Monday, December 28, 2009

End of the year entry

The year 2010 is going to be busiest for me.

We have not set foot in 10 yet and already i am booked for half the year. And i'm so thrilled to be sharing my friends' BIG days!! I just dont quite get when people dont like wedding seasons cos I LOVE EM!!!!

I can wear my best clothes.... do my hair.... wear matching shoes and clutches... matching jewelleries (when i can afford it).... meet friends i have not met for so long.... shopping for presents.... cards.... talk about anything and tell each other each other's updates... man.... i have so many nice things to say about weddings that I cannot begin to imagine how one can hate weddings.

I hate people who hate weddings.

I wish all my friends who are getting marrid next year all the best and may your party be more fabulous and glamorous with my presence. :p

Okay, so 2009 has been amazing and so damn awesome I mean i think the word awesome in my life is not overrated at all! The best part about this year is of course my trips to Jakarta, Kuantan, Cherating, etc and my gile banyak birthday celebrations!!! I think there were altogether 4 celebrations! Thanks everyone for forming the awesome part of my life and for rocking my parties!!! But the bestest party yet is the awesome awesome HALLOWEEN PARTAY!! Rrrrreeeaawwww!!

2010 will be more awesome and as much as I have better resos for 10, i hope my life upgrades to having better quality (i mean i started running and i hope i wont stop) and my 4 year relationship should start moving to a whole new level already :p. its not really 4 but if you calculate everything its 4. I dont really care thats just a number, but I'm just concerned with me getting older and i mean look at the tiny wrinkles on my face ????? *cryyyyyyy* (Time to steal mama's night and day creams).

Career wise i'm hoping for a job that will allow me to show my real personality and that is a super damn hard worker but only if i'm paid good and allowed to have fun at the same time. I am hoping that kind of job exists. I have to be honest I feel pretentious doing what i do now simply because I am losing myself as a lawyer and becoming more like an engineer and becoming an engineer was never my ambition.

My ambition was always to become Boss.

Hey so this is a happy entry! hehe which means I had a great year this year and have forgotten about every little unpleasant-ness for this year so you should too!

Lets start 2010 with a positive spirit as we're Really just closer to death as the new year comes.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

boy crazy!

The last time I spoke of this expression was probably when I was 12 or 13 when my teenage friends were all going through that phase of hormone changing, and developing desire for men.. I mean boys.

As we grow older, everyone grew out of their boy craziness and liking boys moderately made more sense somehow.

But today, boy craziness staged itself to my face not by a teenage lady but by a makcik. I mean seriously makcik, dont be so bias towards your own gender, what are you, like a widow? :p :p

So I was having breakfast this morning at my usual place and everyday I will literally check my wallet to make sure I have small change. I hate shops that bugs me about giving them exact change but I have come to peace with this whole issue and have decided to deal with it by giving in.

Unfortunately today, I had ran out of small change and had RM10. The next best thing was an RM50. And its not even mine. Its my boss' rm50 note and its in my keeps because he told me to buy some stuff but when I went to buy them someone else offered to pay. I know. Whats up with people nowadays? :p I only have God to thank! :D

Anywayyyy, my breakfast was RM1.80, so I handed my last rm10. So makcik made a bigggg deal out of it, and told me to pay later.

*Me annoyed*

After I had my breakfast (and after carefully observing how many people had come in to have their breakfast hence all the small changes makcik would have made), I went back to her to pay.


So I was positive that she would do the same to me. But since we're recording this in this blog, u can certainly imagine what happened to me! She said, "bayar nanti lah, takde duit kecik lah.. tunggu lagi ramai2 orang datang. Takde duit kecik ke?"


At least she was smiling. To the man who she just gave small change to.