Friday, April 25, 2008

Relax lah, kak.

Watching other people get old is a funbrain activity for a young one like me. heheh. But it also mean the young one has to get out and get the old one a present.

I enjoy looking out for presents for my friends; i cant really explain the jollity and the rush i get from doing it. If I have infinity dollars, i would like to do this exuberant activity every single day for the rest of my life.

Which got me thinking: I think I just invented a job. I could advertise myself as the "Present Finder" where I provide service of finding the perfect gift for the individualistic city people who just do not have time to get out and get presents for their loved ones. All they need is to email me and provide me with a budget and maybe a brief description of the recipient. And then upon delivery of the present, they pay me some amount of service charge. When I am established, I will set up a website and my clients can simply order thru the net and make payment thru e-banking(?).

Note to self: learn about e-payment and e-present business.

Now that I've got you in my imagination, lets flashback to what happened earlier today. Bangang punya kakak Jusco.

That's the introduction, here's the body. As soon as I purchased a ******* for my friend, I wanted to go get a box to scrunch the present in. So I went to Jusco, where the customer service counter is placed, to get myself one of those fancy boxes.

My gift is jumbo in size, elephantine kind of gift you see. So i wanted to grab the largest box which was placed at the bottom of a shelf that is out of my reach. On top of that box were two smaller similar looking boxes.

Being the ordinary klutzy me, I reached for the jumbo box which had the two boxes on top of it fell on the kakak jusco who was standing on the other side of the counter. I said sorry so many times, and although I tried extremely hard to conceal my laugh, i could not. Okay sorry. (see, i said sorry again).

SHE STUNG ME WITH THE MOST VENOMOUS LOOK, and I felt myself shrinking into an ant.

The rest of the customers stared at me, with the same look of hatred, or at least that was what i imagined.

I walked away, feeling very ashamed, and tearful, headed straight to the 5 ringgit shop and settled for a paper bag to chunk my gift in.


Monday, April 21, 2008


Thursday, April 17, 2008

I used to LOVE composing essays

As far as the language of body is concern, when you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is drag yourself up half-way, and then slams it rrrright back to bed, you are hating your job.

In my very pessimistic head, jobs are in the draconian thought section.

I am at this stage where I attend job interviews looking like the part, but truthfully, feeling a lot like a zombie in disguise. I am just going for the sake of keeping my promises to HR Managers and pleasing myself when i hear (legal) jargons after jargons being thrown outta my mouth.

I am going to feel like a total idiot when i read this entry again in 5 years time.

As you are reading this, I am probably half way completing an essay about myself. Well, in Mr. Adrian's words: your personality, strengths and weaknesses.

Why am i dreading this...? In school, essay composition was the only reason I stayed alive, because obviously add maths was fatal. Simply put, if you were to compile my essays, it'd sell better than Khairuddin Ayip's 100 Karangan Contoh untuk UPSR/PMR/SPM.

If Mr. Adrian wants to know about my personality, strengths and weaknesses; allow me to define myself.

I talk fast.

I learn faster.

I judge people fastest.

If i was not afraid of people associating me with bimbos, I really would like to learn how to make hair and make up as i enjoy making others look pretty. Unfortunately, that will also mean I'd murder all transexual and bapuk clients who walk into my saloon.