Friday, October 31, 2008

What is wrong with you, bin lady?

I have been observing the bin lady who comes in at a certain a.m and at 3p.m. everyday to my department to collect our wastes in our waste paper baskets. [I'm not sure what time she comes in the morning because I had not awaken to really notice. I am only awake after lunch, bossssss.... *tone mengampu*]

I have been watching her for about a month now.

She would collect wastes from each and every bin, Except mine!

So today, I swapped my bin with my boss' bin.

At 3p.m., bin lady came in with a plastik hitam in her right hand. As usual, she did not even come near my bin (previously my boss' bin). She peeped at my boss' bin (previously my bin).

....She then walked away. Without clearing my boss' bin.

I was stumped!

Could she have known that I had swapped the bins?
Could bin lady be clever enough to have read me and my wicked unsuccessful plan?
WHY wont you pick up my wastes bin lady??? WHY????

I am now obsessed to win bin lady's heart. I will stalk her. I will seduce her as if she's my bakal mak mertua!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tak suka tau metrosexual men

Dandy, metro, narcissist- tak berkenan!

Have u ever eaten a bad grape? I just did, blueghhh!

A bad grape is more often than not, better than having to hear or see a dandy man talk. They should not live in my world. They hog my space in my shops.

they- should have died with the people of sodom.

I just came back from the Zara, Massimo Dutti and Pull & Bear warehouse sale. There were a few dandy men and one got on my nerve. There will always be that one bugger who will say or do something to me at the verge of me starting to convince myself, they too deserve to be there to enjoy those ridiculous discounts.

So dandy man said: White jackets should never exist. Who ever thought of white jackets!

Resting on my arm, was a white Zara jacket.

Monday, October 20, 2008

job-bubbaluba riang sebenar yeah

Dont you just hate it when ur given something to do, and you know what to do, but you dont know where to begin.....?

I love my job today.

But why is my job so susah? *menangis*

I figured I should blog this when I spent 30 minutes of staring at nothingness of the monitor, not knowing where to begin.

[What was I thinking entering the world of public utility engineeriousity?]

I should get the hang of this in one thou years. Lucky stars, I'm counting on you.

Good luck to me.... And to the rest of you monitor-staring blurists.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Together Forever

This is the gift I got this week. *Smmmile*

I always get presents. I love presents.

I cant wait to start reading this book!! I've memorized On a date, so I am now moving on to the next book.

My passion and thirst for learning about human behaviour will never stop and I cannot wait to share my knowledge with my friends who have DTR headaches. (Haha)

Thank you AIDIL for this unbirthday gift!!! =D. Suka!

Friday, October 17, 2008

I need ∞infinity∞ money

Despite having only 60 minutes for lunch everyday, (I count by the minute to prolong the time because pleaaaase la, I actually chew my food properly okay, so I eat verry verry slow... oh and in between, I yap. Hehe) sometimes I'll go back to my pseudo-mansion (I'm making fun of my house, not bragging about it, mind u) which is about 20 minutes away.

A fooking waste of time I know.

But, mannn, the feeling...... is priceless.

It instantly lifts up mother of all headaches, the Migrain; and the lil toddler headaches, the headache in the eye; headache from people who do not wear deodarants; headache from staring too long at scrabble on the computer (whoops); starting-my-own-business headache; and oh i sometimes get the what-to-eat-for-lunch headache. Spoilt for choice we are, Damansaraians.

And of course my friends still have the DTR headache. DTR -"define the relationship".

I then thought: If I can buy a house somewhere near to my office, which is only a step away from my cuby for instance, then i could go home for lunch everyday and actually have at least what? 45 minutes of pricelessness?

Sadly sadly sadly... I work in Bangsar and a little bird told me that houses there begin from 765489035612K to 986222564533981017653427.5mil!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

birthday came early this year!

Quotable Quote: This question was put to me when I sarcastically told Mosantos they should read my blog more.

"How do you know what to write in your blog?"

Hoi Mat! Soalan apa tu?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

As much as I never "fail to amaze" them, hehe, they never fail to amaze me as well.

And.... We're all going to Jakarta for Mag's wedding in December and not just on any date in December, it will be on my BIRTHDAY!!!!! (You do know that's on the 11th, dont you?)

So I technically bought myself a birthday present already. hehe.

I cant wait to go to Jakarta!

I am so broke right now- thank God for my not-so-proud-of savings. =p.

Go on suckers, give me ur wishlists.... I'll make em come true. Hohoho Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shop Wise indeed

It is just too cliche to be quoting "be careful what you wish for", but seriously... I'll have to be very careful of what I long for from today onwards...

I remember wishing for a new handphone about a couple of months ago, and by wishing i mean- literally asking Aidil to give it to me as a birthday present (haha).

Turns out, while other girls (real people i know, i'm not making this up, this is not an illustration) go to shopping malls all dressed up just to stop every 5 minutes to take their own pics; I mean seriously, If u come from anywhere within 50 km from the shopping mall, just dont bother taking pics of yourself at the shopping mall just to add another album in friendster or facebook. I am tired of seeing the same face and different clothes that I know exactly what the price is and where you bought it.

Because I really shop and not pegi shopping mall to take pics. It is not an event at all, when you go to that shopping mall every other day doing the same thing.

And of course in Dinie's words, "because I can offer a good conversation over a cuppa coffee" or whatever it is you're eating, I do not need to pause every 5 seconds to take my own pics; or the pic of the food that I just ordered for that matter. Yea yea yea its bloggable but seriously now...?

So I always shop seriously and there is no way I was getting recognition for that, until...... I was announced as the 5th winner of the One Utama's Shop Wise Win Big contest! =D

I won a Sony Ericsson T650i handphone and i thank God for it because:

1. I wanted to get rid of my flip phone because selalu rosak. (i love the KRZR nevertheless)

2. I'd rather win the hp than winning OSIM's giddy up work out machine.

3. I gave Aidil 2 choices for my birthday present checklist. Handphone or diamond ring.

Looks like he'll have to get me the diamond ring now. =p