Monday, August 17, 2009

advice column

Honestly, how do you offer your 2 cents to someone... say ur friend... whom you know will not listen?

You dont.

Hey, after all, nobody likes to be told what to do.

But they expect you to be around when things do not go as planned.

So do just that.

Setting examples are the best way to impose teachings on someone anyway.

Makes me wonder, how will generation Z take advices? The eight ball, perhaps?

Friday, August 14, 2009

old man's sayings are still relevant

We; the much younger generation always attempt to prove the elderly wrong, to some extent. One thing fo sho, I always try to prove my parents wrong. For no reason at all (and dont try to relate it to me having a legal background) but simply to have the taste and thrill of having independence in producing my own opinion, which is good i must say. But at the end of the day, we have to face it. THEY ARE RIGHT. ALWAYS.

For one thing many of us can relate to is that saying Opposites Attract. This expression is frikinly flawless that Hollywood should make a movie by this title already! Starring Johnny Depp and Reese Witherspoon of course.

Last night I attended a gathering of Toastmasters. Pretty awesome given that the bunch consists of people who are brought together by their passion to talk publicly and be good at it. I thought hey, finally a bunch of mes.

I enjoyed every minute of it, and went home feeling pleasantly exhausted with a crystal clear realization that I will just die if I marry someone who talks more than I do.

I might as well make a list here:

1. Racing to tell a story or to beat the volume of someone else's voice is the hardest thing to do and I do not have the will to compromise with that.
2. If you see me turning quiet, I have been turned off by ur story or ur attitude.
3. When girls gather and talk, and the only thorn among the roses talks as much or more, will be voted out.

But one good point made by one of the Toastmasters yesterday was; if the marriage goes completely silent, you might wanna start getting help.

Silence is bliss as long as it is not within the marriage. Quote me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

So what if I'm a female driver?

Female drivers have been incessantly accused for their bad driving. So we drive like sheet yah? Shut up......

And by shut up I mean dont la stand there and STARE at me when i'm trying to get out of my parking, pakcik! That car parked behind me is not even your car! So clearly you were soooo concerned because I'm a female driver kan?

Anyway, this pakcik (garang looking somemore) with janggut and kopiah and cekak-ed pinggang, stared at me while i was trying to get my car out of the parking yesterday. FYI pakcik, my car has that censor beep to tell me if i am too close to the car behind k.. Dont look at me like that ok.. I have been driving for 9 years now ok..

Female or no female, I dont deserve to be babysitted while driving. ish!

When I succeeded in getting myself out of that misery, I vroom-ed pass the pakcik trying to avoid looking at him, when what I really wanted to do was exactly like what deer did to Diego when Diego failed to catch it, "uh tip toe tip toe!"

Sorry I didnt make your day, pakcik.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


It is pronounced gam-bat-tey, really. A new word everyone in the department is supposed to submit selves to. meaning-- to do your best at all times, in any situation. okay great. nice. thanks for choosing a simple word I can remember. Love.

My very own ganbatte will start from ceasing all kinds of complaining activities. Complaining will get me nowhere but slowing my pace in life. So yeah just fret like a second and move baby. When we save time from complaining, we can actually achieve so much more. And hey if you want to really complain about something, save those words and put em into actions-- write letters, emails, whatever. Dont rattle like a snake and just sit on that a** and wait for other people to make your life the way you want it to be. We care about ourselves, and so should you.

Like right now, I just came out out preparing an opinion and have to start on a new issue, and I feel like screaming, but when i look at the clock, its 11.50 am so that means its lunch time soon! Yay!! I am going to eat a cow! Oh just for the record, while eating lambchop a couple of days ago, i almost choked to death. Calmness is the key to survival in this world. that is another thing you must learn from me today. If i had panicked, i would have not had the time to think of what to do to get out of that near out-of-breath situation.

I'm so hungry I'm gonna ramble around the pantry for food now.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Are you a giver or a taker?

Yesterday I watched Faith and Hope (or is it Hope and Faith?) on Star World, and I'm not at all a fan of this sitcom, I just came across it while flippin thru channels. I have literally watched it about once or twice this year, and perhaps once or twice last year.

Anyway... something Hope (or was it faith?) said carried massive amount of truth i thought.

"It is not about what you get, it is about what you give.."

This morning, while rushing to go to office after my daily quick breakfast stop, an angel demonstrated those words quoted above.

there was a bloddy car semi-blocking my car and i couldnt get out of it. seeing me in distress, she patiently stood by my car and helped navigate my way through the impossible space and wallah! i managed to get out and reached the office in time!

She didnt get anything besides my thankful wave to her before i drove off, but had she cared about "giving" she wouldnt have demonstrated the act of a true samaritan to me.

I am very guilty of the same feeling sometimes, thinking what will i get out of this and that. but no, hope (or faith) was right. It is about what u give and have given that truly counts.

PS: but when someone gives u something, do appreciate it and say thanks dammit! =p

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I'm sure you will agree with me that "hope" is such a strong word.

No doubt everyone has a million things they hope for in this life.

I am seriously hoping for what you know? For H1N1 to disappear right now because it restricts me from travelling to places I want to go to.

I was at the airport twice in the last couple of weeks and people seem to be travelling around normally (some with masks on, bravo!) despite the threat of the disease. I am not mad at them. Because some people have to travel kan. They cannot avoid it. In a way, I am kinda glad my job isnt really the type that requires me to frequently travel all over the world. I love travelling nevertheless. But not for work. REMEMBER.

Anyhow, I hope by December travelling will be safe again because we're going to ******!

Who can guess this one correctly, will win a souvenir from me from that place that I'm going to.