Monday, June 29, 2009

100th post!!

this is my 100th post!!! celebrationnnn c'monnn~

although i have been haunted by a very unfortunate tyre incident a couple of days ago, which i am dying to share the details herein, i feel that my 100th post should be positive and no more whining and complaining about how unlucky i am because i think i'm not that unfortunate to begin with...

i started this blog wayyyy back in 2007, but i actually started blogging in 2002-ish. i cant believe i'll last this long! and i wanna thank every reader of mine for lending me your eyes and spending your time commenting on my entries. =D

when i started this blog i didnt really have any specific concept in mind. like some people have themes and concepts for their blogs such as food, love, etc. but over the years i begin to realize that my blog may have a concept after all i.e. selected scenes in my life i wish to share with everyone because I want people to laugh at me or to learn something from my experiences?

but really, blogging most of the time is just something very natural to me since i'm very expressive and i have improved in story-telling eversince i started blogging.

anyhow, today I learn that there is no shortcut to happiness. it has to be earned. And if you're not happy with something you really shuld not put up with it. Sure God created an imperfect world for us, not because He is Stingy, but because we need to be reminded of who we are.

at the end of the day, after writing every piece of entry, the real satisfaction is when you know you have said something from your heart.

so be yourself and write sincere entries. Plagiarists are not real bloggers.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Office talk

I have in the past two weeks actively participated in my office's activities. (Something I vowed to myself never to do when I first started working). I am very anti social when it comes to office happenings because I always regard people in the office as old and well, being a Mosanto we always try to disregard other people's existence. We are so stuck up *sheesh* and we live in our very own little world.

(Consider yourselves very fortunate if Mosantos speak to you or acknowledge your existence)

So this is an achievement for me. First, I went on a bus to visit an HVDC Converter Station in Gurun; something I can only dream of 10 years ago (not that I Ever dreamt of going to an HCS..). Gurun is a far far away land. But I was very happy because I thought my junior suite in Swiss Inn Sungai Petani was awesome and very "VIP". Jacuzzi included :)) As you know the bathroom is my favourite place, so any hotel with first class bathroom will be the best hotel in my list of "best hotels"!

If you now ask me about how to convert AC to DC, i will know. I can even describe to you how the equipments look like. I will extend my description to how the converter station taste, smell and feel like. hehe.

Secondly, I participated in my division's bowling friendly tournament. Friendly konon. Everyone was just good. I mean great. I mean Shalin Zulkifli !!!! Btw, I GOT AN AWARD FOR THE LOWEST SCORE. Hahahahaha!! And when I had story-telling session with Aidil, he got a hamper for the same category! Hahahahahaha!!! (Hamper lagi teruk ok).

I was lucky to have Ryzal accompanying me to the tournament. Ryzal was a hit !! Some people even called him wonder boy because when he threw the bowling ball, most of the time it looked like it was aiming for the drain but suddenly it hit some pins! Well done Ryzal! Also people for once had a topic to chat with me: Anak ke? adik ke? Ryzal is now elevated to a whole other level -- from best friend to life saver.

Oh and I also will get my name card soon!! This is my card, this is my card (practice).


Monday, June 15, 2009

rudeatude again...!!

Why do I more often than not encounter rude people?? Argh!!!

So I was on my way to Seremban for Aienn's engagement yesterday, when I reached my first toll. It was the kerinchi link toll or somewhere there la --before approaching the federal highway in front of Midvalley tu.

Okay, so I had to pay RM1.50 right? I had 10 ringgit with me and dengan BAIKNYA I looked through my car's coin box to find 50sen to FACILITATE this toll gate girl so that she doesnt have to return sen-sen to me.

So i took her stupid sunday morning's precious time by like what? 5 blinking seconds? To frikin facilitate her work???

And to my surprise, when I handed her RM10.50, she murmured without looking at my face

"Lembab nak mampos!"

Woi B****, kalau kau moody cari keje yang tak payah deal dengan orang la. keje la cuci jamban ke ape. Dah la perempuan; tak reti berbudi bahasa langsung!! Kalau aku marah kau balik aku takut kau tarik rambut aku yang aku dah blow lawa2 untuk pegi engagement kawan aku. So I let you go because I didnt wanna spoil my day and my friend's big day. Tapi kalau aku lalu kat toll gate kau lagi sekali and kau cakap camtu lagi sekali aku akan suruh Aidil sound kau! hahahaha.. (sebab aku memang tak reti marah orang).

Seriously, ruginya tak perasan nama dia ape. Kalau tak memang dah melayang surat complain yang panjangnya 10 page kepada PLUS.

I hate you toll gate girl !!!!! Ur so uncool and you suck !!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

today's drama

I couldnt sleep last night as I had injected a dose of caramel frapuccino into my caffeine-sensitive system late afternoon yesterday around 6.30-ish.

So I woke up rather cranky as I need to go to work with this whole fatigueness going on in me.

Just before I leave the house my eyes were focused on the new pair of shoes I bought last weekend. Which makes it 5 days old today.

Took it to wear it to work. It felt so funny and not right. One of the heels has lost its bottom layer so when I walk it has that sound which makes your teeth hurt.

I didnt do it -- but just so you know, this has affected my Thurday morning and I am about to start this day with a frown =(. I am currently wearing my black heels which is almost 3 years old. I am walking funny. And when I walked through the door this morning, my boss asked me if I hurt my foot.

And to that, I said "Yes".

Okay, the point that I'm making -- What the hell were you thinking when u destroyed my shoe and with not a tiny pinch of guilt hang it there back as if nothing had happened? A little "I'm sorry" and owning up to your mistake will not hurt. It will just make you more classy and hence deserving to have had the honour to don that shoe.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

today's wednesday

Today I feel like quoting myself. I really think many people can benefit from my quotes. ;p

Many years ago I said, "Life's a bitch but dont let it pee on you." This has worked marvellously to get me through life.

Last year I said, "Apparently people are only holy during the months of Ramadhan and Syawal." I seriously take that back.

Last weekend I said, "we (my friends and I) live in a life full of drama. We need a guy who can put up with these dramas on a daily basis. So you cant be with a guy who works off shore and only have the time to listen to the drama that happened to you a month ago.. By that time u'd have so many other things happening in your life. He wont be able to keep up." No, we are not demanding.

Today I said, "That kain is so overpriced. And plus, she's really not friendly. So I wont buy the kain." I was really in denial. I love the bloody sequined chiffon!

So. Life's a bitch as in that lady at Binwani's was a biatch but dont let it pee on you, so I wont let her stop me from buying that kain (one fine day nanti, ingat orang takde kredit kad ke? nanti I buat la... ;p). Apparently people are holy during other months because I got an Aigner wallet yesterday! Today's drama in my life is that my f-ckd up agent made a mistake when submitting my car registration form to the insurance company and so my car registration number in the insurance certificate is wrong! I'm no longer in denial. I love that bloody sequined chiffon!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm in a gilded cage

Will someone free me already?

Heck, I gotta free myself.

Oh btw, dont extend my expression to mean I'm being followed by Paparazzis or anything. I'm just caged in my very own lil comfy world.

I'm thinking.. I want to be somebody in this lil comfy world of mine, not somebody in the world people expect me to be.

Today's June 9th right? Ok that means I have 14 more days to freeeeedom! Yayayayyyyy!!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Princess Me

Lets talk dirrrty...

And by dirty i mean about my mouth and what the heck is goin on in there! hahah..
Well, today my teeth gets it crown =D smile, teethy, smile!! so they're princess gigi kapak la, sort of..

For every crown placed the price is of course what seemed to be like an endless torture. "Sakit la siot," i should have said to Dr. Putri. =p.

Anyway, erm I'm happy, but my teeth arent perfect or anything. I was hoping it would be! I mean after 6 injections and all... kan?

But my Dr. Putri's the best! She's soooo gentle and she makes me feel very very safe. Actually I really like the fact that she treated me like a child, as in she constantly asked me if this and that hurt, and "jangan takut ye.. rasa sikit je" and "bunyi dia bising sikit ye..."

Then how come I dont get a lolly after my 2 visits doctor?? how come you??

The best part about having my teeth crowned is that I now can no longer bite my nails! Can you believe it? I finally can be like other high maintenance women going for manicure and all! Yeah baby yeah!!!

Conclusion -- today is the 1st of June and I feel princessyh!

Will be visiting Dr. Putri in December to polish the teeth. hehehehe.

u wanna see my teeth? here! =D (nampak tak?)