Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lookky what i found!

I found the bags that are exactly like my wallet!

Would it be totally insane to get any of these bags now and totally match it with my wallet? hehehehe.

Okay this imagination aside, this weekend i'm off to a make up sale to get hold of some great colors to paint my face with. haha!

make ups definitely can make me really really happy and so I will look forever young! Speaking of forever young, I need also to store hand cream at the office because my hands are getting so dry from the full blast aircond in this office.

With this kind of coldness, i should just hibernate and not work. not condusive for working, people!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stuff I think about when I have nothing better to do

It is ironic that many people hate it when you spoil a movie ending for them, when in reality, they will never take chances unless they know the ending, i.e. what exactly will happen if they do a certain thing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

online banking

Thank God for online banking !!!

As you all must know by now, I suffer from bankophobia since time immemorial and eversince the God-sent online banking exist, I am now cured :) hehe.

A few days ago I forgot my online bank password and so I panicked like crazy but due to my fear for the bank, I just kept quiet and did not tell a soul. I was afraid if I told anyone then I'll have to call someone or go to the bank or something.

Somehow today I remembered my password again and yabadabadoooooo my refund cheque is in!!! I got refunded because the KOOP has deducted my salary for 4 months for KOOP fee u know, and turns out, it was actually for someone else's account but they deducted My salary! They made a mistake with the staff number so instead of deducting that member's salary, they deducted mine!

Luckily one fine day I sebok2 went to the KOOP to see the new flat screen tv and asked this brader whyyy la i never registered to be a KOOP member but they deducted my salary. So he checked and found out the error KOOP had made!

Syukurnya dapat balik all my money. Will not spend it. Yeah right. haha.

While the rest of the world thanks online banking for making their lives easier, I thank it for making me a more courageous person. BRAVO ONLINE BANKING!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

july trip :)

Hello, readers. U know what? Eversince I cut my hair, the first thing I realized is that there are so many people who care about me in the office. I think I should start paying attention to them. =p.

Even the driver whom i never really spoken to tegur my hair. Ala so sweet la everyone in my office. I just wish my office is more like a boutique and not some manly industry. i'm not a man! "i'm a pony i'm a pony!" (hehe saje)

u know what else? my trip to cherating was just ultra awesome!! i found the best otak2 in the world and also the sos for the keropok lekor was just super tasty. i visited the kemaman zoo and saw animals i have not seen before. scapegoat's bulu is really nice and the sound of a goat IS REALLY "mmmbeeekkkk". like really! i've always thought thats just a sound human make tapi tak jadi when they want to imitate animals.

kemaman zoo was just cool man. oh but you know what's uncool though? the HAZE. spoil ler. we woke up as early as 6.30 am to see the sunrise but because the haze was so thick we didnt see anything! just haze and dusty far far away trees :(

will upload pics for your viewing pleasure :)

Housekeeping announcement:
ler... =p

Friday, July 17, 2009

road trip

Ayah just confirmed that the Legend Hotel in Cherating has been booked! So I will be off to Cherating this afternoon hopefully by 6.30pm! :D I haven't packed as I thought I will be leaving tomorrow... But I already have all the things that I want to bring in mind, so its just a matter of putting those things in the bag (if I can find all those things in the first place).

At 5 sharp I have to leave the office. I really hope I can leave at 5 sharp. Please. Please. Today's lucky number is 5.

Pegi beli nombor.


Ok see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya...!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

self quote

"You cant shred sh*t"

said in its literal context when the fox pooped on my Bakun PPA draft and as much as it is confidential, I cant shred a shitty document now, can I?

I am so not over this whole fox pooping thing. We all can be annoying sometimes ;p

significant updates

Can you imagine how many things have happened to me since I last updated..? Plenty:

  • A fox who has been living on the roof of my office pooped all over my cuby last Friday- making today the 1 week anniversary of me having grudge over it and fyi, it is still alive.
  • My segamat grandmother passed away on Monday 6.7.2009- the date she gave birth to her last child, 40-ish years ago.
  • sorry sorry I just realized that my 100th post is Really my 101st post! I CANNOT count. Period.

So the damn fox is still alive thanks to our proscrastinating maintenance team and its most recent victim is Shabbir, who came back from Kerteh with 6 mini packets of keropok and cleverly placed it on his table on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning he came running to my place to tell me that the fox had opened all 6 packets but did not really eat the keropoks. Berok gile la fox ni!!!

And then i thought for a second: why is it that suddenly when anyone has a fox story they will come to me??? Just because the fox pooped at my place suddenly everyone can relate to me? sad!

Oh and it is worth mentioning that at least foxy made me popular in a different way as opposed to being the topic for 'the girl whose marriage is coming'. Super!

On Monday 6.7.09 at 1530 hrs our beloved grandmother, Mak Tok passed away. cry cry cry. She was a really nice person and the thing we all remember about her most is her famous tagline: "Kuasa Allah....". This term is so universally used that even when we were talking about something So unrelated to God or religion or fate, she will have the last say because she will regard everything as "kuasa Allah". hehe. funny.

The best thing about letting her go was that she literally *glow* as a corpse even more than when she was alive. Amazing how God communicates to us isn't it?

I hope she rests in peace and will finally be reunited with my late grandad whom I never met as he passed away 27 years ago in his sleep.

and to sum everything up- this is my 102nd post because my 100th post is really my 101st post.