Thursday, December 27, 2007

what's another word for soulmate?

It is about time people know that i have been sulking about this whole nobody ever invites me to their weddings! Who do you frikin think you are? who do i frikin think I am? I am someone who appreciates invitations and will make rsvps when told to do so and will cancel my rsvp at the last minute.

okay, maybe that is why people dont invite me.

But people must know that today, as I was having my maghrib slumber (tak elok tido time maghrib), I got a message from a dear friend telling me she has found her soulmate.

At least someone acknowledges my interest. huh.

But then again, could you really meet your soulmate in a week?

Greek mythology has tried explaining how this whole soulmate came about. I disagree with it and as usual have my own theory, which I will now impose on you.

Soulmate is someone who makes drops of saliva waterfalls down your mouth.

And of course I have extended versions of every general principle i create. Soulmates are people who can bring you taffy apples.

of saliva waterfalling down my mouth. =p.

So another word for soulmate is taffy apple.

This entry is dedicated to taffy apples all around the world. i want you, i need you, oh baby, oh baby.

Monday, December 17, 2007

My 23rd year

Another birthday has passed, I am proud to say that I am now 23 years old. Although to some people I may be 51, but no matter... I'm always 6 at heart. =)

Those who grew up with me would probably have heard about my dreams and fantasies of how i'd like to turn out when i'm 23. Now that i'm Actually tuwenti teree, I'm not even close to what I thought I'd be.

I always thought I'd be a married kick-ass lawyer by the age of 23.

I'm not married.

I'm not a lawyer.

I kick nobody's ass.

I am happy nonetheless, because I just watched Enchanted, and maaaaannnn, robert's life as a lawyer suck big time. How can he advise his clients to get a divorce? If I were to be a family law lawyer, I'd draft an agreement that states the following:
  1. If you (husband) ever decide to leave me, I am coming with you.
  2. You (husband) may fall in love a gazillion times, but only with one person i.e. Me.
  3. Marriage is an assignment for courageous people. Cowards back off.
  4. If you (husband) plan to live a 100 years, I want to live one day shorter than that period, so that I never have to live without you (husband).
  5. It has to be clearly understood that you (husband) and i (wife) are forever on the same side.
  6. You (husband) may service your car at any time, and if necessary your romantic side too.
  7. You (husband) are the president of my fan club.
  8. Be just to yourself, if you (husband) do not love me, do not sign this contract.

Hmmmmm. Now I sound like a kick-ass lawyer.