Thursday, May 28, 2009


I've got so many things going on in my head right now.

Bearable, mostly. Hence the need to pour it out herein. (The unbearable ones are to be digested because this blog is too public and its just uncool to be too whiney, girls. you know when u shout as in wanting the whole wide world to give their attention to you on fb? yeah, you got me to hate you right there and then.)

Attitude gile saya ni...

So the other day I read something about AAR and Emelda in the newspaper. Everyone who has crossed paths with me would know that I live to "marry" AAR. haha. But u know what, suddenly when he said that he will from this moment on, trust that she will shape him into becoming a good man-- i turned off.

Attitude gile saya ni...

I dont know... maybe i'm just jealous. HAHA.

Oh yesterday the toilet at my office smelled like someone buang bayi in there. But everyone in my office are so nice, I dont think anyone would do that. I mean most people are married except for the 4 of us -- minus 2 (guys), so its either me or Nasyrah. Oh God, can u imagine if one day there is actually a real baby found dead in the ladies??! I think I will be the first accused and Nasyrah second. Of course lah, Nasyrah looks more innocent than me!

Just a wild thought... hehe

And just a moment ago I found out that my whole office is forming a committee to discuss my wedding.

They're precious people, people in my building. (Side story, very funny! : My GAP cuby neighbour asked me about this guy whose nickname is mat**, but he thought it is mak**, so he wanted to confirm it with me. Kalau mak** mesti dia rasa nak ngorat that guy sebab that guy could be GAP too kan?)

But you have Got to be kidding me man.. Is this like The Office or something?? Is there like hidden cameras around me right now?? Why does my life feel like its illustrated and not real?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

All Wised Up!

I was struck by wisdom yesterday. Man, it felt great! And of course I wanna thank that wise person for spending a generous amount of time to pass on her wisdom to meeeee. It’s really bizarre though, the more she talked, the more I saw the reflection of myself in her. A lot of times you know exactly who you are and who you will be in the future, but it never really comes in the form of a person physically present to remind you of yourself.

Metaphorically speaking, (Oh Mr. Zaidi of UIA, I learnt and loved metaphors since I met you) I was sitting in front of the mirror, looking at a 45 year old me talking to this 25 year old me about life, love, relationships and marriage – a scenario you wont get to see everyday in the VP’s office. :p

To sum things up, the stuff she said to me was rather heavy for someone my age to comprehend (me being 6 and all..) but but but… they are nevertheless advices from the heart and from 45 years of reality-bites life experiences so I have to give her credit for that.

I believe everything she said has and will benefit me forever. And I too, will pass on this wisdom to many. In fact, I’ve tried for many many years.

My advice; You will never learn anything if you’re too proud. I propose you tell people your situation, seek help and start LISTENing!

Thank you.

P.s.: Those of you who want the secret tips she gave me, please sms or call me. Please be advised that you will be charged a minimal consultation fee of RM1k per hour. Please note that the aforesaid rate is exclusive of service tax and disbursements.

Monday, May 18, 2009

tayar pancit bini tukar

I havent been writing about the dramas in my life for a while. I can assure you, I literally am living in a drama!

So the other day I was driving home from work. It was around 5.45pm when I reached Taman Tun. I leave my office at 5.15 everyday and will reach home 5 before 6. My job is dreamy to some, i think. =p. By this time (5.45) I will usually be very very tired and had yawned about 60 times in total. Staring at the computer all day will be a total disadvantage to me very very soon, i know.

So in that half asleep state of mind, I stopped at a red light and yawned somemore. I looked around to see if anyone was looking at me singing loudly in my car (and hence think I'm a total nut) when I saw a toyota livina parked at the roadside with a man sitting at the Driver's seat and the wife outside the car, looking at another man who was changing their flat tyre. Lets assume the Driver is her husband.

I saw the wife, face all crooked, waving at the husband, signaling for him to come down and help her. He spoke also in sign language to which I understood as, "No, its too hot I will not leave my seat."

The wife then gave him the annoyed look, just in time for another guy (a security guard from a nearby apartment) to come from across the road to inquire on what was happening. So now there are two men (strangers to the husband and wife). One changing the tyre and another one comforting the wife.

This situation made me hate cars even more.

And of course cursed that nAg husband of hers!

*nAg -- Not A Gentleman

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On the abovementioned date, I have 3 wedding invitations. 1 from UIA friend, 1 from Zico friend, and another 1 from TNB friend.

The winner is I think Ezrina-- Yay!!! because Ezrina is in KL. And also Ezrina's wedding is at the hall, I can SO wear my baju paling over dalam dunia, because otherwise, it'll be such a waste to buy that baju if I dont get to wear it. Hehe.

I still think Ezrina is the cutest person in Zico despite Azlan constantly X X Ezrina. Azlan memang jahat, nobody will back him up when he X either Ezrina or Shireen or Elsa because everyone in that chambering room mcm sorority girls. And yes, Azmi is in that sorority!! haha..

I hope Ezrina tak invite my master in Zico... Eeeeeeeeee. Ezrina, please dont invite her!!! Kalau tak I tanak pegi wedding u! hehe.

Ala, yang lain jangan kecik hati because I really cannot split myself into 3. =(

Okay, see you there! :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our precious visit to Jakarta!

Our prompt and impulsive plans to go to Jakarta in April materialized in the end. Yays! :D

I never thought I’d come back to Jakarta so soon since my last visit in December for the Mag Magi wedding. And I never thought this time I’d be coming with my family and Aidil and my dad’s pride and joy, the esastera people! Of course at first I felt like I was gonna be so clingy to Aidil or my parents because the esastera people are outlanders to me, but as we met, they’re actually really friendly and although they’re old, they’re still very very cool. =p

Anyway, I finally understood what my dad has been doing for the past 7 years (Yes, 7 years!) in fronta the computer and all those sleepless nights and late night meetings with entah sape2 in Bangsar and what made my parents so cheerful and young and hip these days. :p Thanks to esastera, my parents aren’t even close to being grumpy old man and woman :p

I brought 3 juta and it was more than enough. Siap beli stuff yang tak perlu pun. But I didn’t have the chance to go to the spa sebab takde kawan. :(( The closest I got to the hotel spa was to go to the counter where the receptionists weren’t too friendly. I can still remember my best spa experience at the Promenade Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. NAK PEGI SPA!!!! Will google for nice spas now!

Highlights of the trip were makan, shopping, shopping, sebenarnya shopping je! And we got to go to interesting places and met interesting people. I now know I will be like Auntie Nordarus when I’m old. She is very chatty and very positive about life. She’s the most beautiful person I have ever met. Throughout the 4 days, I never see a frown or hear a complaint from her. Even when everyone is fast asleep after a long tiring day, I peeped behind and will always receive a smile from her. :)

My dad is of course like that too. But the quiet version. Not chatty but still very very positive about life. His body age is 30. I have yet to do a body age test. I bet I’m 6 and Aidil’s 50. :p

I am now extremely inspired to have my own kebaya place called Muna Kebaya. I don’t care! Don’t laugh at me!!! If anyone copies my idea I will sue you in the court of law!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Boleh blah

I am very happy for my dad because he is elevating to a whole new level of his career even if it means having to move to a conservative country like Riyadh. Also, even if it means I have to stay in Malaysia alone and not be able to follow him. I am nevertheless very happy for him because I think he's a genius and he has that potential to do just about anything-- like me. :D I am however very demotivated unless I have new clothes and people do not get on my nerves!

That is why my ears bleed everytime someone gives a negative comment about his decision to move to Riyadh and even worst-- discourages or memperlekehkan(?) him.

I do not like negative people. They really make my world a living hell.

If I hear one more person says f***ed up things about any of this I will hit that person so hard, his ears will bleed, his nose will break and his teeth will be scattered on the floor. I will then stab him with my words of wisdom and make him regret saying those negative words.

If there is one thing you can do towards other people-- do not let it be something that will make him doubt his own potential. If you'd rather live in your comfort zone, suit yourself, but do not stop other people from pursuing their dreams or trying to step out of that zone to look for new challenges in life. You unrefined pisa shit!