Friday, August 17, 2007

Thank God It's Friday

Dear mollscandelookino,

I missed youuuuu....

Ama fyne chick, how u doin..? i regret not having the time to feed u..


It has come to your knowledge that i am now undergoing my pupillage, hasnt it? well, today's my tenth day. *monotonous woohoo*

Actually, to my surprise, i'm enjoying myself. Except for the body aching syndrome i'm suffering from right now. Okay bony bones, i'll feed u some calcium.

In the spirit of composing a resume, i shall Not make fun of the national anthem, but make fun of myself and my workplace. =p

Amirah Wan Muna (as it appears on every email i send to LAs)

Sex: Female donning masculine shirts to work. (Must get more girly office wear)

Age: let my eyebags do the talking. *sob*

Obsession(s): Mas' engagement ring, Mama's Kitchen's ayam goreng, See Teik Suan, Mr. B's emails.

Fear(s): white collar harrassments, phone calls from Master, phone calls from Mr.B when Azlan's around, IT people, (still) banks.

Will: be more hardworking, take possession of the attachees, get every partner's signature by next Friday.

Will not: cry again. =p, get a car until time for short call. =p. Go to Gwen Stefani's concert. =(

Discovery: Air badak works when i get the rasa nak demam feeling from the cold aircond.

Strength: Dislikes metrosexual guys and not say a word to their pretty faces although sometimes i just feel like saying, "oi gay!"

Weakness: not able to stay back after work due to having a LIFE. =p.

Disease(s): keep losing pens, messy table, nail biting when stressed, BLUR but genius.

Most valuable possession(s): Mr. A (because he wants to be called that), The birthday necklace.

Most likely to keep me sane & smiling: Mr. A's messages, Rubiks Revolution, Rubiks cube.


I will most likely be a whole different person ten (10) years from now.

Hopes to be: A housewife.

But my blog entries will still be funny.