Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Making Of... Making a bridesmaid out of Muna (the one with the preparation)

(to be read in the light of Borat's English) My name Muna. This the making of Me becoming bridesmaid. This look a little like self-indulgence but dont care. I want to tell my story. so I will. Enjoy.

Suddenly I not sure where to begin.

As soon as arrive, we eat. no shame in the face anymore. too hungry.

Met the MC and usherer and tangkap2 gambar (because later mereka dijadikan mangsa jadi photographer kita)

kan dah cakap. dah mula dah. posing di bilik VIP before rehearsal starts.


red carpet-ing & pelamin-ing...

MAKE UP SESSION starts. putting on foundation. Yg tebal. senyum sikit, muka crack. stressful activity this one.

muka siap di-foundation. ambik gambar while waiting 4 the foundation to set. =p.

make up artist applying eye shadow while telling me secrets of siti nurhaliza...

eyelining. liquid eyeliners rule!

eyebrow-ing. oh i just love the perfectness of the arch of me eyebrows..

not sure what she's doing to me here... =p.

dangerous! do not try this at home. hehe. curling the eye-lashes. perasaan paling takut dalam dunia.

applying fake eyelashes. my first time. its kinda fun..rasa sejuk when the eyelashes were attached to my real lashes.

fake eyelashes. close-up.

marscara lascara lashes mashes...


anddd finally, lip colouring. i hate lipsticks. ewwk. but i'd always wear it anyways.

Hair styling begins... making a bun out of my ciput layered hair.

inserting millions of baby pins into my hair..

bun done. (suddenly i rasa i can make this bun on my own. =p)

bun with lil white flowers...

and i'm all set to walk down the aisle. *shivers*

self-indulgence please.. =p.

2 done. 2 more to go..

all done. =D.

All 4 of us.. (and a waiter, apparently).

More pictures of my journey as bridesmaid come soon okay? Must say that bridesmaid-ing tiring so much but I had fun fun fun! will not do it again unless the reward is verrry good i.e. a complementary honeymoon suite with spa treatment. =p.

before I navigate away, I want to say Udang Galah taste delicious. At my wedding Udang Galah must be present.

Must also mention that i caught the flower bouquet the bride tossed behind. does that mean i will be next? I dont know but I dont want bun on my wedding. And i dont want baju fabrik gatal.

Will be updating soon. Thank you for your time. Much Appreciate. =)

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


7 entries in ONE month. get a clue people.

i am: miserable, elendig, depresso, misero, desdichado, miserabel.

okay, not exactly for this whole entire month. just specifically a few days back.

why, u ask? (God, i ask myself the same question sometimes.)
  1. ALL, i repeat, ALL... my fishies are dead.
  2. i screwed up my friend's fyp. (and now i'm afraid of karma)
  3. short sem's back. oh oh oh i hate short semester. (although iqbal would probably keep my fantasies occupied for the next 8 weeks. =p.)

Yup. Not exactly a flood of fun for me these few days.

Except... of course beating ain's and aienn's a$$es in bowling. haha. U girls suck. =p. But i love korang neverthelesssssss... =D.

Please come visit me during short sem. pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

One miserable kid, out.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

its about time i say something on AF5

Lets start with the negatives.


I mean, he's the only one who ever makes sense when delivering his critics. To **** with people who cant accept it. Here's someone who wants to hear the truth..

FAUZIAH AHMAD DAUD. Fine and dandy...

...until she starts obsessing on the two words, "gali" and "comfort zone".


Gali-ing is good okay. But i kinda feel that the students are starting to be so fanatically influenced by the word, and were trying so hard to translate every single word into a particular body language.


....And enuff with the comfort zone crap. And i quote, "thank you for stepping out of ur comfort zone, sekurang2nya awak menyahut cabaran saya, blabla..."

What's the point of stepping out of the comfort zone, if it only makes the performances worse?


I like Ebi and Dafi. Need i elaborate more? =p

HATTAN makes sense.

FAUZIAH LATIFF is just forgettable.

Kezutans this time around mcm tak best sangat kan? I dont know why! haha.

To add to this very negative entry, i'd like to own up that i have not afundi-ed anyone, not once.
I just refuse to acknowledge their talents just yet, with my prepaid credit.

I want Rizal to leave this week. Who's with me?

Monday, April 16, 2007

the one with the chick and ninjas and fishies

I have a virtual pet now. And for that, I declare myself a copy-cat. haha.

My virtual pet's name is Ama Fyne chick, simply because ama daymn fyne chick. =p. I got this name after considering names such as: Ama Hardtoget chick, Ama Bootifool chick and Ayam Kampung. Finally, i settled for Ama Fyne chick. hehe.

Oh, guess what? My father has also developed an interest in this virtual pet thing, and he is planning to adopt one too. I have no idea which animal he'll pick, but i bet it wont be a frog. My father is terrrrrrified of frogs. Big Time. that is why we have a rubber frog lying around the house and will be planted at places where it'll freak the hell outta him.

It has been quite a while since we planted the frog in his paths. hmmm. where oh where can the rubber froggy be..? =p.

My tortoises: Michaelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael and Donatello grew so big, that we decided to return them to the pet store. Goodbye Ninja turtles! hope u had fun staying with us.. =)

And Now.... we have fishes. Their names are: Bob, Mike, April and Paris.

An unwanted stray cat has been lepaking around the house too. It is our fault, really, since we kept feeding him. hehe. But see, u'll never know when ur good deeds will be rewarded. I was glad i fed that cat because as i was all alone at home this evening, it rained heavily, the sky grew so dark and the power went off.

I was scc aaa rrreee d. I opened the front door for a source of light, when i found the cat looking up to me, his eyes like Puss in Shrek2. Awwww. So there i was in the dark, all alone with the cat as my companion. hey, at least i was less scc aaa rrreee d.

So, my crib now, is just really full of people and pets. wheeeee. hehe. please, do feed my chick if u happen to drop by my blog to read it, or leave comments, or simply swinging by to judge me.

Thank You!!! =D

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Mall Parenting: A lesson for all

I have a confession to make.

I played Bingo with Maryam and Huda throughout my Parenting class in uni. Which was why, last friday, i failed in my so-called Ryzal (hereinafter will be referred to as B-jal) parenting.

B-jal and i were in OU last friday for some lust releasing sessions. hehe.

I nearly went bankrupt after that session. *sigh* But bankruptcy is SO MUCH BETTER than failure in parenting.

I was deemed to be a failure at it because B-jal and i were separated in OU. Yes. B-jal telah hilang dalam shopping mall and i suffered from the mother of all panics.

B-jal ran into the lift while i was busy searching through my more-like-office-drawer handbag. I was looking for the parking ticket. He went inside the lift, and the door closed; leaving poor little brat inside the lift all alone, and my freaking idiot self on the other side of the door. stupid lift. stupid button not working pulak when i quickly tried to press it open. Stupidness.

My heart fell right to my stomach. or lower. whatever.

I watched in horror as the digits on top of the lift door changes.

C'mon..C'mon..C'mon.. Move it you big fat kid-eater.

Cheeks hot, feet restless.

Then the lift goes up.

Tingggg... Door opened. B-jal-less.

My heart dropped to my feet now. or lower. whatever.

Knees weak, mouth cant speak.

Definitely a near death experience.

Nevertheless, i stepped into the empty lift, holding my tears back.

Hold it in, or you'll never be able to focus and find him.
Al-Haq, Al-Haq, Al-Haq.

Lift went down. I checked every single floor. No sign of B-jal.

Al-Haq, Al-Haq, Al-Haq.

Lift: Going up.

2nd floor. Door opened. B-jal stood outside the door, smiled at me, walked in casually.

***** standing there i didnt know what to say ****

I got a taste of parenting, at least. The bitter-sweetness of it.

You'll never realize how much you care for another human being until you lose that person. Even for a split second. For self-indulgence is only temporary. There's always one other person that you care about more than anything else in this world. In my case, 10 other persons.

Best lesson ever learnt. I am now a step closer to being a good parent. =p.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Selamat Hari Jadi..~

Today's my birthday according to the Islamic calendar. Thank you aidil for finding that out for me.. hehe.. =D

So. Here goes...

Happy Birthday to Me..
Happy Birthday to Me..
Happy Birthday to Me-eeee...

Subject matter: Dress

F O U N D !

Note to those who have been very patient throughout my hunt: this is definitely an aggravating factor to consider putting up with me in the future. *batting eyelashes* =)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Mr. Bean's holiday vs. My holiday

So here are some tips for those who are planning to go to the movies to fill up their hols:

Mr. Bean's holiday is not too bad la, but tgk dvd pun boleh. Reasons:

  1. the "clam joke" is rather similar to the one on tv. thus, lack originality.
  2. half of the movie is not in english.
  3. Mr. Bean looks older. Much older.
  4. there is this character; a film making person who is obsessed with himself. A LOT of people can relate to that.
  5. The ending made the movie look cheap.

My favourite scene: Mr. Bean was hitch-hiking when he came across a super slow bike. jalan kaki pun boleh potong bike tu. =p.

My holiday is not too bad la. Its just that i'm annoyingly obsessed with finding baju for the dinner.

Mama used the word "hedonisme" to describe my 'i-need-to-get-a-dress' whines.

She uses big words like that just to rub it in my face that she's a BM teacher. haha.

Brother and boyfriend's reaction were strikingly similar, "pakai baju kurung je la.."

Alah. I wear baju kurung everyday to class. Bagi la can nak pakai dress pulak.

There's only one other person left to go to. Daddy.

First reaction, "Nak beli baju lagi..?"

Remind self: Buat muka kesian. Buat muka kesian.

Second reaction, "Okay.."


My hols is definitely gonnabe better than Bean's. Altho, Cannes' beach looks so darn gorgeous.