Wednesday, June 18, 2008

pout master

[I interrupt this blog with my blogarrhea]

Notice how guys swarm over freebies like bees groupie and Queen bee in migration to establish a new colony?

I'm no different.

I jumped to the idea of going on a free trip to Cameron Highlands last saturday and instantly became a pout master.

We have all seen pouts being the abercrombie of our faces in friendster and facebook. Some of us are even labelled as the pout slut due to too much pouts being displayed in our profile. You may want to stop the brutality on yourself and others. LOL. [i'm quite the facebooker these days].

Fortunately, I know my pouts are fugly, so you wont see pouts in any of my uploaded photos for the simple reason, they are not uploadable.

However, there is one exception to most limitations i set to myself. When i see yellow listed kids, I pout. Kids [or adults] who do not wash their hands after urinating is in my yellow list. Noted?

To my surprise, most of these generation Z kids have not discovered the pouting power in them! So thanks to me, they are now pouting their way to success!

Bla bloo Bla bloo, Bla haba bubu naa!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

what the h- is congenital?

Exactly, right..? Nobody in the legal world can answer this one. Being the scare-anoid person that i am, even the idea of going to a medical check up had already scared the bejesus outta me.

So anyway, all went well except for my X-ray test. The result came out printed in Courier New font:

CHEST ( PA ) :

The heart size is normal.

No focal parenchymal lung lesion.

No hilar or mediastinal lymphadenopathy.

There is fusion of the right 2nd and 3rd ribs, likely congenital.

Freak-a-doodle out I became when i saw the last sentence, picked up the phone and rang my dad.

I read out the words in the last sentence loudly and s l o w l y so he could make out what I was trying to say.

Then i found out congenital means my 2nd and 3rd ribs were joined since birth. What????

What, am I like abnormal or something?? Hey who crushed my soft shell crab like ribs until it fused together 24 years ago??

I am going to take care of my ribs very carefully from now on. Nobody come near me, ya hear?? Nobody!

Friday, June 6, 2008

All SHIrTy Again!!!

Work is coming to get me on June 23rd!!!! I cant wait to get all shirty again!!!! hahahahahahaha *trembles but trying to hide it*

I need a lot of clothes to make me happy and motivated to go to work. Oh and make up too. And a NoNo-Nonsense looking bag.

I pray hard that my blurness will decrease and please please release me from the chandler syndrome i.e. making stupid jokes in front of strangers when i'm nervous.

If there is one advice i can give myself right now, it would be the exact same advice I gave to myself a couple of years ago before I decided to enter into a relationship.

Just have FUN!

Enjoy the damn ride and do not turn back. Should there be any bumps in my way, I must slow down and brake so that it wont hit me too hard on the tushie.