Thursday, February 7, 2008

My Chinese New Year

"And verily, there were man among mankind who took shelter with the males among the jinn, but they (jinn) increased them (mankind) in sin and transgression." [72:6]

Sometimes when u go shopping, u carry with u more than shopping goodie bags home. My shopping experiences are always personally satisfying when I incur knowledge and have realization burdened onto my cerebrum.

This morning, I met a miraculously special man who has been damned by God. At least up till noon today. If he goes home and repent, then I take back my words, he is no longer the damnedest person on earth.

This man claimed he could turn strips of newspaper thrown into a portable wood drawer into cash. The catch is, u may not spend the cash, it has to be an "ibu duit". Should u spend the cash, the second u hand the cash to the recipient, the said cash will disappear. [ibu duit: a note or coin believably having the ability to suck in more cash into ur wallet. The Chinese believe that if u change handbags, never leave the previous bag empty, leave some coins or cash in it, to ensure the smoothness of the flow of ur income.]

Gong Xi Fa Cai, people
. Another way to ensure smoothie flowy income, is to hand me those red packets, Thank You.

So the minute I heard the 'condition' i knew this man is indulging himself in the jinn business. An idiot could've figured it out as he kept summoning his 'Ya Rijal Ghaib' (Oh man who is invisible).

The idea is to give each audience the cash and they are to put it in a sack together with 3 rice grains. I know what you're thinking right now. A load of Bull. Exactly. Stay with me, please.

Of course there were other things, such as the 'batu cempaka something' which gives u the immunity from getting slashed by sharp objects. Also, wearing that batu will make the person who shakes hand with u like u instantly [recommended for people who plans to go to interviews and meeting new, potential boss.] The catch: One ringgit note, which u cannot spend, but Must be paid to a blind needy person.

For a moment, I expected the audience to share my disgust towards this man and my faith for the religion. To my surprise, when offered "Siapa nak batu ni?", more than 20 hands reached for the sky!

I walked away at this junction with disappointment travelling in my veins. Did I just witness more than 20 hands of Muslims wanting to participate in this damned absurdity?

"If you join others in worship with Allah, (then) surely, (all) your deeds will be in vain, and you will certainly be among the losers." [39:65]

It is not the genie in the drawer or the green stone that holds our fate. Allah is the One Whose help we seek.

I do want short cuts in red packages. I do not want short cuts that makes me commit actions of shirk.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

kelly cabby

The absurd words of one man which I will always consider to be a motivation to Know that there is someone out there who can never be half the person that i am: "Desperate times do not always need desperate measures."

The ironic thing is, that statement he made, does not really reflect his daily actions. This is the man who is so desperate at all times, that he still climbed up a broken ladder after falling down twice, told a friend a lie to gain his bosses' attention and drained out his parents' cash to purchase a mansion.

Desperate times, DO need desperate measures, why cant u just agree with that? If u choose to be different, being gay is not the solution.

ANYWAYS. Here's a story about My desperate time.

Thinking that I was going to be late for my interview, I agreed to pay the cabby RM30 to get my suited lawyer a** to Nikko Hotel. I only agreed because I believed, in good faith, that the road was going to be congested.

It was a public holiday, and there was not one single car ahead of the cab to block it from speeding like a keling mabuk.

Got there in 15 frikin minutes! And had to pay RM30.

I stared at cabby's face as i handed him the RM50 note. He didnt dare to look into my eyes. He gave me my change and said thank you. The stumble in his voice comforted me, as there was a sense of guilt in the tone of his voice. At least he now realize what an arse he had been.

A lot of times, we are not the stupid ones although we are the victims. There are just people in this world who do not deserve our respect. I was a better person when I got out of that cab, knowing that if I had argued with the mabuk taxi driver, I would be breaching the verbal contract we made earlier. Contradicting my own words, would only make me a lawyer who will have a video featured in Youtube 15 years from now.

After all, kelly cabby probably needed the money more than I do. I know that because I am positive he will not be getting himself 1 million dollars from the Queen.