Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jejak Kasih

Who'd have known, that I will one day become the subject of a situation often referred to as jejak kasih.

After court today, I made a lunch appointment with my dad. The most awaited event of every other day that I get to have lunch with him simply because I love the company of a quiet man.

What are the odds I can have a company parallel to that at work? ZERO. I hate lawyers' gabbiness. They are just mere unstimulating series of repeated facts. I repeat: repeated facts.


My dad was at my old tuition centre- The cekal tuition centre, registering my brothers for The revision course that i used to rock back when I was 15 and 17.

So I went to meet my dad there and paid a visit to my Mrs. Amarjit and Ms. (Now Mrs.) Monny!

The minute Mrs Amarjit saw me, she got up from her chair, and ran, yes ran to hug meeeee! AAAaaaaa!!! So so sweeeeet my teacher!! I was so happy FULL STOP.

Then I met Mrs. Monny who said I'm still as small as ever and they were both just so proud of the fact that I'm now a well, gabby lawyer. =p.

Then I was brought to the notice board where they showed me the Thank You card I gave them 8 years ago. I was so terharu......... *sob* *sob*

Then we remembered my dad was there and started controlling ourselves. =p.
The best part was: we were acting like screaming bimbo girls that the entire form 3 class who had witnessed the whole incident clapped their hands! hahaha.

HaaaaaaaaaaaaH. Lunch-ing with Ayah is always so rewarding.

For teaching me so much, I owe them a legal advice:


Thursday, November 15, 2007

one hand down the pants

No, its not what you think.

The title of the entry is to be read literally though. This chronicle is intended to gag you, not sicken you.

As many of you do not know (and I am actually not here to tell), my house is being renovated. Thus, the temporary dwellers of my garden are the Indonesian workers.

This morning, as i was ironing my pants in my parents' bedroom, which by the way gives me a perfect view of the Indonesian workers (I stress, that is not the reason Why I do my ironing there), I saw one of them SUDDENLY-

Took off his belt;
Unzipped his pants;
Inserted one hand down his pants; and

took out some cash from his underwear.

I then peeped some more to see what he was doing with the money. Rupanya, he was paying the ice-cream man who had parked his motorcycle in my house.

Oh my God ke tak Oh my God tu...???

Although I stopped being judgmental the minute I saw the ice-cream man, I just cant help thinking WHAT ON EARTH WOULD THAT ICE-CREAM MAN THINK OF HIM??

I wanna say I think it is kinda cute that there are still people who keep their cash in their undies, but that'd just make people think I'm quite d.o.t.t.y.

But i can easily say: You wish my story's about something else, don't you..........? =p.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lemonade is not Coke

When it comes to things that are edible, it is kind of a big deal to me. My tongue chatters perpetually, and as such, it only deserves the best food and drinks (and man) in town.

Meet my bad hat tongue, ladies and gentlemen.

I was having a lovely birthday dinner in the absence of the birthday girl last saturday night; and by lovely i mean nasi briyani kambing with scrumptious ayam goreng berempah and this vegetably dish, with my friends and a couple of persona non gratas who later became part of 'the group' because well, they had good effort. It is not always easy, to penetrate into the Mosantos' colloquies Eheh eheh... *pats self on the back*

By good effort, i mean quite smooth. That was probably the 1st time I did not label a stranger as poyo. =p.

Stranger: I'm going to get a drink. Would you girls like anything to drink? coke?

Me: Yes, coke.

Stranger later comes back with 2 glasses of lemonade.

Stranger: I heard people saying the lemonade tastes good. So I took lemonade. Would u like to try it?

Me: No! I want Coke! [i didnt mean to be rude, i was just really really blur].

Stranger: Coke tinggal sikit.

Me: But i asked for Coke. Not lemonade.

At this super blur remark, my friends came to my rescue.

Friends: It's okay, we'll have the lemonade.

Stranger: So u still want the Coke?

Me: Yes.

3 minutes later, stranger came back with a glass of Coke.

My friends stared at me, and started making mean coke jokes. By this time, stranger had warmed up to all my friends and started calling me authoritative.

Truth be told, I honestly did not hear Stranger's suggestion to Try the lemonade. I thought Stranger made a mistake and wanted to correct him.

Friend: Moon, u didnt even say sorry...

Me: I said Thanks...

Meet my bad hat tongue, ladies and gentlemen.