Sunday, March 15, 2009

sirah junjungan

guess what?

I finally set foot in Istana Budaya for the staging of Sirah Junjungan Tahajjud Cinta.

Finally (emphasis added): Inilah akibatnya kalau kita asyik tunggu tiket free sahaja.

Akhirnya dapat jugak!

hehe! =)

It was a happy experience, but I was a bit disappointed to have Jamal singing all he songs as I expected I had gotten the Siti Nurhaliza/Mawi night.

I want Siti because: I want to experience her life performance, as I heard her live performance is awesome.

I want Mawi because: I want to feel his aura. Betul ke ada aura as claimed by many tu?


There were some Really good scenes simply because it illustrates stories which I have never heard of or have forgotten. I came with higher expectation, so I was not too entertained. I expected to fall in love with Baginda through the scenes and story telling but to a certain point the narrator annoyed me with his tone. =p.

I also expected to cry. But again,when the narrator cried at the end of the show it annoyed me. I dont fancy the narrator. huhu.

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to experience it and it was Erma's birthday so last night was pretty special for her as she celebrated her birthday with all of us! =)

We sang "Allah selamatkan kamu" to blend in with the whole Islamic theme of the night.


Friday, March 13, 2009



The month of March has by far been the most emotional month for me in 2009. I am often with no emotions, you might want to note that.

I do not wish to be elaborative on this so just to put this on record, today is Friday the 13th and two days ago our commercial operation manager passed away after a minor operation. Two days ago I was at the hospital visiting him but he was not conscious and was on life support. I thus played paper balloons with his 3 year old kid.

One day ago my company had the whole ceremony performed on the dead and as I have not seen anything like it before, the curiosity had made me the cat who well in the end gets all scaredy.

It was nevertheless fulfilling as I needed to pay him my last respect.

We shall now carry on with the presentation without him.................................


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fear mongers are so stupid

I have to be reminded for the billionth time, that when people have stereotyped me, they will remain as such for the rest of their pathetic lives.

But I being me being dont give u none of my f***ing attention, will proceed with what I believe in.

And today is the happiest day of my life!

Because the VP responded to my request and boohoo those losers pun dapat gak la the benefit from my effort kan. But nevermind, at least they realized that they're so stupid that had I followed their cowardness and not submit the letter, we would never have gotten what we are entitled to!



Sunday, March 1, 2009

March 2009

I am not too keen to be blogging with thiskeyboard ofmine.



It really really interrupts my flow of thoughts.

So I shall keep it short and simple sothat both you andI will have a goodnight sleep tonight. I hate going to bed feeling angry or sad or disappointed. My sleep is too important to be compromised by unnecessary worryings.

Ijust thought I'dshare thiswith you...

Be true to myself, Stick to one guy, and dont give a damn about what people think about me are my principles in life.

Its gotta be That simple. Thats how I manage to stick to it.

Memetik bintang di langit..? Ohhh tak pernah terfikir pun.

Biar saja orang gelar saya tak punya cita cita.
Saya hanya mampu fikir setakat ni saja.
Kadang kadang tak banyak fikir buat hidup kita jadi lebih mudah.