Sunday, March 18, 2007

incredible melodies

I wanted to start this entry with a date and day, but i forgot the date when a bunch of us went to Redbox for Norleen's birthday bash. Was it Friday the 9th..?

Norleen's getting old, and i'm the one being forgetful here. =p.

The party. Rating: ******
6 stars.
Even the shyest of the shys rose to the occasion, i.e. ME. hehe.

Especially after i had two juicy pieces of lamb.

The party definitely lifted a month of pressure off of me shoulders. and a week of fund. hahaha. But it was worth it. And i'm saying this straight from the shoulder.

Now that the finals is approaching, i can no more dilly-dally with friends and family and loved one. *sob*


Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend project

At paws, i met some cats, radiant, terrific and humble ones. (If u're 2 years and above, please do not watch Charlotte's Web. In that kiddy movie which i felt lasted forever, the spider, yes, Charlotte, spelled out the above-mentioned words made out of its silken thread which is produced by Charlotte's spinneret glands, to describe her friend, Wilbur, the pig.)

Nine Ringgit gone. TGV pulak tu. Argh.


I feel a lot like a divorced widow coming to visit these cats once every week. I need to bring them home. Its tiring and frustrating not having custody over my kids, err, cats. =p.

As a kid, i was raised in a rather strict environment, with restrictions and all. Most of them restrictions are gone, now that i'm 23. Restrictions being lifted off my back include:
  1. dating
  2. handphone
  3. independent shopping
  4. curfews


Although I object to this restriction whole-heartedly, i suppose i'm old enough to push it aside and channel my frustrations elsewhere. But i pity my lil brother who is now going through that phase where he feels like he cant get Anything he wants in life, and that parents are just meanie creatures perpetually sabotaging his social life and that they'll never understand him.

C'mon. We all have been through that stage, havent we?

So where does ryzal channels his frustrations to..? Modelling. =p

Yup, the lil brat is now the face for Yakult's advert. Sadly, the advert will only be published in Japan, not in Malaysia.

I have new nicknames for lil brat.

  • Male Paris hilton
  • Japan's Next Top Model

Project Manager: Me, is so Tyra Banks for making him do this. Speaking of Tyra, am i the only one who is bothered by her i-think-i'm-still-young-so-i-can-jump-arnd-and-scream-around-with-the-girls acts..??

...And dont get me started on Linda Onn.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

privacy, please.

U know what i feel like pooh-poohing at right now? These people standing behind me, pretending they're not looking at what i'm doing.

I hate this about general labs. There's always someone peeping at what u're doing and somehow forces u to get off ur chair and yay, they get to use the computer.

Not this time u're not. Go ahead and peep over me shoulders, i'm talking about u, so buzz off.

Gloomy day today. Its 2 weeks before finals and already, there were at least 20 vacant seats in Civil Procedure class. Even Mdm Juriah was not wearing make up. Where's everybody..?

My guess would be that, they're isolating themselves trying to complete Professional Practice's bills of cost and forms of charge. Gorgeous' assignment. Lagi lagi dia.

*there's even more people behind me now, and looks like the guy next to me has also develop an interest in what i'm doing*

Okay, okay, i'll get off my chair. I gotta do my bill of cost and form of charge anyway.

i gotta isolate myself too, anyway.

Friendster dah kene block pun nak guna computer lagi ke? Oh you guys are obsessing over self in MySpace pulak. Okay, okay, i'm leaving.

*catwalks in heels*

Saturday, March 3, 2007

The gloom of an eternal mourning

Last Friday the 2nd, was more like Friday the 13th.
(Actually, everyday is like Friday the 13th in Gorgeous' class)

Enter Gorgeous. In Yellow.

She must be happy today. I hate yellow.
Note: I was in black.

On her left shoulder, a red paper-like bag clinging and swinging back and forth as she walked to the front of the class.

Files. Our firm files. My File.

Gorgeous sat down, after asking us if she could. She let a few heavy breaths out before saying, "Today's class is going to be short. I'm returning back your files.."


Not me. Not me. Not me.

"Wan Muna Amirah!"


Dragged myself close enuff to Gorgeous' table. Grabbed file. Avoiding Gorgeous' eyes. Of course she was glaring at me. You would too, if you're 10 times bigger and consider me a glitch.

Needless to say, in a world where sucking up prevails, nobody favours an i-dont-give-a-damn me.

Dear God, have mercy on Gorgeous' soul.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Quickie, anyone?

My routine at law school:
  • Rrrusssshes to class. Head cloudy.
  • Breakfast at law cafe. Ahhh.

The hardest thing about breakfast, is finding the right spot. i cant afford to bau asap for the next class. So unattractive.

A spot right in the asap zone, jugak, i got. Gotta find Zaza, Wyda or SI for perfume later. These are the well-knowns for carrying perfumes with them in their almost-tukar-everyday bag.

At breakfast, the initially peaceful one to one with huda turned chaotic with hadi's, sofia's, and reduan talib's presence. By chaotic i mean, heated up discussions.

About a wheelchair. Mostly. Heated up sebab Somebody made fun of Somebody.


Somebody wanted to "pimp-my-ride"-kan Somebody's wheelchair. So mean. =p.

Thats not my point. My point issss... I bumped into That wheelchair, justa couple of hours ago.

QUICKIE is written on the back of the chair. I stared in disbelief.

In my world, baby, Quickie means something else. =p.