Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a taste of my commonsensibility

Listening to 97.6 FM every morning is hazardous; i think i want to be Fara Fauzana now.

Snap out of it. Lawyer! Lawyer!

If you happen to be switching on your radio this morning, *ahem, in fara's tone* topic hot chat kita pada hari ini ialah pasangan saiko.

It certainly made me realize i have to start spreading my sanity to a lot of girls, because apparently, they are insane.

Killing yourself, or slashing your veins with the pisau 10sen will not do any good. Please put Your act together, instead of trying to put his act together. So he messed up. Why punish yourself?

Plus, u cant own someone.

U cant make a voodoo doll out of your man.

I'm not gonna tell you what you should do, because i'm not your psychologist. But heck, if you pay me i'd tell you what to do.

Curiosity killed the cat, people. That is exactly why you should stay calm and drop those knives and pills from your hand.

Because lady, with that amount of curiosity in yourself, you will single-handedly leave the world catless.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The nitty gritty of my homerific day

I revisit this blog as an escapism from laying in bed.

Ironic, isnt it? When I had killer exams lingering around i'd sleep for 25 hours a day, and now that i'm as free as the murderer of Altantuya, i refuse to sleep.

The bed and my warm red blanket used to be the safest place and now i have to run away from it.

Yes, there's a monster under my bed, mom.

Monsters and demons aside, today is a homerific day for me. For those who wish to go watch Simpsons the movie, take it from me, there is absolutely no way u wont get a seat for it. heheh.

What is happening to our sense of humor? We've got enough shallow Hals. Be shallow Homers for once.

My homerific day began when i saw an abandoned red note on the cold beige tile. RM10.

I picked it up thinking: Homer would do the same thing. He'd probably say, "Mmm...Money."

Naturally, i instantly thought of giving myself a treat with that cash, but instinctively i had a hint of guilt rrrrright here... *pointing to stomach*

So in the end, i gave it away to a stranger child, hoping my little gesture would make a difference in somebody's life tonight.

Y'know what Homer would say to that..?


Sorry Homie, for one's religious disposition is sometimes larger than his sense of humor (or life, for that matter)

Aw, crap. Now i sound like Flanders! =p.

Friday, July 6, 2007

banking phobe

Believe me, i have $uffered from thi$ di$ea$e $ince time immemorial.

Maybe mama did Not make any money tran$action throughout her day$ carrying me in her womb. Becau$e i remember going to Germany, that$ all. =p.

The bank i$ the place u'll never catch me in.

...until i di$covered i have not touched a $ingle cent of my $cholar$hip money for the pa$t 4 year$.

I'M A BILLIONAIRE! Chuh-Chinggg!!

Check out my iri$e$, theyre $haped like dollar $ign$.

Thing$ to buy:

1. Rubik'$ revolution!!!
2. Anya Hindmarch'$ i'm not a pla$tic bag.
3. Gap'$ long & lean jean$.
4. Bicycle helmet (dont a$k!) =p.
5. $uper cool $exy black pump$ for everyday office u$e.
6. Get a haircut$ (every $entence must have an $)
7. $hopping for baju raya (argh. mu$t ganti pua$a)

One thing'$ fer $ure, No ralph perfume for me. I am ju$t $o irritated by that guy who tried to $ell me the 100 ml ralph for 50 ringgit. takde pak$aan my a$$$$$$$$$$$$....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

christian carter would agree with me.


We're born with sugar and spice, and all things nice. So lets try our best to stay that way.

I should belittle those who have crossed the line, but thats what people of normal standards would do. I'm beyond that standard.

So i shall teach these ladies how to not cross the line.

So i sound like your mother. That means i'm right.


that's just not cool and degrading.

And your boyfriend would definitely belittle you for that.

Have some respect for another girl's feelings, because if u dont, u will be like any other typical girl clinging on the normalcy of a standard and will not achieve the standard that is beyond normal.

Normal girls would bitch about me after reading this, but a cool girl who has reached the standard that is higher than average, would say: She should write more entries like this.

Ladies, welcome to the realm of the polished Manolo Blahniks.