Thursday, July 22, 2010

the one with the wedding ring

hi everyone, we meet again!

Some vocabulary updates.

Aidil is hubs.
Wedding ring is Forbidden ring.

So here’s the story. Despite the fact that hubs and I only meet each other on weekends these days, sometimes the lucky stars hit us with the opportunity to meet on weekdays :D so last Tuesday hubs was in KL to attend his training in Bangi & we spent the night at the Equatorial Bangi.

The hotel was fabulous! The room is spacious and the bathroom is gorgeous lovely and everything in between. :) Due to time constraint, we did not get to even dip a foot in the bathtub but the shower was just awesome. (Ps: I have a thing with bathrooms).

The room service was delicious too!!! :D I still cant get over it. Hehe..

Come next morning, hubs and I woke up early to go to work. He heads to Uniten while I head to Bangsar. MashaAllah jam gilak!!! Now I know how people at my office who live in Bangi feel *frown* Thank you crazy cones on the road, I reached office at 9-ish a.m. Bleh.

On my way to work, while dreading the whole jam and everything I suddenly remembered that I forgot to pack something & that I have left it in our checked-out hotel room.


Can you frikin believe it???

Hubs was I think Mad at me, but he went back to the hotel nevertheless to get the ring. And now I am no longer allowed to wear my wedding ring. Boohoo.

Note to ring-less self: I used to make fun of my sister for losing her wedding ring, now Karma has come chasing after me. So kids; never ever do, say, think, or intend to do bad things because Karma will get you.

Note to hubs: If you google on the internet, there are millions of wedding ring stories which are way worse than mine. Maybe you should read it, so that you wont have grudge on me :P

Oh and just so you know, this is the 2nd time this happens to me. Huwaaaaaaaa!!!


WonderMama said...

gila apa tinggal wedding ring kat hotel!! kene biase kan pakai ring lahhh

Ilya said...