Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Primary School Musical 1

I gave up the 14th law conference today and its utmost tasteful food for my all time favourite Sekolah Sri Petaling.

As I waited for Ryzal in the car, i heard Sean Kingston's "beautiful girls" in the air. Accompanying that loud music, were voices of children singing along to:

"Damn all these beautiful girls
They only wanna do you dirt
They'll have you suicidal, suicidal
When they say its over"

Okay, first of all, kids should Not say Damn. They cannot know what suicidal means. And they should not be taught that there are such things as beautiful girls and not so beautiful girls, i.e to be judging girls physically.

But then maybe, just positively thinking...they can improve their memorizing skills that way.

So if songs can Really perk up a kid's mind, which i do believe it would, what happened to those songs like:

"Ada seorang kawan
Namanya Ah Meng
Dia juga berkawan
Namanya Muthu
Kami berkawan baik
sama sedarjah
belajar bersama
main bersama..."


"Merah, putih, kuning dan biru
warna bunga di halamanku
segar, mekar sepanjang hari
bau sungguh harum
memikat hati..."

I used to LOVE music classes back in school and i thought the black recorder was way cooler than the white ones. Today, both black & white are my favourite colours. hehe.

So as much as I would love to know that my brother is being taught to sing and is being exposed to really recent songs, I still think that teachers should stick to the syllibus. Regardless of whether these kids were the ones who probably requested for the Sean Kingston song.

And just a couple of days ago, my brother asked me what F*** means.

And i replied, "i didnt know what it means when i was ur age, u shouldnt too."

Not a very motherly answer. But, good enough to shut him up.

And then today, came another question: What is the difference between S*** and Shiznit?
I honestly dont know.

Now i live in fear thinking what other words he might learn from school. I fear having my own kid for that matter.

So I'm gonna stick to my original plan then. To have a robot maid so that it will not seduce my husband.

I am so screwed. DAMN.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

shoes off, please.

Not only dont I have luck with toilets, I also create tragedies at the mosque.

Prior to the joyous hari raya celebration, I travelled 10 hours to Kelantan, and so, public toilets and mosques were too often visited by me.

Different mosques have different beautiful architectural designs, which can easily confuse my mind.

At which point should i take off my shoes, when there are millions of stairs heading to the prayer section? At what point should i start to think rationally when I cannot hold it in any longer?

So came into the mosque i did, with my shoes on. Be reminded that I was walking along the corridor when a guy shouted "Bukak kasut! Ini masjid!"

I felt so embarrassed and wanted to cry, but i wanted to pee more. So i decided to hold my tears back and not hold my bladder activity any longer.

* * * * * * *

On my way back to KL, I made a stop at another mosque. This time, i got it all right. I even placed my shoe on the shoe rack. Hehe.

In the toilet, I bumped into 3 young ladies with their shoes on. When they saw me bare footed, they quickly ran out to take off their shoes.

While other people looked at them in disgust, I smiled at them.

It is easy for others to be mad at ignorant people like us, because they dont have flaws that are visible to the naked eye.

But that doesnt mean they are flawless, right?