Wednesday, September 15, 2010

blogging again

Its been a while. Alhamdulillah, this year's Ramadhan & Raya have been filled with loved ones, great company & rezeki yg membolehkan segala kelengkapan puasa & raya disediakan. yay!

I'm thankful also for everyone who has been very concern about my raya this year as a wife. thank you, thank you.. we had fun, thanks.. :D. makan banyak, tido pun tak kurang banyaknye.. berehat drp kesibukan bekerja during puasa heheh. my mom in law's rendang ayam kampung was just delicious. i ate a lot a lot.

As hubs is still on his raya holiday, I am not too bumped bout startin work bcos he'll send me, have breakfast & lunch with me pastu pick me up & we'll have dinner later. life as nomads (having 3 houses to stay at) has deprived us of the chance to have our very own kitchen & for me to cook in my very own kitchen. :P one day la ye..

that's pretty much my life these days, very hectic, juggling work & travelling from one state to another; in the process of settling down with my new husband :P it'll be 3 months soon & more surprises in our lives will come so I pray that everything will go as planned hopefully. I am in the midst of getting a new job in kuantan & moving to kuantan for good. So God Help me & i need to go to the nearest kedai gambar to get my photo taken for my updated resume.
Cant wait to charm Kuantan people at interviews. bring it on! :))