Thursday, August 7, 2008

the before entry

Judging by my shortstuff physique, you can easily tell that I have lived my life based on mental strength and mental strength only.

And of course, unlimited personal standings, principles and philosophies have contributed a lot to this thing I call mental strength.

Hence this before entry is dedicated to myself, and to several people that matters to me, for the simple reason: to compare how right or wrong I am about OBS before and after OBS.

OBS: Outward Bound School, in Lumut, which I will surrender myself to for the next 3 weeks. So God Help me.

I am aware of the fact that I cannot do a lot of things especially anything physically challenging. Thus to make up to these weaknesses I do rubiks and I use bombastic words to scare the hell out of my opponents. [everyone is an opponent when u consider ur life a game. heheh]

So to myself;
Build up that mental strength, for you can do even the hardest thing in life if your mind is up for it. Should you lose your grip on anything in the big bad cruel jungle, close your eyes and hold on to your God, your loved ones and heck the nearest branches available.

When you fall into the water and feel helpless, think: i'm a mermaid. and swim, dammit.

When you're all alone and you feel scared, know that everyone else is going through the same thing and if you give up, you are not a winner in this game. =p.

Last but not least, do some soul searching while you're in the jungle, cos its about time...

Till we meet again, dont miss me too much! =D

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I often do one thing, and regret it almost instantly just to find a few days later, the silver lining starts to appear and demands me to acknowledge the fact that God Knows whats best for me.

Last Friday, at the Transmission briefing [i am in the electricity business now, bear with my electrified terms], i was the first to rush to the penthouse pantry for my morning tea break. As I championed the who-gets-the-roti-jala-first battle, I got a special invitation from the VIP to sit at his table. I quickly pulled two other girls to join me.

Sitting at the VIP's table was just plain dreadful. The roti jala was crazy delicious, but there was no way I could have roti jala tambah. D'oh!

But for every roti jala i lost, there were useful lessons given to us by the VIP. As someone who has grown successfully in his career, he told us that the most important thing for our survival in the workplace is to gain people's respect and trust.

And by gaining people's respect, he meant for us to initially respect other people first.

Okay, thank you... [there goes my kuih seri muka as the next briefing was about to start...]

While i was busy having regrets and pledging to myself never to rush into the pantry again, I encountered a classic example of a rudeatude person while watching SATC [for the 2nd time and is just annoyed when someone laughs out loud at the jokes to announce to people that i-so-get-this-joke, just like when I watched The Simpsons].

Truth be told, many Malaysians got CARRIEd away by the fact that this was an american series that they Must know and Must make known to people that they know, you know?

So back to this rudeatude bic whose cellphone did not ring or vibrate even once in that 3 hours and got so annoyed when mine did. Excuse me, some of us are Really Carrie Bradshaws and we do have boyfriends.

So she rudely interrupted the non-interrupting silent me by saying: Can you please just forget about your handphone???

This is a bic who does not deserve anyone's respect, because she does not respect others.

Silver lines outline a lot of things that is happening in my life now and I am blessed to have encountered many rudities as I begin to elevate to a whole other level from these experiences.

KJ tenkiuuuuu..... =p