Wednesday, September 15, 2010

blogging again

Its been a while. Alhamdulillah, this year's Ramadhan & Raya have been filled with loved ones, great company & rezeki yg membolehkan segala kelengkapan puasa & raya disediakan. yay!

I'm thankful also for everyone who has been very concern about my raya this year as a wife. thank you, thank you.. we had fun, thanks.. :D. makan banyak, tido pun tak kurang banyaknye.. berehat drp kesibukan bekerja during puasa heheh. my mom in law's rendang ayam kampung was just delicious. i ate a lot a lot.

As hubs is still on his raya holiday, I am not too bumped bout startin work bcos he'll send me, have breakfast & lunch with me pastu pick me up & we'll have dinner later. life as nomads (having 3 houses to stay at) has deprived us of the chance to have our very own kitchen & for me to cook in my very own kitchen. :P one day la ye..

that's pretty much my life these days, very hectic, juggling work & travelling from one state to another; in the process of settling down with my new husband :P it'll be 3 months soon & more surprises in our lives will come so I pray that everything will go as planned hopefully. I am in the midst of getting a new job in kuantan & moving to kuantan for good. So God Help me & i need to go to the nearest kedai gambar to get my photo taken for my updated resume.
Cant wait to charm Kuantan people at interviews. bring it on! :))

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the one with the wedding ring

hi everyone, we meet again!

Some vocabulary updates.

Aidil is hubs.
Wedding ring is Forbidden ring.

So here’s the story. Despite the fact that hubs and I only meet each other on weekends these days, sometimes the lucky stars hit us with the opportunity to meet on weekdays :D so last Tuesday hubs was in KL to attend his training in Bangi & we spent the night at the Equatorial Bangi.

The hotel was fabulous! The room is spacious and the bathroom is gorgeous lovely and everything in between. :) Due to time constraint, we did not get to even dip a foot in the bathtub but the shower was just awesome. (Ps: I have a thing with bathrooms).

The room service was delicious too!!! :D I still cant get over it. Hehe..

Come next morning, hubs and I woke up early to go to work. He heads to Uniten while I head to Bangsar. MashaAllah jam gilak!!! Now I know how people at my office who live in Bangi feel *frown* Thank you crazy cones on the road, I reached office at 9-ish a.m. Bleh.

On my way to work, while dreading the whole jam and everything I suddenly remembered that I forgot to pack something & that I have left it in our checked-out hotel room.


Can you frikin believe it???

Hubs was I think Mad at me, but he went back to the hotel nevertheless to get the ring. And now I am no longer allowed to wear my wedding ring. Boohoo.

Note to ring-less self: I used to make fun of my sister for losing her wedding ring, now Karma has come chasing after me. So kids; never ever do, say, think, or intend to do bad things because Karma will get you.

Note to hubs: If you google on the internet, there are millions of wedding ring stories which are way worse than mine. Maybe you should read it, so that you wont have grudge on me :P

Oh and just so you know, this is the 2nd time this happens to me. Huwaaaaaaaa!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm married :)

So the last time i blogged, i was busy preparing for my wedding right? Now I'm married! Alhamdulillah, everything went well & today is our first month annie being hubs & wife :))

This pic u see here was taken about an hour after our solemnization at masjid at-taqwa TTDI. This pic was taken outside the masjid. We had so much fun taking pics after nikah esp this one because pokok2 ni kat tepi jalan, so many cars yg lalu kat tepi tu honked at us! hehe... thank you, thank you, we feel your love.. :D

Anyways, I hope to get our solemnization album soon, we had lotsa comments on the draft layout, so hopefully it will turn out to be super great. haha..

see you people soon! :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

counting days :)

*u see this pic? my dress @ Aidil's reception will look sthg like this! Ooooooohh!!!!!!!!!!!

Although work is crazy these days, I still have a reason to smile because I'm sooo looking forward to my Big Day woooh!! but heck, only God Knows whats playing in my mind right now!! So many social functions to organize, attend, etc. And to balance all that with this masculine work I do. hahahha... I give too little credit too myself maybe?

Ok, first things first -- My dad wants me to tender my resignation this Friday which means by August I can go live in Ktn with Aidil. As much as I want to please him, I've given this a lot of thought & I think maybe tunggu la dulu.. at least until December so that I can get my bonus (ok, now i really have to get sthg kalau tak sia sia) because although it is tempting to go start my own life over there with Aidil but I dunno... I dont really have a back up plan at the moment so to drop everything so sudden like this is risky and as if my dad will give me money every month like i'm earning now!!! :P besides, I think he should spend all his money on my mom & my two annoying brothers who have grown to be princesses. Urgh.

But will definitely leave in december. I dont see myself living separately after I'm married. Thats just abnormal & why put stress on yourself like that??

Second -- Ainsafian's bachelorette party this Friday!! Organizer. Co-organizer. Party Planner. Whatever u call it la. Busy busy... hehehe. Susahnya nak organize parties like these & please everyone (budget wise and comfortableness wise!) but pulled it off in a couple of days! woohoo! with great experience comes fast thinking. :D

Third -- The long restless battle with wedding invites have finally come to an end! Yahoo...!!! At finalizing stage now & having teacher/lecturer/pakar bahasa parents DO NOT HELP. Every single little word nak comment! Stressnyaaaaa.... I just wanna get this over withhhhh...

Fourth -- Pre-wedding photoshoot! Aidil decided to change the theme color at the very last minute! And guess what -- I dont have any baju to wear! I only have 4 days left to go look for it! So God Help me!!!

Fifth -- Mothers Day & Ayah's Birthday. Omg Omg.... must beat last year's self at throwing party & present. No time, no budget, no worries will come up with something soon! *cry*

Sixth -- My Bachelorette party!!! cant hardly wait for that.. hehehe. I know J is planning sthg super awesome. So teruja!! Note to self: borrow Aidil's camera! J says the venue is at her place. But I suspect she tipu ok... mana ler tau she will suddenly take me somewhere else. saje je nak buat orang panic!

Seventh -- I havent even started with this whole nikah procedure. Still waiting for Aidil to complete his. Wow. Selambanye... dah lambat, ok ok should at least go do HIV test. *looks over at piles of paper at work station* esok la HIV test.

Ok so you see I have a million things on my mind; and these exclude crazy work. Am in the midst of preparing yet another write up for some body. oohhhhh... boleh tak??? rasa nak jerit je "i'm getting married you know?? gimme a bride break!"

And can people just stop throwing things in my face just because I'm a lawyer?? some things happened even before I was born and I'm supposed to pick it up??

Grrr... so many things to dooo, but will pull everthing off, insyaAllah. See ya when I see ya!

Ps: omigosh did i wear deodarant this morning??? *smells self* yes i did.

Ps2: I have 46 days before the big day! yeahhhoooo.... Wedding Planner will save my life. thanks WP.

Almost forgot, here's the countdown to our honeymoon!!

Daisypath Vacation tickers

Friday, April 9, 2010

Huaaaargh *menggeliat*

Its been forever!! What issss happening to me.. so relax, so malas!!

Even my Wedding Planner & Makeup artist dah risau because I'm too relaxed. They will sms me and keep on asking when they can meet me to discuss! Arggghhh Stress la.. :p

I love them nevertheless cos I know they'll make everything perfect while I just ikut je anything they have planned for me.. So easy kan. :))

Anyways, I recently got ENGAGED Yay!!! to the love of my life!! Chewahhh...

Cant wait now!!! (so why the heck am i so relaxed??) so here are my engagement pics (yang dah over exposed kat fb) :D enjoy!!

Ps: tsk..tsk.. MOM mana official pics kuuuuu...

Monday, February 22, 2010

hey i can count!

Daisypath Wedding tickers

This will do it.


Goodluck to us. Lets try and pull this off now.

Ps: once we get our exact honeymoon date i wanna delete this & have a countdown to that day instead. haha...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

holidays. got love?

I watched Valentines Day during the hols and what caught my attention most were these lines: "young love-- full of promise, full of hope, ignorant of reality".

Amazing. Though the whole movie was just okay for me, I mean I honestly thought Sex & the City has way cooler & wiser philosophies about love, but hey any movie that emphasizes on love and romance philosophies are always good to me.

I want to have my own love philosophies compiled one day & I wish to inspire people to love the way I see love.

Right now-- nothing matters to me other than my wedding prepos. But I got one thing to say to you still.. as always...

You'll know you're in a right place when u can get through all the crap the place gives you scarless. Muahhh i know u love me. Come back for more!!! :P

Monday, February 8, 2010

tweet me!!

You know when you leave a place unoccupied for too long, we malays believe that "someone" or "something" will find itself a way into it. Blogs are no exception apparently. U see I get these email notifications for comments people send to my entries & since I have not been updating for a while, this anonymous creature has been dropping many comments and I suspect they're some sort of spam/virus/sthg.

Is my blog therefore unsafe to even be visited by me for I will then be infected by this virus?

I dunno, but here's the thing: I'm getting married people! So yeah just to put this on record because for what its worth, I dont want to be posting up about me getting all pregs and skip the gettin married entry so just to keep the flow flowing right.

And to a certain level to remind myself that I'm getting married and maybe yearsssss from now when I read this entry again, to reming myself that I Am married.

Yeah so we're in the midst of getting things to fall nicely into place so that this memorable day of ours will be special to both us and our guests. You ARE coming right??? :p

This whole preparation process for me so far has been very enjoyable and interesting because we got to meet new people & talk and talk and talk & then of course at the end of the day there's always a price to pay for all those wasted salivah. sighhhh sighhh.... the way i see it: maybe there's a bright side for things to be sooooo expensive for weddings, at least we'll probably appreciate our constitution of marriage more.

But heck, when we get old and stuff, maybe our kids should get married virtually & save all the cost. wakakakkakaka....

Okay, so hopefully I'll come back with more great news in the future, till then pray for us & we'll see you on our big day!!! If you're not invited, you must not be very nice so I suggest you work on that attitude, no just kidding! Tweet me people, I'm on twitter!!! :D