mosanto we always try to disregard other people's existence. We are so stuck up *sheesh* and we live in our very own little world.

(Consider yourselves very fortunate if Mosantos speak to you or acknowledge your existence)

So this is an achievement for me. First, I went on a bus to visit an HVDC Converter Station in Gurun; something I can only dream of 10 years ago (not that I Ever dreamt of going to an HCS..). Gurun is a far far away land. But I was very happy because I thought my junior suite in Swiss Inn Sungai Petani was awesome and very "VIP". Jacuzzi included :)) As you know the bathroom is my favourite place, so any hotel with first class bathroom will be the best hotel in my list of "best hotels"!

If you now ask me about how to convert AC to DC, i will know. I can even describe to you how the equipments look like. I will extend my description to how the converter station taste, smell and feel like. hehe.

Secondly, I participated in my division's bowling friendly tournament. Friendly konon. Everyone was just good. I mean great. I mean Shalin Zulkifli !!!! Btw, I GOT AN AWARD FOR THE LOWEST SCORE. Hahahahaha!! And when I had story-telling session with Aidil, he got a hamper for the same category! Hahahahahaha!!! (Hamper lagi teruk ok).

I was lucky to have Ryzal accompanying me to the tournament. Ryzal was a hit !! Some people even called him wonder boy because when he threw the bowling ball, most of the time it looked like it was aiming for the drain but suddenly it hit some pins! Well done Ryzal! Also people for once had a topic to chat with me: Anak ke? adik ke? Ryzal is now elevated to a whole other level -- from best friend to life saver.

Oh and I also will get my name card soon!! This is my card, this is my card (practice).


Monday, June 15, 2009

rudeatude again...!!

Why do I more often than not encounter rude people?? Argh!!!

So I was on my way to Seremban for Aienn's engagement yesterday, when I reached my first toll. It was the kerinchi link toll or somewhere there la --before approaching the federal highway in front of Midvalley tu.

Okay, so I had to pay RM1.50 right? I had 10 ringgit with me and dengan BAIKNYA I looked through my car's coin box to find 50sen to FACILITATE this toll gate girl so that she doesnt have to return sen-sen to me.

So i took her stupid sunday morning's precious time by like what? 5 blinking seconds? To frikin facilitate her work???

And to my surprise, when I handed her RM10.50, she murmured without looking at my face

"Lembab nak mampos!"

Woi B****, kalau kau moody cari keje yang tak payah deal dengan orang la. keje la cuci jamban ke ape. Dah la perempuan; tak reti berbudi bahasa langsung!! Kalau aku marah kau balik aku takut kau tarik rambut aku yang aku dah blow lawa2 untuk pegi engagement kawan aku. So I let you go because I didnt wanna spoil my day and my friend's big day. Tapi kalau aku lalu kat toll gate kau lagi sekali and kau cakap camtu lagi sekali aku akan suruh Aidil sound kau! hahahaha.. (sebab aku memang tak reti marah orang).

Seriously, ruginya tak perasan nama dia ape. Kalau tak memang dah melayang surat complain yang panjangnya 10 page kepada PLUS.

I hate you toll gate girl !!!!! Ur so uncool and you suck !!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

today's drama

I couldnt sleep last night as I had injected a dose of caramel frapuccino into my caffeine-sensitive system late afternoon yesterday around 6.30-ish.

So I woke up rather cranky as I need to go to work with this whole fatigueness going on in me.

Just before I leave the house my eyes were focused on the new pair of shoes I bought last weekend. Which makes it 5 days old today.

Took it to wear it to work. It felt so funny and not right. One of the heels has lost its bottom layer so when I walk it has that sound which makes your teeth hurt.

I didnt do it -- but just so you know, this has affected my Thurday morning and I am about to start this day with a frown =(. I am currently wearing my black heels which is almost 3 years old. I am walking funny. And when I walked through the door this morning, my boss asked me if I hurt my foot.

And to that, I said "Yes".

Okay, the point that I'm making -- What the hell were you thinking when u destroyed my shoe and with not a tiny pinch of guilt hang it there back as if nothing had happened? A little "I'm sorry" and owning up to your mistake will not hurt. It will just make you more classy and hence deserving to have had the honour to don that shoe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

today's wednesday

Today I feel like quoting myself. I really think many people can benefit from my quotes. ;p

Many years ago I said, "Life's a bitch but dont let it pee on you." This has worked marvellously to get me through life.

Last year I said, "Apparently people are only holy during the months of Ramadhan and Syawal." I seriously take that back.

Last weekend I said, "we (my friends and I) live in a life full of drama. We need a guy who can put up with these dramas on a daily basis. So you cant be with a guy who works off shore and only have the time to listen to the drama that happened to you a month ago.. By that time u'd have so many other things happening in your life. He wont be able to keep up." No, we are not demanding.

Today I said, "That kain is so overpriced. And plus, she's really not friendly. So I wont buy the kain." I was really in denial. I love the bloody sequined chiffon!

So. Life's a bitch as in that lady at Binwani's was a biatch but dont let it pee on you, so I wont let her stop me from buying that kain (one fine day nanti, ingat orang takde kredit kad ke? nanti I buat la... ;p). Apparently people are holy during other months because I got an Aigner wallet yesterday! Today's drama in my life is that my f-ckd up agent made a mistake when submitting my car registration form to the insurance company and so my car registration number in the insurance certificate is wrong! I'm no longer in denial. I love that bloody sequined chiffon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm in a gilded cage

Will someone free me already?

Heck, I gotta free myself.

Oh btw, dont extend my expression to mean I'm being followed by Paparazzis or anything. I'm just caged in my very own lil comfy world.

I'm thinking.. I want to be somebody in this lil comfy world of mine, not somebody in the world people expect me to be.

Today's June 9th right? Ok that means I have 14 more days to freeeeedom! Yayayayyyyy!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Princess Me

Lets talk dirrrty...

And by dirty i mean about my mouth and what the heck is goin on in there! hahah..
Well, today my teeth gets it crown =D smile, teethy, smile!! so they're princess gigi kapak la, sort of..

For every crown placed the price is of course what seemed to be like an endless torture. "Sakit la siot," i should have said to Dr. Putri. =p.

Anyway, erm I'm happy, but my teeth arent perfect or anything. I was hoping it would be! I mean after 6 injections and all... kan?

But my Dr. Putri's the best! She's soooo gentle and she makes me feel very very safe. Actually I really like the fact that she treated me like a child, as in she constantly asked me if this and that hurt, and "jangan takut ye.. rasa sikit je" and "bunyi dia bising sikit ye..."

Then how come I dont get a lolly after my 2 visits doctor?? how come you??

The best part about having my teeth crowned is that I now can no longer bite my nails! Can you believe it? I finally can be like other high maintenance women going for manicure and all! Yeah baby yeah!!!

Conclusion -- today is the 1st of June and I feel princessyh!

Will be visiting Dr. Putri in December to polish the teeth. hehehehe.

u wanna see my teeth? here! =D (nampak tak?)

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've got so many things going on in my head right now.

Bearable, mostly. Hence the need to pour it out herein. (The unbearable ones are to be digested because this blog is too public and its just uncool to be too whiney, girls. you know when u shout as in wanting the whole wide world to give their attention to you on fb? yeah, you got me to hate you right there and then.)

Attitude gile saya ni...

So the other day I read something about AAR and Emelda in the newspaper. Everyone who has crossed paths with me would know that I live to "marry" AAR. haha. But u know what, suddenly when he said that he will from this moment on, trust that she will shape him into becoming a good man-- i turned off.

Attitude gile saya ni...

I dont know... maybe i'm just jealous. HAHA.

Oh yesterday the toilet at my office smelled like someone buang bayi in there. But everyone in my office are so nice, I dont think anyone would do that. I mean most people are married except for the 4 of us -- minus 2 (guys), so its either me or Nasyrah. Oh God, can u imagine if one day there is actually a real baby found dead in the ladies??! I think I will be the first accused and Nasyrah second. Of course lah, Nasyrah looks more innocent than me!

Just a wild thought... hehe

And just a moment ago I found out that my whole office is forming a committee to discuss my wedding.

They're precious people, people in my building. (Side story, very funny! : My GAP cuby neighbour asked me about this guy whose nickname is mat**, but he thought it is mak**, so he wanted to confirm it with me. Kalau mak** mesti dia rasa nak ngorat that guy sebab that guy could be GAP too kan?)

But you have Got to be kidding me man.. Is this like The Office or something?? Is there like hidden cameras around me right now?? Why does my life feel like its illustrated and not real?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Wised Up!

I was struck by wisdom yesterday. Man, it felt great! And of course I wanna thank that wise person for spending a generous amount of time to pass on her wisdom to meeeee. It’s really bizarre though, the more she talked, the more I saw the reflection of myself in her. A lot of times you know exactly who you are and who you will be in the future, but it never really comes in the form of a person physically present to remind you of yourself.

Metaphorically speaking, (Oh Mr. Zaidi of UIA, I learnt and loved metaphors since I met you) I was sitting in front of the mirror, looking at a 45 year old me talking to this 25 year old me about life, love, relationships and marriage – a scenario you wont get to see everyday in the VP’s office. :p

To sum things up, the stuff she said to me was rather heavy for someone my age to comprehend (me being 6 and all..) but but but… they are nevertheless advices from the heart and from 45 years of reality-bites life experiences so I have to give her credit for that.

I believe everything she said has and will benefit me forever. And I too, will pass on this wisdom to many. In fact, I’ve tried for many many years.

My advice; You will never learn anything if you’re too proud. I propose you tell people your situation, seek help and start LISTENing!

Thank you.

P.s.: Those of you who want the secret tips she gave me, please sms or call me. Please be advised that you will be charged a minimal consultation fee of RM1k per hour. Please note that the aforesaid rate is exclusive of service tax and disbursements.

Monday, May 18, 2009

tayar pancit bini tukar

I havent been writing about the dramas in my life for a while. I can assure you, I literally am living in a drama!

So the other day I was driving home from work. It was around 5.45pm when I reached Taman Tun. I leave my office at 5.15 everyday and will reach home 5 before 6. My job is dreamy to some, i think. =p. By this time (5.45) I will usually be very very tired and had yawned about 60 times in total. Staring at the computer all day will be a total disadvantage to me very very soon, i know.

So in that half asleep state of mind, I stopped at a red light and yawned somemore. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me singing loudly in my car (and hence think I'm a total nut) when I saw a toyota livina parked at the roadside with a man sitting at the Driver's seat and the wife outside the car, looking at another man who was changing their flat tyre. Lets assume the Driver is her husband.

I saw the wife, face all crooked, waving at the husband, signaling for him to come down and help her. He spoke also in sign language to which I understood as, "No, its too hot I will not leave my seat."

The wife then gave him the annoyed look, just in time for another guy (a security guard from a nearby apartment) to come from across the road to inquire on what was happening. So now there are two men (strangers to the husband and wife). One changing the tyre and another one comforting the wife.

This situation made me hate cars even more.

And of course cursed that nAg husband of hers!

*nAg -- Not A Gentleman

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On the abovementioned date, I have 3 wedding invitations. 1 from UIA friend, 1 from Zico friend, and another 1 from TNB friend.

The winner is I think Ezrina-- Yay!!! because Ezrina is in KL. And also Ezrina's wedding is at the hall, I can SO wear my baju paling over dalam dunia, because otherwise, it'll be such a waste to buy that baju if I dont get to wear it. Hehe.

I still think Ezrina is the cutest person in Zico despite Azlan constantly X X Ezrina. Azlan memang jahat, nobody will back him up when he X either Ezrina or Shireen or Elsa because everyone in that chambering room mcm sorority girls. And yes, Azmi is in that sorority!! haha..

I hope Ezrina tak invite my master in Zico... Eeeeeeeeee. Ezrina, please dont invite her!!! Kalau tak I tanak pegi wedding u! hehe.

Ala, yang lain jangan kecik hati because I really cannot split myself into 3. =(

Okay, see you there! :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our precious visit to Jakarta!

Our prompt and impulsive plans to go to Jakarta in April materialized in the end. Yays! :D

I never thought I’d come back to Jakarta so soon since my last visit in December for the Mag Magi wedding. And I never thought this time I’d be coming with my family and Aidil and my dad’s pride and joy, the esastera people! Of course at first I felt like I was gonna be so clingy to Aidil or my parents because the esastera people are outlanders to me, but as we met, they’re actually really friendly and although they’re old, they’re still very very cool. =p

Anyway, I finally understood what my dad has been doing for the past 7 years (Yes, 7 years!) in fronta the computer and all those sleepless nights and late night meetings with entah sape2 in Bangsar and what made my parents so cheerful and young and hip these days. :p Thanks to esastera, my parents aren’t even close to being grumpy old man and woman :p

I brought 3 juta and it was more than enough. Siap beli stuff yang tak perlu pun. But I didn’t have the chance to go to the spa sebab takde kawan. :(( The closest I got to the hotel spa was to go to the counter where the receptionists weren’t too friendly. I can still remember my best spa experience at the Promenade Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. NAK PEGI SPA!!!! Will google for nice spas now!

Highlights of the trip were makan, shopping, shopping, sebenarnya shopping je! And we got to go to interesting places and met interesting people. I now know I will be like Auntie Nordarus when I’m old. She is very chatty and very positive about life. She’s the most beautiful person I have ever met. Throughout the 4 days, I never see a frown or hear a complaint from her. Even when everyone is fast asleep after a long tiring day, I peeped behind and will always receive a smile from her. :)

My dad is of course like that too. But the quiet version. Not chatty but still very very positive about life. His body age is 30. I have yet to do a body age test. I bet I’m 6 and Aidil’s 50. :p

I am now extremely inspired to have my own kebaya place called Muna Kebaya. I don’t care! Don’t laugh at me!!! If anyone copies my idea I will sue you in the court of law!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Boleh blah

I am very happy for my dad because he is elevating to a whole new level of his career even if it means having to move to a conservative country like Riyadh. Also, even if it means I have to stay in Malaysia alone and not be able to follow him. I am nevertheless very happy for him because I think he's a genius and he has that potential to do just about anything-- like me. :D I am however very demotivated unless I have new clothes and people do not get on my nerves!

That is why my ears bleed everytime someone gives a negative comment about his decision to move to Riyadh and even worst-- discourages or memperlekehkan(?) him.

I do not like negative people. They really make my world a living hell.

If I hear one more person says f***ed up things about any of this I will hit that person so hard, his ears will bleed, his nose will break and his teeth will be scattered on the floor. I will then stab him with my words of wisdom and make him regret saying those negative words.

If there is one thing you can do towards other people-- do not let it be something that will make him doubt his own potential. If you'd rather live in your comfort zone, suit yourself, but do not stop other people from pursuing their dreams or trying to step out of that zone to look for new challenges in life. You unrefined pisa shit!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jakartah! Jakartah!

Chanting... I know...

So I am leaving for Jakarta tomorrow with Aidil!

...and the rest of my family...

...and the rest of my parents' friends...

I know... ;p

Okay, we'll have fun and we'll see you when we get back :)

Oh swine flu please stay away from us! :-s

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eat shit


I am in the worst mood right now, but i'm concealing it- because I can!

Unlike some people who cannot control their temper or hide their moodiness. Urgggggh!!!

So I'm leaving to Jakarta (its Really jekarda tau) in 2 days time, I wish something miraculous will happen this time around for me.

Heck, I wish something miraculous will happen to me Everyday! hahahahha...

I have discovered another thing about myself that many might have missed along these years.


But that does not mean people should simply throw shit at me.
(There was this video on fb that cured me, thank god!)

Sunday, April 19, 2009







5 months to go.

I dont know whether to love or hate you, fate.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

what year is it?

Have not been updating until i came up with this:

The day Aidil looks into my eyes and say, "You dont have to work anymore, I'll take care of everything."

Will be the happiest day of my life!!!

Its the year 2009, and I wish I have more time to update my blog.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

sirah junjungan

guess what?

I finally set foot in Istana Budaya for the staging of Sirah Junjungan Tahajjud Cinta.

Finally (emphasis added): Inilah akibatnya kalau kita asyik tunggu tiket free sahaja.

Akhirnya dapat jugak!

hehe! =)

It was a happy experience, but I was a bit disappointed to have Jamal singing all he songs as I expected I had gotten the Siti Nurhaliza/Mawi night.

I want Siti because: I want to experience her life performance, as I heard her live performance is awesome.

I want Mawi because: I want to feel his aura. Betul ke ada aura as claimed by many tu?


There were some Really good scenes simply because it illustrates stories which I have never heard of or have forgotten. I came with higher expectation, so I was not too entertained. I expected to fall in love with Baginda through the scenes and story telling but to a certain point the narrator annoyed me with his tone. =p.

I also expected to cry. But again,when the narrator cried at the end of the show it annoyed me. I dont fancy the narrator. huhu.

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience it and it was Erma's birthday so last night was pretty special for her as she celebrated her birthday with all of us! =)

We sang "Allah selamatkan kamu" to blend in with the whole Islamic theme of the night.


Friday, March 13, 2009



The month of March has by far been the most emotional month for me in 2009. I am often with no emotions, you might want to note that.

I do not wish to be elaborative on this so just to put this on record, today is Friday the 13th and two days ago our commercial operation manager passed away after a minor operation. Two days ago I was at the hospital visiting him but he was not conscious and was on life support. I thus played paper balloons with his 3 year old kid.

One day ago my company had the whole ceremony performed on the dead and as I have not seen anything like it before, the curiosity had made me the cat who well in the end gets all scaredy.

It was nevertheless fulfilling as I needed to pay him my last respect.

We shall now carry on with the presentation without him.................................


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fear mongers are so stupid

I have to be reminded for the billionth time, that when people have stereotyped me, they will remain as such for the rest of their pathetic lives.

But I being me being dont give u none of my f***ing attention, will proceed with what I believe in.

And today is the happiest day of my life!

Because the VP responded to my request and boohoo those losers pun dapat gak la the benefit from my effort kan. But nevermind, at least they realized that they're so stupid that had I followed their cowardness and not submit the letter, we would never have gotten what we are entitled to!



Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009

I am not too keen to be blogging with thiskeyboard ofmine.



It really really interrupts my flow of thoughts.

So I shall keep it short and simple sothat both you andI will have a goodnight sleep tonight. I hate going to bed feeling angry or sad or disappointed. My sleep is too important to be compromised by unnecessary worryings.

Ijust thought I'dshare thiswith you...

Be true to myself, Stick to one guy, and dont give a damn about what people think about me are my principles in life.

Its gotta be That simple. Thats how I manage to stick to it.

Memetik bintang di langit..? Ohhh tak pernah terfikir pun.

Biar saja orang gelar saya tak punya cita cita.
Saya hanya mampu fikir setakat ni saja.
Kadang kadang tak banyak fikir buat hidup kita jadi lebih mudah.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

First Date

So nervous to meet my new car tomorrow, it feels like going on a first date.

I'm not a car person which makes this even more difficult for me.

Where shall I take my date to..?
What should I wear..?
Will he(?) like me..?
Will I like him..?
Should we make love on the first date..? :p [hahaha, laugh la]

F*** it. ITS MEANT TO BE. =D

Thursday, February 19, 2009


When I cannot understand where you are coming from, we will never meet at any point to agree on ANYTHING.

Maybe I am at fault too, because I fail to understand other people but since when do rudeness and fucked upness are acceptable?

No wonder we Muslims get rewards for smiling.

Apparently, it is so damn hard to smile to someone who by the way hates you too, but out of courtesy is offering her smile.

I am acknowledging your existence because I am not rude.

I will never be okay with rude people. I have found my 'pantang nenek moyang aku'.

Friday, February 6, 2009


I had just been introduced to the term "soft diet" by my doctorina (i love her because she told me to get a new job if I feel that my current job is too stressful- How Cool is my Doctorina?), because I have suffered from i think-- some kind of viral infection (a g a i n) which means vomitting like every half hour until every single drop of water is drained out from my already-dehydrated body and not to mention the diarrhea! oooohhhhhhhhhhhh.. *dreadful dreadful*

So soft diet means eating soupy food. I want Johnnys tonite I dont care! I have been eating nothing but- cream crackers cicah teh-o; garlic bread cicah mushroom soup pizza hut; bubur nasi with serunding daging (being half kelantanese we alwayyyys have serunding in the house i dont know when i'll begin to appreciate having it around); vitagen; and grapes.


I am sick of my soft diet ya hear?

LAPAR!!!!! (Nak Lamb Chop)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

more of my nonsense!

Hi everyone! Welcome. I have been tagged again by farah uh huh... mm-hmm...

Rules: The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. Then you must choose a picture in the first page of the results, and post it as your answer. After that tag 6 people.

I am
... currently carrying on my head hair that is too long. I want to cut my hair, but I havent found a hairstyle that I like. So until I find something I like, I think my hair will remain like pontianak harum sundal malam but I PROMISE I will shampoo my hair everyday =)

I really want to go to

... Mekah Al-Mukaromah =D I should go while I'm still young and strong, and alive. =p I shall not procrastinate opening that tabung haji account I've been wanting to open since last year. The borang I took pun dah tak tau pegi mana dah... =/

My favourite place

... is the kedai kain!!!!!!!!!! i really really really really really really like this place. If anyone wants to leave me all alone, please leave me in this favourite place of mine.

My favourite thing is

... The one and only rubiks cube; and

... Babies, especially smart ones who runs slow so that I can catch em and gigit2 them and make them cry and smile and cry again and smile again.. haha.. toys such as human miniatures are so much better than static lifeless toys; and

... SHOPPING! Every girl loves to shop. If u dont, I hate you.

My favourite drink is

... Caramel frappucino!!!!! Too bad i'm boycotting starbucks now. But basically I love allllll sweeet drinks that has caramel in it. caramel has to be the main ingredient please.

My favourite food is

... LAMB CHOP. I am literally a slave to lambs worldwide.

My favourite colour is definitely

... I googled white color and this came out. =p

I live in

... only the best side of the the the town. TTDI. =)

I was born in

*takde gambar* Klinik Wanita TTDI.

I attended

... SRK Sri Petaling, SMKDJ, UIAM, and to all my friends' relationship problems.

My favourite story is

... *sings* three, four; tenenene nenenene tenenenene nenenene...

So no one told you life was gonna be this way (clap clap clap clap)
Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.

It's like you're always stuck in second gear

When it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year

I'll be there for you (when the rain starts to pour)
I'll be there for you (like I've been there before)

I'll be there for you (because you're there for me too)

This is my hobby

... i'm the one standing and looking at the one with the measurement tape. =)

And I definitely wish for

... Taffy Apples! Dah lama dah nak tau.... =((

Nothing new, people. Still the same old me. And i shall tag the same old people. You know who you are, go ahead and be all creative in answering questions about urself. it really gives away who you are... I just got back from Kota Kinabalu and that was fun! I really wanted to put it in this entry but none of the questions allow me to talk about my recent trip.

gdnite. =)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My first business trip bah..

Apparently my unpredictable life has become even more unpredictable. It is for this reason that I never attempt to plan anything in life any more than for the next 3 hours. =p.

The unpredictability of life has installed sabah for me next week, believe it or not. I will be going to Kota Kinabalu for 3 days next week, and I expect it to be not so much fun when I do business but so much fun when I get to eat cheap seafood, try the hotel spa and hopefully buy the entire land below the wind. Will bring entire bank to execute this plan. hehe.

Will probably meet up with Shireen Leandra Sikayun if i have the time! (Shireen, u live in KK right? I cant remember. *pukul self*)

I just hope the hotel I'll be staying at has water heater. Please God.. Please take care of me by giving me water heater!

Sabah, here I come to steal ur pearls! (I really dont like pearls) =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

BO's inauguration

Dear world, I frikin missed being part of history! (of course to Really be part of history I shouldve travelled to Washington and freeze myself out in the winter cold as early as 3am to witness only the world's greatest history being carved right before my eyes).

I watched part of it. Particularly the opening ceremony where the pope (ke?) recited a prayer which had everyone closing their eyes as the prayer was being heard by the entire world. Even with eyes shut, those history-makers had on their faces, expressions of hope from the abundance of their hearts.

Hope- that they have made the right decision; for restoration of world peace; and most importantly for God to bless America. hehe.

After "God bless America" being said, I was gone. Tertido like its nobodys business. And hence I missed Obama's great speech (my dad said his speech was so good). I'm sure I'll catch it on youtube or something later today. =))

I am not all over Obama or anything at the moment (oh but i'm all over my 3rd year aidil-ing annie! woohoo! Note: we should totally celebrate american style =p) simply because this whole african-american being president is more appealing to a country like America, and being Malaysian we dont have that kind of "issue" *cough*

Or do we?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Petrosains, you are awesome

[It is ironic, on the days and weeks that you're Most busy, you try to squeeze time for blogging, simply because blogging suddenly IS the relaxing thing to do when ur on the computer as opposed to sending and replying emails]

I find myself in my most busy days and weeks. And I find myself blogging. I find myself the need to be in touch with myself for a moment. I find myself returning to my blog. Seriously, everyone should have a blog to create sense of self, and most importantly to be able to treat self without having to go to a therapist. As Dinie once said, (and I believe he got this fact from a website or sthg) "...expressive writing shows significant benefit in providing psychological relief...". I HOPE THIS IS NOT ANOTHER ONE OF HIS SHENANIGANS. haha. Even if it is, takpe, i think there are some truth in it.

OK. Enuff. Yesterday I went to Petrosains!!!!!!!!! =D

I should be embarrassed for trying to hog all the toys (machines to demonstrate scientific stuff) and for trying to compete with the kids who tried to hog all the toys, but I'M NOT. We had soooo much fun that we actually spent 5 hours kot in there. =))

It was yesterday that I repented from making fun of Petrosains years ago.. And every subsequent years after that. Sorry la Petrosains they never made you sound That interesting in the pamphlets or tv adverts. I mean tivos make Mawi and Ekin sound so much more interesting than Petrosains ok. C'mmmonn!!! =p

I cant sum up 5 hours of fun in here so you'll have to go experience Petrosains for yourself ok? I'll insert some pics in here later for you to envy though.. =p

Must trys:
  • The swirling dark slide! Its so scary I was screaming the whole way down the slide but there is a minimum and maximum height restriction so not everyone can get on it.

  • the delayed vision camera thing.

  • the heat thermal camera vision thing? (I discovered the tip of my nose is cold while the rest of my face is hot. Normal human beings dont have cold nose tip. Haaaaa... Menarik tak I?)

  • the "how-low-can-u-go" platform. its a moving platform that will make u scream!

  • the electron running thru ur body to make a bulb light.

  • the mind wave game (which i never got to play)

  • the helicopter ride!

  • the hurricane booth!

  • the earthquake bench!

  • the go-kart (nampak best but I didnt try it)

  • the superdig!

  • THE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

    But if ur a buta science and a penakut like me, bring an Aidil to explain everything and to teman u ok?

    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Happy New Year!

    With the coming of 2009, I am now entering my very own bronze jubilee (right? 25 years is bronze or silver? bronze right..?) and still very very much the same ol crap.

    I forgot my blogger password and had just renewed it a second ago.

    Does it always feel like crap when u first come to the office after a looooong holiday? It sure feels like crap in here right now.

    Most 7 year olds are probably feeling less crappy and are all excited about entering the new chapters of their lives. I find myself secretly wishing I have a kid aged 7 so that I have an excuse to not come to work today like most mothers in my office. =p.

    Being a mother is such an advantage in my office, believe me! Being single and living with ur parents sucks as you'd be perceived as someone who is happy and has no problems all the time and hence the zero need for taking leave.

    But i gotta sayyyy...I had an awesome! long holiday. You mothers kinda wish ur in my shoes now ey..?? hehehhe...

    Btw, this entry is my 2009 effort to start things off for this lovely blog i've submitted myself to for years now. I love this blog so much. I read my old entries all the time especially when I feel down and it certainly gives me a reason to stop wishing I'm someone else- especially a mother who has a kid aged 7. =p.

    whats a new year entry without a reso ey?

    So my reso this year... to get punk'd less. grow up and get a less expensive hobby.

    Will save money for the future. *shields eyes from super bright vision* heheh.. oh my future looks super bright! yay!!!!