Wednesday, June 20, 2007


i am in lala land~

readers of mine, turn on ur green-eyed modes, please.

because i'm story-telling a story entitled: my gift week.

Now, of course i already have great gifts to begin with: the giver of these gifts. they are no santa clause alright, but they sure do have the Hohoho effect on me.

difference between the two givers; one surprised me, the other was coerced to get me presents. haha. because one is my boyfriend and the other is my brother.

although great descriptions have the ability to transport u to my lala land, lets let the pictures speak for themselves this time...

Image Hosting at ImageHosting.comGIFT #1: these pink roses from cameron highlands had me going AaaaAAaaaaaaa (=O) the moment i saw them. you know how the color pink is always really pretty on roses and apple cheeks and Paris Hilton, but never flattering on kancils and satrias? i swear to god if i see that pink satria on the road again, i'm gonna senselessly ram on it.

Image Hosting at ImageHosting.comGIFT #2: As u can see and envy, these are called the oh-so-romantic red roses and the oh-so-fragranced polianthes tuberosas aka the harum sundal malams. this is my first time ever seeing the sundal malams and i am now undeniably in love with it because of the smell. why it is related to dead women with long hair remains a curious question. shuhaimi baba is one deep woman. the perfume of roses is just orgasmic!

Free Image Hosting at GIFT #3: this is a cactus. due to lack of knowledge on how to take care of a cactus (okay zero knowledge, buta cactus), i had to do some reading on it. of course after coming across words like cacti, stomata, peyote and hallucinogen, i got a lil scared. but those are really just terms. i love the word cacti though. its plural for cactus.

okay so. to do list: get a new pot for cactus, because when cacti are purchased from the shop, the soil in the pot had prolly been there for a while which means the cacti have used up all its nutrients, so it is best that the moment u get it, get a new pot and new soil.

Like me, cacti get sunburns too if they're directly exposed to the sunlight. so u wanna give it some light, but make sure not too much sun. so the best spot to place a cactus is inside the house, by the window.

and of course, cacti need water. so the three things i should remember: Food, Light, Water.
I need a name for me cactus. whats a suitable name for a green thorny waterproof plant?

Image Hosting at ImageHosting.comGIFTS #4: these are from Zara and Victoria's Secret. hehe. Brought home from UK. i so love the sexy tote bag and the t-shirts!! =D i will now pow dinie for jeans to go with these t-shirts. and possibly super cool pumps as well. Lalalala...

Thank you Aidil and Dinie!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

I'm so happy i'm so high i'm so hyperactive i'm so tak tau nak cakap ape already....